Mar 25
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Hey lemon!

Never Alone
Is what I am.
Never quite home
Is where I stand.
Among the lost and never found,
Nevermore Homeward bound.
Attempting to avoid Finial rest,
I failed life’s wretched test.
To stand up, tall and proud,
To reach high and touch a cloud.
So keep this in mind,
You lemon rind.
Don’t be so sour.
Your veins flow with awesome power.
Mar 25
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I glance into the mirror. Crap! I stare at my reflection, and instead of the soft, sleek, smooth gray hair that I had anticipated, my hair has turned an outrageously bright mix of pink and yellow stripes. I look like a mad scientist from the movies after a colorful explosion! I quickly run to the sink and furiously begin to scrub my hair, sending water everywhere, but nothing happens! I jump into the shower fully dressed and grab the shampoo. The shampoo that I frantically spill on the bath floor seeps into my dapper socks. My socks, now full of soap, slip on the wet floor of the shower and I land on my wrist with a deeply sickening snap.
Jan 13
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70° is boring.
His in-between temp:
His bland, pure-blue skies:
He is too scared to stand out.
Boring, Boring, Boring.
92° is awesome.
He catches you off guard with his heat.
He urges you to fly into the water.
His clouds quickly hide the sun,
But just as fast,
They disappear once more.
70° will rain occasionally,
But its always for too long or too little:
His heat is too cold to swim in,
And not hot enough to sleep in.
70° is boring.
Oct 29
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My face burns, like my freckles are trying to sear themselves off of my tear-streaked face. My body tries to make sense of the news I've just heard, because me mind is hasn't even attempted to fathom the pain it will cause me. I ease my body onto the dock, moving slowly so that my mind can comprehend what has happened. My bare feet skim the surface of the still, dark water, bringing to life tiny ripples that fade across the lake. The chill of the water tugs on my feet, crawls up my legs, across my back and chest, circling my neck like the stone solid grip of my unaccepted pain, and up to my face, where the heat of my agony warms the chill into water that begins to leak out the sides of my eyes. I bow my head, the weight of these god awful tears tugging my chin to rest on my chest. I hear a footstep, so I turn, and see a silhouette on the end of the dock. I stand up, and walk away.

Apr 03
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27 Minutes

Every 27 minutes a call is made 
The topic: Child Abuse 
With this we’re so freaking loose
Every day kids are slapped and hit
And we don’t give a shit
These people are dangerous 
The kids say “they injure us”
But no
Funds we have to help these kids
Go to Donald Trump’s art bids
All these children will grow up
Gangs and drugs they’ll cover up
They’ll wrong youth like those before
We tell our leaders, “help us more” 
But no
Email scandles are more important, than our future leaders
Every single child
will make up this country
as adults and politicians
presidents and workers
But how can the abused and depressed
successfully run a country?
why do we not help?
These problems are bellowing
but we are deaf to the thunder
Our president’s lawyers
are being raided by the FBI
Apr 02
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Cream-Cheese Frosting

Cream-cheese frosting 
So much sugar it’s exhausting
Sweet buttery cream so full
And the nutrition mission is null
Growing cool and freezing tight
Sealing in delicious light
From the fridge it’s taken out 
The sloppy pizza’s had its bout
Glistening on the chocolate cake
That had its turn to rise and bake
The cake knife slices
Once ... twice … thrices
I taste my first bite
And know my choice was right
Because there’s so much sugar it’s exhausting 
In delicious Cream-cheese frosting

Mar 22
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Life Within

Life Within

The tree is tall
The waters deep
What will happen when I fall
What will I keep?
I fear the blue
The quiet dark
It’s all to new
But then a lark,
Flies right by 
And dives right in
Heedless of my silent hi
And follows him his kin,
Family of a great size
Falling through
And I realize
These larks knew,
To fear the change
I’ll never know
What was strange 
And what will grow,
Inside my brow
Pathways build
Because I know
Fear can be killed,
I stand up straight
My legs bend
At an increasing rate
My body extends,
And up I go 
Then falling through 
I do not know
The waters blue,
By falling in 
I’m stronger now 
The waters thin,
And below 
Is the life within.

Feb 16
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i sit.
i wait.
i am silent.
my prey.
the cream-colored rabbit.
will be mine.
very soon. 
but i sit.
i wait. 
i am silent. 
for my prey does not see me.
it focuses all of it’s tiny mind,
on grass.
so I sit.
i wait.
i am silent.


i leap.
slowly, silently, soothingly.
i snap it’s neck.
like the way I lick my cubs.
tenderly, and full of life.
i drag it.
back through the mud.
the gore covers my pelt.
and when i return.
we eat.

Feb 13
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Why do we let ourselves be controlled,
By this strange urge to kill,
Clutching our throbbing throats, fingers in our minds,
Almost as if being killed or killing,
Is the only way to feel proud,
The only way to stay smiling.

And the blood in your veins becomes deadly,
Because when you feed the beast,
It becomes a fountain overflowing with death and hate.

And then you are lying there,
White with manic panic, 
And as your resolve hardens like slowly drying cement,
Clutching your bloodied switchblade,
So afraid of being killed,
You relax because,
You realize you must kill first.
Dec 20
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Hanging in Mid-Air

I like how the best days are so free,
I like skiing off a hanging tree
I like the sparkle of the snow like diamonds falling down below
I like the glint of brand new skis, shining like the smile of the sun
I like the feeling when… whoosh… and nothing is beneath your skis
I like that skiing is so super smooth, super solid, super special
I like that second-long feeling that you are invincible, hanging in the air
I like how after a great run, you feel free from the speed and challenge 
I like how skiing down a mountainside, releases you from the everyday ride
I like how skiing is only for those who accept no rules
I like how skis aren’t just tools, they’re a key that lifts responsibilities 
I like when the lift groans, ready to do its meek but essential job
I like that only freedom can make a day the best