Mar 12
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The rumbling was starting to get to me. The sound of the trees falling and the house that I've grown up in for these past 14 years, crumbling beneath our feet.
“To the basement!” barked my mom.
“What? Why-” I started.
“NOW,” my mom said with building fury.
I ran upstairs and grabbed my favorite blanket.
“Avery!” my mom yelled up the stairs. “We don’t have time for this right now. Go to the basement, NOW!”
I realized that this wasn’t any type of joke. This. Was. Real.
“Honey? Come down please,” my mom said with a worried voice.
I snapped out of my daze, grabbed everything I could and, being careful to not drop anything, sprinted downstairs to the embrace of my mom. My mom and my little brother followed me down the stair to the so-called, “Hurricane Hangout.” When we got inside, my mom locked the steel door, making sure it wouldn’t open to keep us safe for the span of the many, many hours ahead of us.
Feb 12
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Uh oh it's autumn

Time for things to really change

Watch out everyone
Time for my “costume”

Halloween is coming up

A great way to hide
I hate to say this

But I have a big secret

Do you want to hear
Don't tell anyone

This probably won’t make sense

Animal, an animal
That is what I am

But don’t worry, only in fall

Just this one season
When all the winds whirls

And all the pumpkins come out

A big change happens
It’s “sweater weather”

That’s partially true for me

Except it’s all real
Head to toe it grows

I’m sorry if it’s too much

But it keeps me warm
I get things from it

And I don’t need a jacket

That’s a real big plus
It’s kinda like bears

But I do not hibernate

I’m still a human
And I really change
Sep 18
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That's My Mom

Ms. School Board Chair. You must know her-oh, you do? Did you see her teaching kids tennis? No? Then wasn’t it at school, did she welcome you on your way in? Did she help you with your academics, get you on the soccer team? Watching your sports game? Saw her at graduation? Or did she come to your house just to say hi to your family and meet all your siblings? Maybe all of them? Oh, then I guess you just know her to be the best mom in the world. Speaking of which, did she tell you how amazing her kids are--wait, oops wrong one. Did her kids tell you how lucky they are to have her? She’s kind, she knows everyone. She cool. “ I love how dedicated she is to every kid in BUrlington, whether she knows them or not.” She has 5 million jobs yet she always has the time to come over and say hi. Well, more than hi, how was your day? Do you like your classes? How are sports going for ya? This is what kids think.
Feb 05
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Hopefully she’ll understand...

I walked passed her in the hall while she strut her I’m-better-than-everybody-else walk. She thinks she’s the queen of the school and that everybody likes her. I mean, she is the “popular girl” but it’s not like there is anything special about her. I’ve been practicing my the-world-doesn’t-revolve-around-you look so that when I finally stand up to her for acting like she owns everything, she really gets my message. I’ve been made fun of by her and her group since the third grade. Enough is enough, I’m going up to her tomorrow and giving her a piece of my mind. I’ve been preparing for this since third grade. I can’t wait to see her face when I talk to her in my I-don't-care a-bit-about-you voice. She’s gonna wish she never messed with me. Hopefully she stops making fun of me because sometimes it’s really embarrassing. Until third grade her and I were besties. We would do everything together until this new girl moved to town and became her best friend.

I wonder...

In Autumn the leaves fall, and fall, and fall. They slip away from the tree and land softly all over my yard and never stop. They range from green to red to orange and to brown. I take the leaves up and more fall, I rake them up again, and once again, they fall back down. I dive in the pile of leaves and feel a harsh breeze that means winter is coming. The leaves are different shapes with different sides. They are ragged, smooth, shiny, and dull. Each leaf is unique and different than the last. As the leaves slowly sink onto the ground another lands on top of it looking amazingly different. The first one is yellow with smooth sides, and the second, red, orange,yellow, and brown with beautiful cuts on the sides. A leaf briefly passes my shoulder as it falls. The leaf is the size of my hand and there are holes all over it. Little bugs nibbled through the leaf to eat for dinner is my guess.

Lost in the Snow

As I was trudging through the cold winter snow, I heard the scratching of shovels on the pavement and saw snow fluttering down from the bright white sky. The snowflakes gently landed on my eyelashes as a harsh gust of wind shivered me to the bones. I saw kids rushing into to their homes to greet their parents on the beautiful Sunday morning. When I got to the ice rink, I heard laughter coming from all different directions as kids and adults all ages scrapped their skates against the solid ice and celebrating after an awesome goal. I cleaned the snow of my skates and felt the sharp blade cutting into my skin. The blood on my finger turned the snow around me a bright glossy red. As I hurried home I could picture the warm cup of hot chocolate waiting for me at the door, but I couldn’t find my house in the white snow all around me. I sat down in the soft snow and took a deep rest. Soon after I was awakened by the sweet and rich smell of hot cocoa.