Apr 01
fiction 0 comments challenge: Dye
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The man and his son

I went to the store to get some red dye because my son wanted to dye his hair. I dramatically walked into the store looking around for the dye. I started to slightly whistle as I was looking around, a little suspiciously I had finally found it. I brought the dye home and opened the bucket. I then thought it would be a good idea to pour the whole bucket on my head, so I did. The next day, when I was trying to take the dye off my head it wouldn't come out. My son had come into the room and asked,

“Where is all the dye that I asked for.” I accidentally poured it all on my head, the dad said. The man then walked to his room to take a nap because he was tired, and his son was making him triggered.

Oct 29
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The news

One day I departed down to my grandparents house with my family. On the way there I was talking to my parents and they told me we were almost there. The car ride cheered me up a little bit when we played games and laughed. A couple minutes later we pulled tore into the driveway. We got out of the car and I realized that my Grandpa was not there. My grandma walked wandered out with tears pouring out of her eyes. She looked miserable I ran to comfort her. I said ‘’Grandma what happened.’’ She told me the horrible news, I was dumbfounded. I couldn't believe my Grandfather was dead.

Mar 26
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The Brick

One morning I woke up to hear the sounds the birds outside of my window. I get dressed and headed downstairs, and out the door. It was very sunny and warm on this wonderful, amazing, spectacular June morning. It was June 1st 2017. I started to walk down the road just to enjoy the sights of the day. That is when I saw a loose brick in the middle of a wall next to Main Street. I pulled the brick out of the wall and a small piece of paper fluttered out of the tiny space. I picked up the piece of paper off the ground. I unfolded it and it said, “ If you are reading this you are about to do something very wrong”. After I read this I thought this could not be talking about me right. So I stuffed the piece of paper in my pocket and continued on with my walk.
Feb 15
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It's Sunday, February 3, 2017. I am walking home from a long day of school, when i hear my phone ring in my pocket. I answer my phone and a strange voice says turn around. I freeze not knowing what to do. I quickly turn around to see a strange man in a hoodie staring at me about five yards away. I run... I have been running now for over an hour, i am completely out of breath and the man is so close behind its like he is breathing down my neck. I jump another fence hoping to lose him, but he stays on my trail. I don't know if i will ever shake him.

Jan 03
poem 0 comments challenge: I Like
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I like to wake up and know it's time 
I like to get in the car to get to the pitch 
I like when you start to lace up your boots 
I like to get up and dig my cleats into the roots
I like the sound the whistle makes (tweet tweet) at the start of the game
I like going full bore throughout the game 
I like seeing that my teammates always do the same
I like the feeling of the ball off my foot 
I like the feeling of getting to put the ball in the back of the net
I like having the team swarm around me
I like to win at costs I don't have to inform anyone of that 
I like chipping away at a lead if we are behind
I like to be restless but not forget to be kind
I like to come home and put my feet up 
I like to wake up and know that today there is a different challenge at hand
Oct 27
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The story of Corey Collin