Jun 06
poem 0 comments challenge: General

Middle school

Middle school.
I look up at your cracked, cream-colored ceilings
and your dusty, caramel carpet. 

Outside your vintage windows, 
six-graders are playing capture the flag,
thinking middle school never ends. 

But you are.
You're ending for me,

And sure I'll remember the egg drop and the Olympics
and maybe I’ll remember the laughing in the hallways,
but we both know your time has come.

I won't hold a grudge, I won’t be mad,
and I promise I won't forget everything you've taught me.
So drift away into my distant memories,
long loved and long remembered.
Feb 01
poem 0 comments challenge: Moneybag


Down the steps
Around the corner
Through the hallway
Under the stone bench

Has been spotted
Has been seen

Has been stolen
Has been taken

Out from under
Back through the hallway
Around the corner
Up the steps
Oct 18

the boy in fall

   Somewhere in the universe around a park bench, lay a boy about the age of 14. the wind blew away the boy’s makeshift bed, made of leaves and small grass clippings. With a groan, the boy flopped onto his back and sat up. He shook leaves and small twigs out from his thick, auburn hair and looked around the park. To his left was a group of three boys around his age talking near the skateboard ramps.  One of the boys, who he assumed to be the leader of the group was wearing black jeans with so many rips and zippers that he could have won first place in the edges fashion show. his white short sleeve shirt had a thick gray stripe across the top of it and his messy black hair looked almost transparent due to the five bottles of hair gel he probably dumped into it. The next boy, who was behind the other two, had faded blue jeans and a deep blue sweatshirt. He had bright white Nikes to complement his backward cap.
May 25

This is a warning


April 26, 2015
Richard tom was struck by a drunk
driver while Riding his bike 
in Hinesburg, Vermont.
He was less than a mile
away from his house.

I guess home really is where
there heart is,
Since the last beating
of his heart near his front doorstep!
That was almost 3 years 
ago today.
In Vermont, 2017 sixty-nine people
died from car accidents alone.

Eileen O’Brien, 59.

Michael Petralia, 22.

Kelly Boe, 55.

Emma Press, 24.
The lives of those lost aren't worth
Mar 14


17 minutes
17 casualties

Peter Wang
Carmen Schentrup
Alex Schachter
Helena Ramsay
Meadow Pollack
Alaina Petty
Joaquin Oliver
Gina Montalto
Cara Loughran
Luke Hoyer
Christopher Hixon
Jaime Guttenberg
Aaron Feis
Nicholas Dworet
 Martin Duque Anguiano
Alyssa Alhadeff
Scott Beigel
As we mourn 
Our Hearts torn 
17 minutes 
17 casualties 
Feb 15

Dear Mr president

Feb 04



The walls 
All cracked and beyond repair 
The ground 
Littered with dust and debris
The roof
Forgotten and lost in time
The voices 
Still echo through the now empty hallways
And the school
Loved by children of all ages 
A pile of ashes 
Dec 22

A Tree

A tree

A maze

with many different branches

and ways to climb.

A home

for thousands upon thousands

of animals

living their day to day life.

A sunset

with so many different oranges

and yellows

against the blues of the sky.

And a  bed

for me to rest my head

After a long day.

Oct 30

The unexplainable

I wonder why my mom gave up I wonder why she couldn't hold on for just another day … and then … she would have been fine. She would have been alive. I woke up with the question ringing in my ear. Why? She was going to Be alright  but she passed , passed the day before she would have seen real sunlight not just the tacky yellow light shape like a sun. She would have felt real wind not the loud air conditioner that smelled like rotten fish. She could have felt real grass that isn't a  stained green carpet on her hospital room floor, but she couldn't. All she had was the sad excuses for the world outside and the weekly visit that my dad allowed. But I wasn't there this week my dad wanted me to finish up my work from school. But who would have known that the last visit with my mom would have been five minutes.