Feb 01
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“Come on Ciara! Were going to miss the train!” Marzia screamed at her. Ciara ran out of her door looking a mess carrying everything in her hands with an empty bag on her shoulder, Marzia points to the bag “Are you gonna use it?” Marzia chuckles.

“Haha.” Ciara says sarcastically pouring her things in the bag.

“Come on we’re going to be late,” Marzia said already walking away.
When they get to the train station the train was just about to get there, the girls sit down  next to a man and a woman with twins diaper bags underneath the mesh-like bench. The parents train arrives and they get up and get on the train forgetting their bag. “ Hey guys, you forgot your bag!” Ciara picks up the bags and runs toward them but she’s too late and the train doors close. Ciara walks back to the bench and slumps down. “ There going to miss this stuff there’s probably so many memories in here,”. Marzia looks at the half open bag.
Feb 20
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Mr. Trump

Mr. Grinch you're a solid color you are like nobody other
Oops I mean Trump while those both relate
I think when you were running your stress levels were gunning 
So you went and ate
What’s your wife’s name whatever your 24 years apart 
You could be her father would that thought make you dart
Melania and Ivanka are 1 preteen apart 
11 years precisely 
Wow your in age gap heaven 
Even if we met I might treat you nicely 
Though I wouldn’t be thinking that
Your hair is sprayed down flat like non-welcome mat
Mr. Trump we’re all waiting for you to go 
Even though…
Your stuck in the ‘small’ White House seat
Come on we’re waiting for your response tweet.
Jan 12
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One single tweet

Whitney Matarano 4 million followers, verified, famous, 26. I was watching a show recently and I really liked it I thought I’d share with my love with one of the actors with my audience not thinking of the consequences. My tweet read:
“Wow just got done binge watching Rosewood and I’m completely obsessed with William brown! @Juliopermoski DM me in 4 years ;)” 
At the time I didn’t see anything wrong with it I noticed my phone was blowing up with twitter notifications I thought I had just gained some popularity but I wasn’t wrong but it wasn’t good popularity. People where retweeting me and saying ‘this is absolutely disgusting. I can’t believe someone would say that’  ‘She is such a slut!’ ‘Wow, cougar’ ‘ He’s almost half your age!’ They were right it was disgusting I was a slut and a cougar and he was almost half my age as I was going to turn 27 in just a week.
Nov 07
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The carnival

One night, me and 3 of my friends went to the carnival together. I went to the bathroom and heard screams. I thought it was people on a roller coaster because we were right next to the scariest ride in the whole carnival. I walked out of the bathroom and no one was there. Just a few rides going in circles and circles. I started yelling out “Guys? Are you there? Where did everyone go?” No responses 
so I called out again “Guys?” 
Someone whispered “Be quiet or you're going to get us all caught!” 
I said “Where are you? There’s no one around.”
He whispered again “Look up!”