Sep 26

The Orchestra

Late afternoon.
The crickets sing.
The shadows grow.
And the sun slowly creeps towards the chilly mountains on the edge of the horizon.
The summer
Will end soon,
And when it does
The thickets and fields will frost while the wind whispers its shiversome melody.
The sun hides.
The fireflies glow,
Like diamonds sparkling somberly in the darkness as the stars join the song.
Is coming.
And when it does
The leaves will descend and autumn will begin its lonesome sonatina.
Night has fallen.
All is quiet.
The moonlight grows.
And the orchestra begins to play the first notes of winter.
Sep 24

A Fall Day

A cold breeze blows,
and the sky is a deep, dark grey.
The last of the leaves that lingered
on the trembling trees
tumble towards the ground.

On the horizon,
the clouds part peacefully
to reveal the sun setting
over the magnificent mountains.
The evergreens shiver,
and a fall day comes
to a close.
Sep 21

Ours Struggles and Our Future

We, as people, each have one greatest enemy; ourselves, in body and mind. We are in a constant war for control of the vessels we reside in, whether in dueling with those who think they can take control of our bodies, or in mastering our own instincts which although were once necessary to our survival, in today’s time continually attempt espionage on us, luring us with promises of dopamine but leaving us with regret. The instincts that kept us alive in the days of nature, now continually torture us with their temptations in today’s world of man. By satisfying our own instincts through bodily pleasures like sugar, sex, and the constant glowing light of modern day life we are accepting that we have no control of our bodies, accepting that a creature of instinct is in the steering wheel, and you are but the advisor suggesting potential actions which are immediately overruled.