Mar 13
poem 0 comments challenge: Replaced
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Bitter tears sting my eyes as I gaze down at the child that I know isn’t mine
His icy blue eyes staring back at me
He is not the same

His hair, his nose, his feet, they are all the same
I’m looking down at my son, though he doesn't belong to me
But he is not the same

There is something subtly sharper about his ears
And something colder about his eyes
And his joyous smile seems tipped with venom
I know he is not the same

The fairies must have come last night
They must have silently swept my boy away
Because this boy is not the same
Oct 11
poem 0 comments challenge: General
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The Shiver Will Run Through Your Bones

The shiver will run through your bones,
Past your skin,
And grab your lungs.

Down the hatch, It's cold song goes
Pulling open its rusty jaw
And letting out a symphony of screams.

Don’t cry for help young sailor boy,
You hummed the tune that lured It out,
Each note deepening  your grave.

Your tears salt the monsters meat,
Your bones add texture to the meal,
It never kills or cooks its food, I wants to hear you squeal.

Feel the crunching of your ribs,
Feel the blood drip, drop, and drain from your heart,
Unless the song can restart.

Cause when you, sailor boy, hummed It’s tune,
Sang a song that belonged to It,
A cold chill ran through It’s scales,

And It rose from the pit.

Vengeance for the song you stole,
Vengeance is all It craves,
And now that I’ve found you,
Apr 09
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“How dare I? No, think about what you just did,” Pierce choked, “you almost killed her!”

“Everything? Don’t you get it? Look around Evelyn, we have nothing!” Pierce roared.

“Just how far did you plan?” He snorted. “Where were we gonna go from here?”

“Exactly!” Pierce interjected, “ You didn’t think, you never do.”

“Just go,” he scoffed. “And don’t plan on coming back.”

Apr 09
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   “How dare you!” Evelyn screamed.

   “I did it for you, I did it for us!” retorted Evelyn. “She would have ruined everything!”

   “What do mean?” Evelyn whimpered looking around.

   Evelyn stuttered “Well...I mean- I didn’t really think tha-”

   Evelyn sniffled, “I-I’m sorry Pierce. I just wanted us to be happy.”
Mar 19
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You got me bent

Don’t talk about things you don’t understand.
Like your problems are
The Worst,
The Biggest.
Because to me, they seem small.

Stop making ridiculous demands
Like you struggle the most,
Cry the most,
Need the most support.
Because you don’t.
There are people who struggle ten-times more than you, and they don’t complain.

You’ve got me bent.

It’s about time you stand.
On your own two feet, and greet the monster under your bed,
Feb 15
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Call Me

“Turn around.” The crackling voice on the other side of the line repeated. “There’s nothing to be afraid of.” A maniacal laugh followed the feminine voice’s words.

”What’s behind me?” I asked in a trembling voice. But the only response I got was a crazed giggle.

Feb 02
poem 0 comments challenge: Love
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I've always thought you were handsome, and cool, and smart, and funny
And when you smile at me, my heart jumps like a bunny
You give people looks like wasn’t-that-hysterical
And whenever I see you, it makes my day just bearable 
Your contagious laugh and smile, I think about all day
And curled up in bed I wonder, if I’ll ever be your fiancé 
I’d ask you to be my Valentine, if only I had the courage
But you’d probably refuse me, so I feel quite discouraged 
Someday I hope that you will think of me the same
But in this poem I’m too nervous to even say your name
Dec 20
poem 0 comments challenge: I Like
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I Like

I like so many things its hard to say
I like staying inside on cold autumn days
I like reading comics online late at night 
I like drinking hot cocoa by firelight
I like taking hot showers
I like talking on the phone for hours 
I like staying in bed all day
I like it when I get my way
I like so many things it’s hard to say
But I guess I like it better that way
Dec 07
poem 1 comment challenge: Morning
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In a Dream

It was a beautiful morning
and nothing was wrong.
The birds in the trees
sang sweet songs.
The dew on the grass
wet my bare feet,
and I started to hum
though I was offbeat.
Then the meadow became quiet. 
I’d scared the birds away.
The tree I leaned against 
began to sway.
The wind in the woods 
blew leaves into heaps,
and as I read my book
I fell asleep. 
Oct 10
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Winter Ice

The cold breeze ran across my red face as we headed over to the pond. I was bundled up in my jacket, nervously playing with the sleeves. I couldn't believe it, I was going to ice skate. As we got to the dock, my aunt Barbara handed me a pair of ice skates to put on. The whole pond was frozen solid, though I could still see the sun fish underneath. The paddle boats and canoes pushed up onto the shore. My mom helped me into my ice skates after she got into hers. I was handed a chair as my mom led me out onto the ice. My mom led me to the middle of the pond and then let go. I took a step forward and suddenly slipped, hurling forward a sense of panic came over me. I reached out to catch myself as I headed towards the ground. But when my hand collided with the ice a shudder ran up my arm and then a shock of pain. Tears welled up in my eyes as I cradled my wrist my mom hurried over and brought me to the dock.