Feb 01
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Oct 30
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The best dog ever

She is small but has the mind set like shes a giant. She is brown furry and adorable. She acts like she is the queen of the house whatever she wants happens. But she also can be a sneaky thief, if something is missing we know who took it. At times she has a peaceful, calm, loveable look in her eyes. Then with a swift move of the hand she has an intense look in her eyes, ready to quickly overpower you.

Mar 27
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The Tree

I climbed up the tree excited to go back down and have a test of my fun day with my dog. You’re probably wondering how I got up here, it’s a long story. Me and my dog Max were playing fetch with a frisbee and I through it so hard that it ended up going in a tree. Unfortunately for me it was the tallest tree so I climbed up thinking “ Oh this should be awesome I’ll get to see the nice view of the park. Well it was easy going up but then I realized I was at least 20 ft up. I’ve never been this high, besides on roller coasters and we were strapped in I wasn’t. So that’s how I ended up here. I tried calling for help but it’s about 7pm and it’s late spring so not many people are here and it’s getting dark. Luckily it’s not winter or I would freeze. Well that’s a good thing but I’m in a park there could be wild animals here at night and I don’t want Max to get hurt. Out of the corner of my eye I see two little lights go by and along with that a shape.
Feb 18
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Social Media Shutdown

If social media got shut down that would be a bad thing. Not just for me but for everyone. I imagine it being the end of the world people fighting, yelling, destroying things, and huge protest. But there is a chance that it could be good. People could actually go outside play sports, take hike and see the beautifulness of earth nature etc. Most people depend on internet don’t go outside on nice sunny days instead just do Snapchat and video games. It would also be good because people wouldn’t get judged about how they look what they’re wearing and that’s a huge problem right now. It would stop cyber bullying. So all in all it would do more good than bad.
Jan 19
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The nice cool breeze in my face with the sound of trickling water beside me. The comforting beautiful sun set on the horizon then the adrenaline of your rod bending and the line running like your lives depended on it. Then you set the hook like your lifting a weight. Then it’s all over like that. The feeling of seeing the fish you just worked on reeling in could make the devil smile. The bright colorful skin of the fish is like a rainbow of colors perfectly smooth like a bouncy ball. It’s just like the the feeling of Christmas morning. The nasty feeling of putting the worm but the relief after to catch a fish on the bait. The everlasting memory of the fish that your fighting on your hook will never leave your mind.
Nov 07
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Snowball fight

I feel the cold round compacted ball hit me I turn and hurl my first snowball of the year. Then retreating to go make a big enough snow mound to hide behind and gather snowballs. All this sudden I look up and all of my friends are huddled around me with a bucket of sludge ready to dump. Then my heart rate goes up and without me knowing it I running Down the block determined to hide quickly. I hide in a pine tree right after I get in it I hear. “Hey I think he went down this way” from one of my friends another said. “Hey let's wait and ambush him with snowballs”. Luckily one of them said “hey we should go across the street and build a fort and the ambush. Now was my time to shine. I quickly go and get a new hiding spot where they can't see me and then make as many snowballs as my arms will let me make. Jeremy a kid in the group all of this sudden got hit and then heard CHARGE!!! Then followed by snowballs hitting everyone.  Then it was chaos.