Dec 11
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Lost in the Moment

“That it will never come again is what makes life so sweet.” (Emily Dickinson)

I feel the air rush in
and out.
My heartbeat
shakes my soul,
it sounds so loud.
I realize my eyebrows
are knit together,
accompanied by
a pensive


the time I
so neglect,
planner full
of the future,
painful mistakes
coursing through my

anxiety obscures
the moment,
feelings blurring out
my thoughts,

you see my eyes glazed over,
oh, i'm just thinking,
I forgot.

Painting swirls of melancholy
o'er the streaks of sunshine
on the ground

I smile, needing to escape
this pensive isolation,
and laughter turns the
whole day around.
Oct 25
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Memories Make a Home

I laugh in the sun,
and everything 
seems to glow.

Then my smile fades,
much too heavy,
I'm paralyzed--

all around me,
in glimpses of
people I think
I know,
that one familiar song
playing on the radio.

surround me,
making it 
hard to breathe.

Homesickness feels so 
heavy on my chest,
rolling over me
like the tide:

I'm building my own
castles here,
castles of sand,
castles of dreams,
in the clouds,

but this sadness rises 
up the shore,
sweeping them
clear off the ground--

Am I unusally
Why do I grasp these 
Why can't I let them go, 
Why can't they
let me be--

Accepting is 
It feels
too hard
to bear.
Oct 22
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Growing from 2020

November 3rd, 2020.
May this election
bring us hope.

May this election
bring us peace.

May this election
bring us change,
whatever form it takes –

lift up the oppressed,
the *tired, the poor,
the huddled masses yearning to breathe free

He could not breathe.
They cannot breathe,
stolen from this world
and scattered across the sky.

They cannot breathe,
gasping from a merciless virus,
saying goodbye to those they love
on a tablet screen.

May this election
protect our
pursuit of happiness
and those
certain inalienable rights –

May we rise as one
to overcome adversity.

*reference to Emma Lazarus' "The New Colossus"
Sep 16
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Autumn Wind


                        take   a                                                          i    n                                    moment to
              wind                 deep                                 i       t                 g                  right                    
  the autumn                               breath,          a                                       for the
i feel                                                          w          

                                      o                                                                          y —
                                   l     w                                                              a  
                                   b      t                                                      w        
                                        h                       a                         a  
Sep 13
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Give Me Words

give me Words--
those glittering consonants,
syllables rolling off your tongue,
phrases rising and falling
like ocean waves,
rushing to your point on the shore
before they pull back
and rush away--

give Me words.
Tell me how the world works,
why the sky is blue

why I miss you

Please give me words--
Tell me it's going to 
be okay.
we will see another day,
that tomorrow will be
brighter and better than we 
ever could have hoped--

Give me so many words
that I fill up like a balloon,
and drift up and up and up
and up
into that impossibly beautiful
blue sky

then grab my hand
and pull me back down
into reality.

Give me words,
I need them to
live, to breathe.

Give me words--
I need them
to be me.
Sep 13
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take a deep breath

Sep 10
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Waves are rolling over me,
Rippling tides of blue,
They wash away the sorrows and
Say things we never knew.

They say we're all so shallow,
like a hostile, sand-filled bay;
I never knew the sea foam occupied
itself with gossiping,

When waves rise high like horses
rearing, pawing at the sky,
they see our concrete wonders boasting,
then crash down with a sigh,

Shards of glass and littered plastic
drift like snowflakes to the depths;
they don't shimmer so brightly now
passing creatures that luminesce,

I haven't met with seashore tides
as days, weeks, months slowly passed by.
But I remember our goodbye:

Ripples dancing on the beach sorrowfully,
Not caring to tease the land
and travel further up the sand, 
but swirling, thinking, wondering why
one creature had such big, big dreams,
demanding its sacrifice so easily
Sep 09
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i'm addicted
to writing

the way the words draw me in
phrases end . ---
and the tide of the rhythm
pulls your mind back out to sea

it has strange

every. beat. has meaning,
if you. can only. see--

follow interpretation:
mistakes and
discoveries. --

sometimes I like to
follow blindly,
just listen
to the words in my head

let the melodic
ups-and-downs, inflection,
shape those waves of feeling,

those emotions
words can barely capture

some people

but if you do,

you'll know, --

hidden mysteries,
write it fast,
read it slow--
see where rhythm
takes you,
Sep 08
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Cup of coffee (I should go to bed)

Inspiration is
my morning cup
of coffee.

Who needs caffeine
when you're scrambling for pen and paper
as the words rush rush rushrushrush out –

Well, truthfully, it's never in the morning
(I can barely function before 10 am).
It's always around midnight,
as the stars dance outside the window,
suddenly a phrase comes to life –

Well ...
I might need a cup of coffee
in the morning
writing keeps me up
all night...
Sep 08
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Tip of the Tongue