Oct 16
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Ode to the smartest mosquito

Hello Mr. M

I would just like to say, at my own expense,  that you are the smartest mosquito I have ever met.

Every night I see you on my ceiling, out of my reach

And don’t think I haven’t tried… because I have

Every time I stand up on that chair you manage to fly out of grasp

When I’m about to turn off the lights and go to sleep I see you in the corner, getting more fat every day.

And when I wake up I never fail to find a new red bump on my arm that itches like the rest

I wouldn’t call you a stalker, just a frenemy 

So props to you Mr. M

It wouldn’t be such a bad thing if I was as smart as you when I grow up 
-Your designated snack (for now)
Feb 06
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a different sort of way

She was beautiful, but in a different sort of way

Her hair is the color of a dew-shimmering sunflower field

And her eyes are the color of a raging sea

Her skin is as smooth and silky as a flower petal growing on a bud

And her fingerprint makes up the intricate lines of the first leaf growing on a hopeful tree

Her heart is warm like a 70 degree day

She goes with the flow like the wind blows west

And her soul dances with the twirling leaves in fall

Her compassion burns inside of her like the heat of the desert

And her empathy eliminates war

Her love has the power of a thousand waves crashing against a shore

Beautiful doesn’t always have to mean on the outside

So yes, she was beautiful, but in a different sort of way

Dec 03
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When the sky falls

When the sky falls

I'll catch it on my shoulders

When the sky falls

It won't weigh me down

When the sky falls

I will raise up my chin and await the clouds to float to the ground

But in reality

I’m not strong enough to hold up the sky up when it falls

In reality

It will crush me till I remain consistent to a pancake

And in reality

The sky probably won’t even fall

But I still like to think that it will be me who saves it if it does

Oct 26
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My Family

Family means to me people who will support me through my worst

People that I love more than anything

People that will make me laugh at my most sorrowful

My greatest supporters

My life would fall apart without them

And my heart would not be as whole

Love, comfort, support

There are no cliches in this piece, it's the honest truth

This is what famiy means to me.
Oct 03
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Apple trees and pumpkins

The leaves shift from green to brilliant red

The workers at orchards press hot apple cider into a delicious steamy drink

The crops turn from beans and brussel sprouts, to pumpkins and parsnip.

The last days of October are filled with candy wrappers and apple trees ready for the picking

But what if every Autumn it's not only the trees that undergo change

and it's not only the pumpkins that are carved into unique shapes.

It will be the people this Autumn and every Autumn after that.

It will be us that renew the colors of our intelligence

And us that carve out our personalities again.

Us that shed our wrappers of ignorance and pompousness

Our happiness that we will bake into our apple tarts and thanksgiving dinners that we share gladly with others.  
May 14
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The book of myths

 I sat on the soft fabrics of my sheets and blankets on my bed. The faint smells of tonight’s dinner of lasagna and garlic breadsticks baking wafted up to my second floor room. After a long day I finally had time to lay back and relax. In my calloused hands I held a cracked and worn down thick hardcover book. Bindings have been un-sewn and pages were falling out of the story. Words covered every surface as I began to read.
Apr 24
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This Earth is Loved

Dear other people 

Hello is anyone there! Wake up world, the world is dying!
We’re wasting money, for more factories, for more stuff, for more money.
What have we turned into? I know what, monsters. 
You can’t even realize that we are killing animals and heating up are own world. 
For what?
For our own pleasure?
What happens when there is no us to pleasure
You can’t even believe what we are doing, how we're doing it.
If you’re not already awake.

Sincerely Just another monster
Mar 24
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the morning to the afternoon

It was a beautiful morning and nothing was wrong.

          I got up out of bed and put on freshly washed clothes. I walked down my old creaky stairs to the kitchen. My mom and dad were bickering again. A kitchen towel was resting on top of my dad's shoulder and my moms hands were wet from doing the dishes. “Hey” I said, “oh hey honey, good morning” my mom said and my dad called the same. I walked over to the cupboard and grabbed one of the instant oatmeal packages and the milk from the fridge. I put the milk into the bowl, popped open the microwave, and set it for a minute.

    I walked over to the kitchen table and put my steaming hot bowl on it. I sat down on the hard wooden chair at the end of the table.
Jan 31
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My husky

I love you black-haired, blue-eyed husky 
Your new to the house but it feels like I've known you for years
Your small, but your heart is big
Your eyes are an unknown ocean, pulling me into your lovely mind and kind soul
Your ears perk up when your name is called giving me a what-is-it-this-time look
My heart is overwhelmed by you, so much to take care of and so much to love
All of this responsibility is dumped on my shoulders but for you I can handle it
My ears are filled with your howls
I can't comprehend this overflowing love bubbling up inside me
I love you black-haired, blue-eyed husky

Jan 16
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Even though

Even though I'm not included, even though it's not my favorite, I'm still sweating and my ponytail is swinging from side to side as I run. My goggles pressed to my face, indenting the bridge of my nose and my eyes stung. I trip over my stick and a rush of fear runs through me. As I gain my balance, the plastic puck races towards me. Another player runs over to get but sees me and says “Go for it!” He yells, he's letting me hit it?  I thought. “Hurry!” He yells again. As I hit it with my stick, my stick comes in contact with the opposing teams player. A loud crack sounded and a shudder vibrated through me. My cheeks flush as the other player steals my glory by taking the puck, dodges the people on my team and strikes like lightning, upsetting the nets in the goal. My shoulders hunch and my face is on fire from embarrassment. The seconds on the big overhead timer are ticking down; the points of the other team were increasing.