Mar 26
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Sunset / WC

She was too stressed she needed to get away and relax, just to blow some steam off. On the dock she watched the beautiful sunset smothered by the green mountains. While her feet were in the the calm lake she noticed beautiful colors shining on the lake, pink, blue, orange, yellow, and green. Later the clouds opened up and the sun started gleaming on the green trees in the mountains.
Oct 30
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It's fall

It’s fall

It’s getting chilly

Pumpkins are getting carved

Apples are being picked

Trees are turning orange and yellow

Candy is being bought

Costumes are being worn

Decorations being put up

Children getting frightened  

Scary movies being watched

Halloween almost near
Feb 15
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Dear mr. President

Dear president I would like if you could change a lot of the things you had done in the time that you where the president like when you would not allow transgender people in the military which there was no point of doing because what difference would it make. Also why do you always have a problem with Mexican people and saying “oh I'm going to build a wall to keep Mexicans out of America and have them pay for it and the list goes on and on but you should realize what I'd going on and what you should do to change it.


Nov 03
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christmas story

I woke up to wind howling outside my window and I sprinted from my bed as fast as I could run and, I see dozens of presents sitting under the shiny tall tree. The wrapping paper on the presents were metallic and shiny. I waited for my sister to start walking to the living room thumping through the hallway. My dad was at work so it wasn't as fun but my sister and I started tearing the presents. My sister and I were amazed of what we got and we were thankful of the stuff we had received.