Oct 20
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Winter Magic

There’s something so magical
about a New England winter.
I don’t know if it’s the way the snow falls,
one night in November,
all at once:
a softy, downy blanket over the rolling hills 
and woods,
Or how
the lakes freeze over 
And are soon covered in the tracks 
of ice-skates,
Or how 
one of those wintry nights, everyone
Is safe and warm in their own houses, yet
watching the same snow fall 

Or perhaps it’s how 
When I step outside one day,
A thousand falling snowflakes
Surround me,
the wind blowing them 
this way and that,
Swirling and spiraling over the landscape
In its glittering winter glory.

At night, the moon softly illuminates
their dance,
and snowflakes streak solid white
against the dark trees
Past the car windows.
I’d always pretend I was in Star Wars
Jun 14
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O you golden clouds
floating on the horizon

Islands in a 
sea of pink
melting into

I don't know you
etched across
my heart

My wings are
my feathers
far away

You show me
cascading rows
of flowers,

Your colors spill
onto the
baking street,

You burst with pride
and kindness falls
in showers,

Shimmering in the
early summer heat,

Curtains falls in layers
o'er the dimming sky,
shades of 
rippling to my feet,

It's all so 
why should I
feel sad 

My eyes
Tears now
streaming silver stars

Don't let me leave
Don't ever let me go

My smile's twisted
joy and sorrow

Jun 05
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Every headline
every day
Stabs me
in another way

All the love
vs. all the hate
why do we 
still play this game

Can't fathom
the reasoning
behind the

Darkness, darkness
pouring down,
stand alone
and we will drown

Humans build
but can't work out

Please stand with us
they call out,
has let them down

They've shared with us
stories, sorrows,
learn today, then
act tomorrow

Darkness, darkness
pouring down,
hope is when
a light is found

Please stand with us
they call out
this time, please don't
let them down

Darkness, darkness
all around,
only love drives
darkness out

love is where
the light is found.

Jun 02
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No More Hearts Should Break

How quick humans are
to jump to conclusions.

We see an image,
neurons fire,
assuming something
every time,
even if we
try not to.

if only we could feel each other's

all injustices would
then be corrected--

How tragic it is
that we don't always
feel others' heartache
as our own--

That in itself
should be enough
to make our hearts break
and reach out in an embrace
of love, of listening though
we may not understand,

knowing we cannot
or apologize enough
for hundreds of years
hundreds of years
of suffering,
of humanity crying out

and being met
with inhuman indifference

humans were given hearts to love

let's not waste them
with more promises

let us do something
Jun 02
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Ballad of June, 2020

On the protests against police brutality in late April and June, 2020
(a modern take on Dudley Randall's "Ballad of Birmingham")

"Mama, why are people marching
and saying we're not free?
Isn't America celebrated for
treating everyone equally?"

"Yes, baby, that is what they say
as we work for and love our country,
But no matter how much we pledge and give,
we're treated differently."

"But mama, what is it about us
that makes people turn colder?
Like when kids don't want to play with me,
And you're scared when we're pulled over."

"I don't know why, baby, I don't know
why they only see in color.
I wish the world was different, so you'd
not cry for it as you grow older."

They saw the protestors march by,
with masks, signs, cameras, phones,
A next-door-neighbor offered a sign,
and said, "You don't stand alone."
May 15
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Life of a Pencil

I dreamed
I was a pencil,
Held in someone's hand,
gliding across a page,
giving everything I am
to let their words be recorded,
destroying myself in my work,
as my very core is scraped away,
existing only for the writer
as they sharpen me over and over,
shorter and shorter,
until I am nothing more
than a couple inches of wood,
a bit of graphite,
an eraser stub rubbed away to uselessness
as it's level with the metal ring around it.
But I live on in the essays, the homework,
the quizzes and tests and outlines,
the sketches, the drawings, the poems and prose,
the love-letters and grocery lists and who else knows;
So precious are words,
the words that you chose.
May 15
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Spring Storm in New Hampshire

I'm sitting in the living room,
stroking my dozing dog, then suddenly:
a flash of light in my peripheral vision,
so quick I might have imagined it.
Then I hear it:
Thunder crashes overhead, a canon shot
in the fading light,
signaling war.
The towering pines sway ominously,
as if possessed by some strange urge to dance wildly,
haphazardly, subject to the winds;
Rain pelts the windows, streaming down in a 
never-ending sheet, distorting the images I watch
through the glass;
Such terrifying beauty--I know not whether to
scream, or laugh, or run out into the rain
and join the frenzied dance, letting the water rush down my face;
yet I stay sitting there, entranced, gazing at the sky
(and it's probably for the better).
Then lightning blinds the world again,
illuminating the figures of puppet trees
flung about by the wind, then
the world is dark again...
Feb 21
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Save the World

I feel the aching rhythm of my heart,
in sync with all the whirlwinds in my head,
the storm of thoughts colliding, then again,
for no one ever told you life was easy—

Reach out your broken hands to grab the sun—
but if you yearn too much, then you will burn,
so, tears collecting in a shimm'ring lake,
you instead turn your saddened eyes to stars;

Don't let them take the wind beneath your wings
and pull you down from Castles in the Clouds;
though virtues and kindness we're able to teach,
Hope and Innocence are forever gone once lost.

You cry out at the world of so much pain,
condemning all the greed and grief you see,
Yet do not let it break you; you must go
out of the hurricane's Eye and into the storm,

for if you really want the world to change,
you must face all the madness, sadness, pain,
and make it go away, you suff’ring soul,
Dec 22
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Fading Fairy Dust

Where has the magic gone?
The magic that used to
fill me with butterflies
and tint my world rosy,
the fast-fading fairy dust
that made me feel
so special?

When I was little, I used to ask Santa Claus
every year
for a pair of fairy wings—
Real wings—
and imagined I’d 
Wake up,
soar around my room,
and fly to the very top of the 
tallest pine tree in my yard,
and look out at my beautiful world—

I used to wish on stars, and
sing to fireflies, pretending they
danced to my melodies;
I would dance across the grass
in my backyard, singing,
imagining I was Maria in the Sound of Music
Or the ingenue of a Broadway musical—

I would write stories, notes to look back on
when I became famous;
so much hope and joy and innocence and
belief in the world,
belief in myself, for
i did not pretend i was a star,
Dec 18
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Not Just Words

She cried tears of words,
every emotion etched forever
on the wrinkled piece of paper, yet
forever locked away
from the eyes of whatever stranger
happened on that page;
Pain hidden in metaphors
and Sorrows in similes,
Regret a rose-red symbol,
and Fears now a promise to keep—
The rhythm of her aching heart
forever captured in syllables and beats;
her whole self
a poem
on that ever-tear-stained paper sheet—
Humans aren't everlasting, but
these words remember 
her view of the world,
these words 
will never grow old.
Through her writing,
Her tale will be told.