Mar 25

Hair Removal!

My hair is long, black, and mysterious. It has always been this way for as long as I can remember, but it was time for a change. I wanted my hair to glisten in the sun, not hide me like dark shadows. I wanted my hair to bounce as I ran, not hold me down. I wanted to experience something new since I was going to be starting high school in just a few weeks.

A few days ago had been my biggest downfall of all my 13 years living on this planet we call Earth.  I was buying groceries at our local market when I saw a dye bottle. It was calling out to me, “Claire... This is perfect for you.” I couldn’t help but want to buy it. So, I did.

I went home after that and began ripping open the dye box. As I read the instructions about as fast as humanly possible thoughts swirled in my mind. Was I really going to go through with this? How would I look? As I began putting the dye in my damp hair I immediately stopped. There was a burning sensation piercing my scalp.
Dec 12

The Light

The two rambunctious identical twins had finally fallen asleep after what had felt like a century of torture. Sally and Sam were sound asleep in their princess beds. The children looked calm and peaceful, almost angel like. A few minutes ago they were little devious children who wanted to ruin my day, now they were harmless little beings. I appreciated the quiet howles of the winter night, and cold breeze. It sounded as if the wind was calling out to me, and trying to communicate with me. The sharp twists and turns the wind made, and the moon shining above us. As I was about to walk out of the twins room I heard a sound. It was loud and hypnotizing. “Creeeeak,” I was surprised by the sudden loud sound and quickly turned to look at the children. Both Sally and Sam were missing from their beds. I had a few doubts about what was happening in the back of my mind. Were these twins trying to scare me? Their home was secluded-old-and eerie.
Nov 29


I sat patiently on the plastic chair, my heart pounding as I wait. Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock. It feels as though it has been a century, my heart pounds louder and louder. I turn my head and look at the clock hanging on the wall. The clock suddenly stops moving. The hands are frozen still. My head feels heavy and I fall. I fall for what feels like forever. Falling on the hard wooden floor. There is a loud THUD as my body falls. Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock. It feels as though it has been a century. I slowly open my eyes to see a shadowy figure standing across from me. Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock. I turn and look at the clock, it is still frozen in time. I wipe my eyes, and look closely. It appears to be my mom, frozen in time. Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock. I am frozen in time.
Nov 25

Morning Run

Waking up to the brisk air,
On a cold winter’s morning,
Smelling the fresh pine,
On a cold winter’s morning,
Seeing the sharp icicles,
On a cold winter’s morning,

I slowly slip out of my bed,
My face cold, and red,
I drag my heavy feet,
Across the new wooden floors,
I grab the door,
And turn the nob,

I reach the sink,
And stop to think.
The bright lights hit harsh,
My eyes barely awake,
I splash water on my face,
My brain stops for a second,

I go back into my room,
The room silent,
I grab my fuzzy socks,
Wool soft and cozy,
I pull them onto my feet,
Instantly warming them up

I grab my coat,
Dashing out the door,
Thinking about nothing more,
Turning on my watch,
I begin to trot,

Trot, turns into jog,
Jog turns into run,
Soon I am done,
With my winter run.

Nov 18


I sat meekly in the cold room
The bright yellow walls devour me
The bright color bounces around the room
Tricking me, tricking me into believing I am okay
The dreary clouds say otherwise
I am comforted by the thought of being alone
My eyes gently welled up as I breathe
Each breath gets heavier and heavier
My heart beats faster and faster
Small tears turn into large puddles
My face stings with a passion
I stop to look up
My face is filled with awe
I am not alone,
He is here with me.
Nov 17
poem 6 comments challenge: General

The Little Things

In our society we’re consumed by the number of likes we receive,
It’s assumed if you don’t have pages, and pages of friends you’re lonely,
But only, this media we call social is anything but,
Driving us further and further away from communication,
Take a break from your phone,
Appreciate the life around you,
Don’t let it slip away,
Don’t let social media control you,
Look at the beautiful trees that surround you,
Listen to the spectacular sounds that are around you,
Appreciate the little things in life,
The most simple of them all,
Maybe someone said “Hi,”
Maybe someone said “Bye,”
Maybe someone held the door,
Maybe someone did more,
Don’t ignore these little things in life,
Because in our society,
We will not be consumed by the number of likes we receive.
Oct 29

Winter's Eve

I walk out on a frosty winter’s eve,
crystals fall slowly on to my warm skin,
All around pine trees coated in a crystal cast of ice,
The aroma of warm cinnamon apple cider fills my thoughts,
I take one big deep breath in and breathe out,
The air comes out cold, and loose
I slowly close my eyes and let the moon shine over me.
I’m free.
Mar 24


          I was walking along side a brick building, when I happened to find a loose brick. I decided to tug at it, out fluttered a small piece of paper. I picked it up from the floor, it was a note. In small fine print the piece of paper read “help me, or slit”. My eyes widened as the thought of someone being endangered rushed to my head. I was confused, and it was getting late. I decided to keep the note, and I pushed the brick back into its place. Walking home, I stumbled on a stone. I felt an eerie feeling, I'd never been in this part of town before. It was 6:45 PM, on a cold winter's eve. The moon shine, glistening above me. “CRACK CRACK” went a loud sound. My head was throbbing, for I had been thinking about that note ever since I encountered it. Did someone need my help? I quietly whispered to myself. Finally I reached my house, the lights were still on, but there was not a single sound. This was strange because I have 3 sisters and 2 brothers.
Feb 15

Phone Call

         On the phone I heard a faint whisper “turn around” I slowly turned my head to see what was behind me. Before I could finish the lights started to flicker, on and off, on and off. I was alarmed I quickly turned my head to see what was behind me… It was a body of a young woman. Creeping down the stairs, almost in a squatting position. Her neck was snapped, long black flowing hair covered her eyes. Her legs were twisted, arms were bruised. She had as pale as white paper. I heard a sudden noise, almost like a groaning, it was like she couldn’t open her mouth. She was halfway down the stairs by now. “Stop! Who is there I screamed.” She didn't listen to me. I couldn't run, I tried, I tried so hard. Everything went black.
Jan 03
poem 3 comments challenge: I Like


I like the scent of fresh pine surrounding me
I like the way the Christmas tree lights are twinkling 
I like sitting near the fireplace, listening to e word crackling 
I like the way the cold air travels through my body as I inhale
I like the way my boots slowly press into the snow 
I like the way each snowflake is different from one another
I like the way my blanket wraps around me 
I like the way the candle lights up the room with the little spark
I like the way the room is dead silent on a winter's night 
I like the scent of the pine cones surrounding me