Feb 21
poem 1 comment challenge: Alert


She didn’t know what to do when the phone alert came.

She didn’t know what to do when panic overtook her mind, clouding her logical decisions.

“We are under attack. Lock your doors and bar your windows.”

Scampering off of the couch in something akin to shock, the girl nearly tripped as she flung herself up the steps.

Whimpers and yells of “mom!” ran out of her mouth at fast speeds as she turned the corners and pushed open doors, trying to find her mother.

Suddenly, mid-step, she became aware of the pinging.

It was coming from her phone.

“Let me in.” was being sent to her phone, from hundreds of numbers that weren’t familiar to her.

Releasing a choked gasp, the girl sucked in a deep breath before letting it out with a shudder. Her blue eyes filled with tears that were scrambling out at an alarming speed.
Dec 18

This Train on Which We Stand

The home we wait for
Has unknown coordinates
And we have no clue where we are.
We stand, tired and impatient,
For there’s no seat for those who dream
Aboard this train of reality
Through the window,
Rain’s all I see
A haunting reminder
Of dreams that many have abandoned.
But when I reach home,
There shall be no rain.
Just you and I,
Waiting for that one message
Of support.
The closer we get,
The heavier the rain.
Our minds scrambled
And us two scared that our dreams
Have been corrupted by this
Overwhelming idea
Of reality.
Our childhood memories only bring
About the dreams we had
Yet this rain won’t let up.
We’ve been on this train far too long
But the conductor won’t stop.
The people are average
And their eyes so dull
They all look like Porcelain dolls
And I’m too afraid to move.
Just one touch is all it would take
Oct 26

A Seasonal Difference

As the leaves rot away
And break beneath feet
I look at my body,
Which is no longer meat.
My arms are the branches
Which are snapped with a crunch
And my hairs turned to twigs
That deer love to munch.
My clothes are the reds
And the browns and the greens
That fall from the limbs
Of the deciduous trees.
My shoes are pumpkin
And my nose is corn,
My eyes are seeds
And my nails are thorns.
There’s a big straw hat
Atop my head
And when I got cut
It was cider I bled.
Each year after summer
I sit and I wait
As I transmute
Into the season I hate.
But all’s fine and dandy
‘Cause when Winter sprouts,
I turn back to normal
And away goes my doubts.
Mar 25

Comatose Eyes

As I settle upon the dark branches,

I feel the urge to climb higher despite already being at the top.

As I settle upon the dark branches,

I grip onto them as the wind threatens to blow me over.

As I settle upon the dark branches,

I look towards the extraordinary sky.

Why can’t I stay here?

As I look down at the ground,

I can feel fear enveloping my forgotten heart.

As I look down at the ground,

I can see his darkened eyes that settle upon me with pity.

As I look down at the ground,

An overwhelming sense of loss grabs me.

As I look down at the ground,

I can only fear what is to come.

Why must I go?

To whom do I belong

If no one is to care?

To whom do I belong

If I let myself off of this beacon of hope?

To whom do I belong
Feb 15

Clouded Thoughts

I feel invisible
As I am pushed into the room connected to the covered stairs.
My younger sister is clinging onto me
As my mom shuts the door.
I feel invisible
As I hear endless shouting through the white-painted wood
And told by my mom through it to “stay inside”.
I feel invisible
As my, at the time, small black cat Alex
Purrs against my leg.
I feel invisible
As my sister doesn’t leave my side,
And as shivers and thoughts cloud me.
I feel invisible
As I realize what was happening.
I feel invisible
As my mom walks in minutes later,
And I peek into the now-empty hallway.
I feel invisible
As I realize both of the men
Had left the small apartment,
as my mom pushed us inside.
I feel invisible
As I allow myself
To be invisible.
Dec 19
poem 1 comment challenge: I Like

The Rain's Effect

I like the sound of pattering rain hitting my window at night.

I like the lights that stand outside of my window, waiting, waiting.

I like the glossy effect the rain and lights give when on the window.

I like the mesmerizing tune the rain plays unconsciously.

I like the sound of crickets, hiding beneath bushes and roots.

I like the slight scratch of branches gliding across my window.

I like the slight smell that reaches noses when rain glides passed.

I like the feeling of the rain hitting my cool skin, I shiver.

I like the taste of the salty rain hitting my tongue, softly.

I like the variety that the rain can have, rough or light.

I like the sound of pattering rain clearing up, slowly but surely.
Dec 11
poem 0 comments challenge: Mundane

Spoken Paintings

Oct 27
poem 1 comment challenge: Winter/17

Winter Wonderland

Two female kids run down the street;
The snow hitting hard against their boot-clad feet.
Slipping and sliding, “I’m going to crash!”
They both hit a hill, hitting ice with a smash.
The older’s stuck deep in a hole made of snow
Ice touches her face, her cheeks aglow.
Chills travel up and down her spine
As the feeling of cold becomes more than “just fine”.
“Ava, get on the other side!
Let’s make a snow tunnel, just don’t go inside!”
The younger agrees, and the older goes free
Before using their time to make tunnels with glee.
Later, the cold’s been nothing too good
As the light dims and Ava pulls down her hood.
The cold hits them hard, their fingers all numb
As their cheeks become red with all of the fun.
They both shiver as wind hits, chill spreading about
Before traveling, frozen feet leading their route.