Dec 06
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A stolen Dance

In a perfect world,
In our past life,
We walked freely on the ground
Sang and danced to our
The words flowed from our mouths
Knowing that the
Source of wisdom
was a gift
Granted because of the
Faith and love
That overflowed
And floated through
The world to
Every creature
Every being,
With respect and kindness to
Because that was what
We believed in
We believed until
They arrived

Until we watched them kill our
And bring guns into
Our homes,
the biggest weapon they carried,
The belief that they were
That the lives of people
Who look
Don’t matter

They destroyed our homes
And changed the futures
Of our kids,
Forced us to turn
Our children from
Happy and free
To those who
Oct 22
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Stained Glass

Here he is


before me,

eyes full of



begging for


I smile at him,

But it is not a smile of love,

It it a smile

Made of sadness,

I attempt

To stretch the corners of

My mouth from the

Solid line that

Has been the

The new normal

For the past

few years

My soul being held together

By Tape, glue, and stolen cigarettes
And now

As he stands before me

The feelings that should be coursing

Through my head

Are gone

Their place taken by




My mind is racing;



Who would think he is capable?

Was it my fault?
Was it my fault
Oct 18
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Snowflake Dance

As a young kid, I used to think that the world was mine. It was my oyster. I had to tell myself that I was in power, because at the time, it didn’t feel like the truth. Even now, I don’t feel that way, but sometimes I get a moment or two of feeling like something is mine.
Oct 08
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The Middle

My older brother, my rock. The athletic one, the businessman, the strong, and smart one. Tall and skinny, an envy to many, he walks through life with the just the right amount of confidence. In many ways, I have looked up to him for my whole life. He is witty, a people person. A magician with words. He pulls ideas out of his head and spins them like a web. He works his way around a mess with such ease and grace, you’d think that he's a dancer. He lives in the eye of a hurricane. Disaster and chaos twirling around him, but where he goes, a calmness follows. When he leaves, and before he arrives, is when the rain hits, the wind starts beating against your skin, bringing tears to your face with the harshness of the truth when he reveals it to you. He is a closed book, lock thrown away, and not to be searched for. With questions, come no answers when he is involved. I see my mother's hair turning grey, and her eyes growing old as she sits, waits, tries to be a part of his life.
Apr 03
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Climate change

Something you have to understand is: everyday, humans are slowly speeding up the rate at which we destroy our planet, our world, our home. This is happening, because humans are never satisfied with what we have. We are constantly trying to make more, and have things quicker. This trait, is usually a great way to continue to grow, and advance our civilization. But right now, this gift, has turned to a fatal flaw. While we sit here, we throw plastic on the land, and pollute the air with chemicals. We spill oil into the water, and cut down forests, habitats, homes of the innocent and helpless animals that we are killing. We are ripping them from their homes, and we justify it by saying that we need the space to expand, to grow our big gray buildings, and our blocks of city streets. We need more. That is the common theme in everything that we do. We need more. 
Feb 05
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Not returning

This is not 
speaking my mind,
letting you see inside my thoughts,
they are the 
things I have to 
in this world.

Here is my message to you,
the words I have never had the
to say to you.
I’ve never said anything to
to your face,
and now it is too

When you 
you broke this family.
You tore us up, 
didn’t care if we 
We let you cause us 
because we loved you
for so 
When you left, 
you caused the 
because we let you. 

We let you rip our lives apart,
and make us cry until our eyes were 
We let you do this, because
we loved you,
because we felt like
if you were causing us 
 you were 
with us.

I remember lying on the ground,
Jan 08
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The clock

The clock
Sitting on the wall, 
telling people when to live their lives.
What an amazing thing.

The clock.
It ticks, turning heads.
Changing lives as it makes us the people we are.
What would we be without the clock?
Who would tell us when to eat?
When to sleep?
When to go places. 

The clock 
It’s turning gears are like the ones in our minds,
Running our thoughts, 
Making our ideas.
The clock,
I have never seen a better multitasker,
It’s many hands working in 3 different spots at once.

The clock,
Shows a lot about the person it belongs to.
It tells the untold story of its owners,
The one about their likes, and dislikes.

The clock,
Despite its incredible powers,
Sits on the wall,
Without gratitude.

Nov 06
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I wonder

I wonder why we have not figure out, as a community, that it doesn't make any difference what color skin you have. Or what gender you associate with.
I wonder why we haven’t discovered that if we want to make it in the world, we need to be united. Which means that we can’t discriminate anymore. We can't look at job applications and select the white male, instead of the more qualified black woman.
I wonder why I have to grow up in a world where I am criticized on what I wear, what I eat, and what I chose to do with my body. I wonder why people think that it is okay to judge me, why they think that they have the right to tell me how to live.
I want to live in a world where I can walk alone at night, because I want to look at the stars, and not worry about the fact that I am alone.
Oct 29
poem 0 comments challenge: I Am
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I am who I am

i am who i am

i am the girl that sings in the shower
the one that gives a dollar to anyone on the street

i am the freckles that are stars
hidden behind long brown hair

i am the youngest of three kids
the one inspired by her siblings

i am from not walking alone at night
to “hold your head up”

i am the one with legs too long
and a smile too small

i am who i am