Feb 01
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Day and Night

The forest is alive
In the morning its sleeps
At night it thrives
Some things creep
I am the Lorax guardian of the trees
I am the strongest Elve here
But don’t forget about oversized Bees!
The branches pluck and pull you like they are puppeteers.
But when shadows disappear
The tree’s dare bother come near
We hide during the day
Because the forest is truly not a place to come and play
The Elves party from night to dawn
However when every tree begins to yawn
All the Elves are packed up and gone
Oct 16
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The Ski Weekend

Zippin and zoomin straight through the snow

Put on my boots and watch me go

The snow is very deep

I wake up early when the whole world is still asleep

And when i'm chilly to the socks

I run around like a snowy fox

I smell the waffles straight from the press

I zoom past the lines like i'm playing chess

I do my tricks to try and impress

The weekend is the time, no school! No homework! And no stress!

But suddenly monday rolls around and makes you feel depressed.

Mar 26
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Cotton field

The bag of cotton sat at the roots calling his name like his sister when she was stripped from him. It was early in the morning Carter was already up, he sat in at the tip top of the apple tree eating away before somebody caught him. But his eyes caught the bright but subtle sunrise. He never realized after all this time that maybe the world didn’t love him or his people but they loved the world. He saw all the fields of cotton and the apple orchards in the distance. He bit into a mushy apple, at this point he would eat anything. But he noticed something in the apple, he noticed a worm inside of the apple. He almost threw away the apple in disgust but realized the worm wasn’t even fazed by him. Carter understood that he was almost stealing the worms home just like his “owner” stole his family. Everybody started waking up and walking to the orchard and the tree Carter was in. But the bag of cotton sat at the roots calling his name one last time.
Mar 26
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Valentines for my dog

This one is for my dog, yeah you hog my blanket, you always want treats and I say no but your I-already-ate-but-I want-more eyes always get me. Do you remember the time you broke your leash from the tree? and the time you fell of the rocks and cut your leg, or the time you pulled me across the ice when I was in a sled. When Christmas comes around you always let us put the reindeer horns on your head. I know you’ve probably been through a lot you’ve been through good and bad but you always amaze me.You are now 9 years old I’ve had you for awhile but I’ve always remembered your super silly smile, your feet smell like Fritos, you fart all the time, but I wouldn’t trade you for a puppy because you are mine. 
To Akili
From Paco 
Nov 15
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Wonder why

I wonder why cows don’t fly, and why cats are so shy. I wonder how much grease is on a fry,  I think about gelato from shy guy. I wonder where aliens are from, I wonder where these crumbs go. I wonder if regular dogs see police dogs and they think it’s the police. I also wonder if you clean a vacuum does that make you a vacuum cleaner, yeah sometimes I’m bored and think of stuff like that but a lot of my childhood came from the cat in the hat. I wonder why the sky is blue and if my thumb is a finger too. I wonder why cheetahs are so fast and how people try and uncover the past. I wonder how many family members a rat has, and how low is a bass. I wonder if when the sky is red the man in the moon is mad, or when it rains is he sad. For Christmas you get the most presents if you're not bad!
Oct 11
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10/2 Winter YWP Paco

I see sparkling snow falling down
And bright lights downtown 
I hear the joy 
And kids asking for a new toy
I taste the cool bliss
Like a sharp winter kiss
I feel nice and toasty 
As I hug a pillow oh so closely
I smell the strong pine like the strong taste of wine
As I fall on the ice and hurt my spine and my right leg wasn't in a straight line.