Mar 16
fiction 1 comment challenge: Dye
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You are who you are

I hold the dye in my hand, I am gripping it so firmly that my knuckles are turning white. I  feel as if after I do this I can start over as a new person as if all my wrongdoings will disappear. I feel like I can wipe my slate clean and begin again. I am beginning to wonder if I am doing the right thing. I grab the bottle off the shelf and begin to head to the check-out. As I hand the cashier the bottle she gives me a strange look that I can’t quite decipher. I walk home hoping that I misinterpreted the look that the cashier gave me. I didn’t quite understand it but I did not feel that it was a good look. When I get back to my house I rush to the bathroom. I immediately open the bottle and start reading the directions. As I start to read something inside me changes. I take the bottle and pour the contents down the sink. Suddenly something catches my eye- the fine print on the bottle. It reads, “You are who you are”
Feb 04
fiction 2 comments challenge: Alert
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A Red Glow

Something was buzzing. I rolled over drowsily, groping for the sleep button on my alarm clock.

Crash! I had made contact with my alarm clock but the buzzing continued. I groggily opened my eyes and found the source of the good-for-nothing noise. My phone was glowing red and buzzing loudly. An alert was flashing on the screen.

“We are under attack. Lock your doors and bar your windows.”

Suddenly I got a text message, then two, then three, they kept coming until there were hundreds of text messages on my phone. The texts were rolling in. I didn’t know any of the numbers but they all had the same message, “Let me in.”
Feb 01
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Creepy Carnival

     Something is sparkling. I stop. I’ve always seen this sign on my way home from school, but today it is different. It has been washed and is sparkling. It’s as if it is calling me, “come, come” I look past the sign but there is nothing there- as usual. Suddenly the sun hits a part of the sign and I notice some smaller text in the corner of the sign. “Look behind you” I decide to oblige just for my own amusement. All I see is a worn down shack- but wait that wasn’t there before! I look back at the sign- an add for a carnival that I’ve never even taken a second glance at until today. I walk towards the shack cautiously- you never know who or what might be lurking there. I push the broken door away and I see a woman dressed as a fortune teller.

     “Welcome to the Carnival please come in” she says in a low, haunting voice.

     “No thanks” I say stepping back

     “Come” she says. I scream as the floor gives out from underneath me.

Jan 07
fiction 0 comments challenge: 70°
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How Odd

I walk up to her, 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Isn’t that an odd name? I have always wondered why she is called that but I’ve never had the guts to ask. She seems to know it’s weird too, but she doesn’t seem to care. I am now standing next to her. She is staring off into space and doesn’t seem to notice that I am there. How odd. After about thirty seconds of just standing there I clear my throat softly. She looks up suddenly -seemingly surprised that I am there.

“Oh, hi” She says in a friendly tone.

“Hi” I say back. I feel stupid, but I need to ask for help even though it is just some simple math homework. “Could I have some help with the math homework?” I ask.

“Of course” she responds not seeming to judge me for not understanding.

“So do you wanna meet after school?”


“Do you wanna come go to my house or yours?”

“Up to you”
Dec 11
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How'd They Get Down Here?

      It was late at night on my birthday. I had done some emergency babysitting for my friend’s parents and had finally gotten their two lively children to settle down. I had just lay down on the couch, planning to read a book until the children’s parents got home. I must have drifted off because I awoke to the creaking of the fence in the backyard. I stood up cautiously, walked quietly to the door, and peered out into the snow. I was worried because this family lived way out of town, about twenty minutes from the nearest grocery store and nobody lived within two miles of them. I couldn’t see anyone in the yard and the gate didn't creak again so I went and sat back down on the couch. I had almost drifted off again when I heard the gate creak a second time- three times in a row. I looked out but again I couldn’t see anyone. It was only after I heard the gate yet again that I decided to go outside and investigate. I cautiously opened the back door and tiptoed out onto the porch.
Nov 18
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Too Much Pressure!

So much responsibility has been laid upon on me! I was elected queen just yesterday and now I feel like the great weight  of our organization is completely on me! Our enemies are trying to infiltrate our stores and we are doing all we can to stop them but it is so hard! The pressure of this all is making me nervous. I need to come up with something new and exciting, something nobody has seen before! What is happening. Am I going to collapse under the pressure? Is the whole rest of the empire going to hate me?! What would happen if everyone hated me? Oh what am I going to do as queen of the smiley face sticker business?
Nov 17
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A Plead For Help

We need to save the earth. "Why?" you ask Think of it this way Your body is a living being. Your body, however, has a parasite. The parasite is consuming you. It is growing larger everyday. It is becoming harder for you to breathe. You can only manage a harsh breath in and a sharp, pained breath out. You have a fever that rages all day and you are pale and cold at night. You have anger from the pain and it builds up. You frequently lash out against those who you love. This is how our precious earth feels - although we don't seem to treat her like she is precious - the earth is a living being. It is becoming hard for the earth to breathe. She breathes in the sunlight but somehow struggles to push it out. She is being consumed by a parasite named, "humans" in the summer she is hot and is always burning and in the winter she is cold and bitter. There is never an in-between moment of that just-right-temperature, she is always hot or cold.
Nov 16
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Never Speaking To You Again

“You make me feel so lugubrious”

    “Well your band is so noisome I can never feel exuberant because my ears always hurt!”

    “That’s absurd!”

    “No It’s not! You an your band always come over here and you blare your horrible music all throughout the house. I never get any peace and quite!”

    “Where else are we going to rehearse?!”

    “Anywhere but here! All of your friends have homes too! There are plenty to choose from why does it have to always be here?!”

    “It doesn’t always have to be here but it’s the most convienent place to meet!”

    “Well find somewhere else because I’m sick of it!”

    “I’m never speaking to to you again! Your my brother and your supposed to support me!”

    “Well as my brother you are supposed to respect me so I’m never speaking to you again!”

    “Fine by me’

    “You just spoke to me”
Nov 16
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Small Appreciations

You make the cold winter trek to the convenience store at the corner of your block. You walk into the small store and a blast of warm air hits you. You slowly make your way to the back of the shop and pick out a can of chicken soup and some frozen vegetables. You walk back to the front of the store and hand the items to the cashier who you know too well.
Oct 29
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I lie in the snow

It surrounds me

Thousands and thousands    
Of tiny little flakes all around me

Each is unique

Each one has a pattern

I gaze up at the sky

But I feel connected to the ground

The flakes are floating down and swirling around me

They are all different

As the flakes drift down I stick out my tongue

They land there and sit slowly dissolving

Icy drops of snow

I calmly sit up

Still in wonder about the world around me

I walk towards my house

I walk in to the smell of hot chocolate

Bubbling on the stove

I wait for the hot chocolate to cool

Thinking about my experience

The wonderful, awesome experience I had

While lying in the snow