Feb 15

The Afterlife?

The leafless trees dotted the landscape as the young boy awakes from his slumber. His gaze upon the vast forest with nothing but trees bearing no color or any sense that they are still living. The air felt cold and dreary as the only songs were sung by the crows as they searched for food. The boy slowly rises to his feet as he begins to explore this unfamiliar space. A sheet of fog could be seen between the trees, the young boy drawing nearer to the mist. The ground was covered with fallen leaves causing each of the boys steps to be easily heard with the crunching of the dead leaves and fallen branches. The boy felt as if the land was death itself. That the moment he walked into the mist, he would be judged. He could be sent to paradise or to eternal suffering.
Jan 14

The Memory of a Baby

I’m not sure how old I was, but I have a very clear memory from when I was a baby. I was laying on my back in the living room of my house with toys dangling over me in case I wanted to play with one. At the time, I heard loud noises from my dad watching football and a hazy sight of my mom who was holding something in her hand. Originally, this memory was hazy until I saw a video of me when I was a baby in the same position which triggered the memory to return. I can still vividly remember the memory anytime I think about it.
Dec 18

The Sea

The waves crashed into the side of the small boat, making it rock from side to side as it tries to regain balance. Multiple sailors run around the ship, yelling out incoherent words that no one could understand. Out of the many onboard the ship, one held their knees close to their chest. Their eyes puffy and their cheeks wet with tears of extreme fright. He didn’t ask to go on the boat, he had no choice. He could not take a plane, that was too expensive. He couldn’t drive, he was too young. The only option was to go out on the sea like centuries ago. He still could not understand the sailors as they did what they could to keep the boat stable. In the mind of the boy, he was frightened. Terrified even of the possibility that the ship could tip at anytime. That he would be stranded in the middle of the ocean with the thought of what lurked below. Just as he thought of the worst, the worst would soon come to be.
Dec 18

The Shine of Crystals

The snow is like a crystal
Crystals that the sky weeps
That sticks to the ground
Shining like diamonds in the light of the sun
Some fall on the tongues of young children
Melting right after they have landed
They fall on noses
They make faces as red as roses
For some the snow means play
Pushing and sticking the crystals together
To then throw in the air
They are fleeting crystals
That will fall from the heavens
That shine in the light
That soon dim and melt away
The fallen snow fades
Like the memories of each day
As the snow falls
Another memory is lost
But the crystals in the night sky
Will always shine bright
They give the fallen snow
Their glow
Dec 11

#1 Therapist

Many people on Earth have gained some astounding abilities. Majority of them are more physical, making ones that are not as physical considered weak. But some of them help people in certain professions. Especially Sabrina. Ever since middle school, she wasted to help people with their emotions. When she found she had an ability perfectly suited for it, she knew that a career in therapy would be perfect. What is this unique talent that she has? It is the ability to tell someone’s emotions. Many people will lie about how they are feeling, but Sabrina can see right through them (not literally but figuratively). To describe her ability, she must look at someone. Within about 30 seconds, a word and color describing a persons emotion shows up above said persons head. Many of her patients leave their sessions with her much better, since her treatments are more effective with her unique ability.
Dec 03

The Beginning

The first time the trees began to move like us started in the United States on the 2nd of December of 20XX. A family was going out to pick their Christmas Tree and watched a tree rise from the ground before running away from them. The family was in shock and immediately reported the incident to the police. Soon after, many families witnessed the same event. Trees were begging for equality from our government. It didn't take very long for them to gain the equality they desired. Nowadays, everything has been computerized. Any teacher that attempts to use paper is fired almost immediately. Many students have made friends with many of the newer additions of the tree population. My best is a tree. I've found their kind is much kinder and empathetic compared to some humans. The best question to ask is when will we have our first tree politician?
Dec 03


 The scene was completely white until a black dot appeared in the middle of room. The dot slowly grew arms and legs before it was completely formed stick figure. "You know I have a name other than stick figure, right?" They say. Yes, I do know that. I was gonna tell them after we got all the small stuff out of the way. You've gotta lead into before giving out a name. "Why would they care that I'm stick figure? Why is that so important?" They comment to the narrator. It gives the reader something to imagine while they read. "So you mean to tell me that they can't see me in this gigantic white room? That's kinda stupid." They say. I can't control everything the reader sees. I'm not all powerful like a greek god. I'm just a narrator. Since you've been so mean, I'm not gonna tell the reader your name. That's for them to decide now. To you, reader, a hint to their name. It is a generic male name but is also the name of a hairstyle.
Nov 26

For My Family

Our boss was screaming and yelling at some of the other workers who were, by his words, not doing their job right. I let out a shaky sigh as I continued to do my work. I would occasionally glance over my shoulder, hooping he didn’t come over and start yelling at me. I had gotten a little slower at my work because of the many cuts that filled my hands.  It was hard to find an untouched spot of my hand with all the scars and cuts on them. I turn my head to the left to see one of my coworkers. She was about my age so I didn’t feel alone here. She broke her arm while working so she goes pretty slowly too. We were both here for a reason. We were both part of families that needed help. Every cent I would make would help my family. I work for my family. Because my family is what’s important to me. Everything I do is for my family.
Nov 15

Favorite Scents

The air held the aroma of fall scents. The scent of caramel filled one part of the room, while another had the scent of apple cinnamon. Men and women rushed around in the kitchen, sometimes yelling for something. Sounds of pans crashing together, sizzling fryers, boiling pots, and most of all, the chatter of the patrons. Regulars, critics, and newcomers were all welcome to the warm and inviting reds and yellows of the restaurant. You could hear some customers compliment the food, saying that it tasted like their mother had made it. Others were downright picky about every little on their plate. No matter, the warm and sweet scents around the brought a calm and relaxing setting even with all the craziness. The smell of fall is truly wonderful.
Nov 01

Be Yourself

Sit by the beach
or on a bench in the city,
go to parties
or stay at home and sleep,
people will pressure you,
they will manipulate your decisions,
don’t let them
stand up tall,
look them right in the eyes
and say,
’I am who I am’