Mar 26
poem 0 comments challenge: General
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Boy or Girl

Boy or girl
I see on every standardized test
But what if I’m neither
Or I don't know what I am
Or I don't care
Boy or girl
Is the question asked when I fill out those online quizzes I like
But what if it doesn't matter
Or I don't want to answer
What's your name
Is asked whenever I meet someone new
I know what name my parents gave me
But I'm not sure if I want it
and it's too feminine for me
I've chosen one I like better
But my parents won’t get it
Just be who you are
The teachers say on the first day of school
But then
They make me choose a bathroom that doesn’t feel quite right
And they assign a set of pronouns to me
Based on the length of my hair
Or the style of my shirt
Mar 26
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She was beautiful, but in a different sort of way. Her long auburn hair fell across her back, and she held a wicked-looking sword in her left hand. A short, dark purple cape lay across her shoulders, coming to a point in the middle of her back. The hem of a red, leaf-like skirt swooped from her left mid-thigh to her right ankle, and she wore intricately-designed combat boots. She had an air of authority, commanding, but not terrifying. She looked like she could beat anybody in a fight.
Feb 04
poem 1 comment challenge: Courage
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If I had the courage

If I had the courage, what would I do?
If I had the courage, I would tell her how I feel, but I can’t, she would hate me.
If I had the courage, I would at least give her a hug, just to touch her, but I don’t like hugs, and she would think I’m weird.
If I had the courage, I would stand up for myself and tell them to stop, but I keep my head down, mumble a response, and walk away.
If I had the courage, I would come out to the world, tell them who I really am, but the world wasn’t made for people like me.
If I had the courage, I would make more friends, but I don’t know how, and anyway, too many friends is just too much.
If I had the courage, I could make the world a better place, but some people will still hate me, and words do hurt.
If I had the courage, I wouldn’t be me, and like myself the way I am, but maybe, someday, I will find the courage.
Dec 10
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an eerie, haunting melody in the night

Oct 02
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This year, I'll be maple

I stand on the uneven slope and breathe in, feeling the crisp air fill my lungs. Today is the day, I thought. The day of change. I am the last one this year. All day, I will stand in the meadow, breathing in and out, in and out, until my mind is filled with only the rhythm of my breath. Then I will change. My feet will go first, bare toes lengthening and hardening into roots of all sizes and shapes. Then my legs, morphing together and growing into a long trunk. After that, my torso, solidifying into maple wood. My arms will raise, leafy branches reaching up to the last rays of sun in the skies. My closed eyes become wood, hair growing into twigs and leaves. I can’t see, but that does not bother me. I am intune with Mother Nature. I feel her heartbeat. I sense her love for all the things from the earth. The world is quiet. I sleep. For how long, I don’t know. Then, sometime in February, a presence awakens me. I know the cold, I know it’s there, but I don’t feel it.
Oct 01
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two days after

In my dream, I was running. Not the joyful running that comes at the end of a race you’re winning, but the bad kind, the kind where your legs are on fire, your lungs are in acid, you can't focus on anything else, or your deepest, darkest nightmare will catch you. Sweat poured down my face as I fought to stay ahead of the dark manifestation behind me. As it drew closer, a quiet beeping steadily grew louder until it was so loud, I quite literally could not hear myself think. The sound screamed in my ears until I thought my head would collapse. It was then that I stumbled, and dropped to my knees, hands squeezing my head in order to block out the sound. The dark manifestation behind me quickly caught up and enveloped me in a black cloud of frenzied particles. I tried to twist, to roll out of it, but the particles started landing on me. They covered me, restricting my movement until I lay in an awkward position, unable to move.
Oct 01
poem 0 comments challenge: Portrait
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Yellow lab, 5/07-11/17

Of light golden fur, slightly curly.

The stick-catcher and pond-swimmer,

and catching sticks thrown into the pond.

Leaving her thick, bright, wavy fur everywhere

Face licks and toe licks and licking anywhere you let her.

Running after the four-wheelers, panting loudly.

Joy, when I get out of the car.

Golden fur, slightly curly

I miss you
Apr 24
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That Was Your Last Chance

Apr 16
poem 2 comments challenge: One
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It’s not just a cookie

“That cookie looks really good,” I say.
“It’s OK. I know I can’t have it,” I sigh.
“I don’t care if it’s dry and bland; here’s the thing,” I start.
“Now, if I can speak, the thing is that you’re stuffing it into your face like it’s amazing,” I say, exasperated.
“But you are, even if you think you aren’t, the fact remains that you are,” I respond.
“If you’re not, then why is the cookie gone, and why are there cookie crumbs sprayed across the table?” I quietly ask.
Mar 25
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It was a beautiful morning, and nothing was wrong. The girl opened her eyes, stretched, and yawned. She rolled over and slowly sat up.  She blinked, and yawned again, they stepped softly downstairs. She was the first one up. She was always the first one up. She put on some quiet piano music and made herself some breakfast. She thought about her day and smiled. First she was going to take a walk through the neighborhood, then she had a babysitting job from 11 to 2, and finally, a plan to play board games at the library with her friends. She finished her breakfast, wrote a note to her parents, and changed into her walking clothes. She stepped outside and smiled at the sun and the wind in her face. She started walking and broke into a slow jog. When she got to the playground near the elementary school, she sat on a swing and enjoyed the wind in her face. She checked her watch, enjoyed another moment of the wind, and headed back up to her house.