Jan 01
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my mother's blueberry muffins

I like the sweet gooey smell of my mothers blueberry muffins when there's only a minute left on the clock

I Like turning on the oven light to see them rising out of there liquid state

I like the suspense of waiting and waiting for the timer to go off

I like how the excitement pulls me closer to the warmth of the oven

I like it when my dog puts two paws on the side of the counter, searching where the delicious smell is coming from

I like it when the door opens and the cold air blows in but the warmth still lingers

I liked the energy bubbling inside me when the ring of the timer goes off

I like the fresh blast of heat when I open the oven door

I like the sweet gooey smell of my mothers blueberry muffins that freshens in my nose, when there are no more seconds on the clock.
Oct 27
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Winter sensory language

Walking my dog down the block I could feel the wind whipping against the parts of me that aren't covered by my a jacket or my snow pants, the frost biting at my skin,snow falls to the ground walking down the sloshy sidewalk. My boots were filled with snow making my feet uncomfortable. My dog yelped after he stepped on the ice and slipped. His fur, once fluffy, was now crisp with the cold air nipping at him from all angles. We turned around deciding it was to frosty to keep walking. This time it was my turn to slip on the ice, my feet sliding underneath me and suddenly I was on my back wheezing, the wind had been knocked out of me. My dog who had been in front of me did a 180 and was back to me in seconds, licking my face, I pushed him off my chest trying to wipe my wet face before the frost covered my face but I was too late, my face was already stiff and cold.