Mar 19
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But my skin starts to burn

It is 10:09 
a.m. on a Thursday morning 
and I am sitting on my bed. 
I should be in school.
It feels weird to be here.

My dog looks peaceful as
she sleeps on the bedding
I washed yesterday
because I had nothing to do.

I know I should be thankful to be here 
because at least I am here
while others worry for their health.

But my skin starts to burn 
when I listen to the man in the White House
preach information he doesn't even know.
Trust me when I say
I'd give anything 
to be back in the classroom.
Jan 16
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Spare Moments

wake up
go to class
work or
nhs or 
basketball practice or
a combination of those plus
friends and 
senior project work and
trying to maybe sleep? 

but today practice wasn't until 
5:45 and i had
three whole hours to myself at home so i
walked into my room, 
sat on my bed, 
and thought: 
"wait what am i supposed to do now?"

and then i realized how sad that is. 

how is it that 
i've let myself become so conditioned with
being busy that i forgot 
how to be human? 

i don't know, honestly
i'd think about it but
i've got homework to do
Jan 02
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I'll Always Be There For You

Jul 21
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The First Cup of Coffee

the first rays of sunlight
seep through your shades;
you shy away from the hue
hoping for just a few more minutes of peace

but it's too much; 
you begin to stretch, 
restless as you try to shake 
sleep from your eyelashes

you peek at the clock 
and sigh when you see
that it's 5:42 am 

trudging to the kitchen, 
you fumble through the cabinets 
desperately trying to find the one clean mug
so you can indulge 
in a much-needed cup of coffee 

the first tendrils of steam hit your nose
and you breathe deeply,
relaxing as the comforting aroma
surrounds you with warmth

you plop yourself down
at the round kitchen table
and take your first sip of coffee. 
the sunlight again coats your face, 
but this time you welcome it with open arms, 
smiling in the soft glow of dawn. 
Jul 20
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Everyone is on an equal playing field. 
The same amount of money is around the board,
all of the properties belong to the bank, 
and the only thing holding you back 
is a roll of the dice. 

You start to move around the board. 
People start to buy a place or two,  
chance cards are read, 
it's less equal
but who cares?
you're having fun.

Someone has a property you want, 
and you go to the edge of the earth
to get it because
you NEED that last orange
to start building your empire. 

You keep landing on the only hotel on the board, 
and the owner is getting cocky, 
flush with money, 
and the $900 you spent on houses
just isn't panning out like you hoped. 

In a last-ditch effort to save yourself, 
you try to make a deal for extra cash
but it's too little too late, 
Jun 30
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Dear America, There is Work to be Done

Dear America, 

your soil is rich with history. 
after all, you are the land of the free
and the home of the brave
but not all of us are free
because not all of us are brave. 

today is the last day of pride month.
in new york city, 
there is a parade
followed by thousands of voices
cheering and fighting for those you have smothered. 
those who are fighting 
will win this battle for equality and justice. 
after all, aren't these the morals you were founded on in the first place? 
and they will win not only for themselves 
and for the people who cannot fight, oh no. 
they will win to shove it in the faces of those who do not care. 
they will win to prove a point; 
they will not be silenced. 
we will not be silenced. 

i hope you are ready to hear us roar, 
because america? 
we are just getting started. 

Oct 23
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A Letter from Mother Earth to the Citizens of this World

Oh dearest citizens
of my beautiful lands,
my sparkling waters,
my fresh, crisp air,
why have you done this to me?
Why, may I ask,
have you destroyed my lands?
Polluted my waters?
Released gases into my air?
Is it because
you weren’t satisfied with my beauty?
Are my mountains in the way?
Are my forests too close to your towns?
Oh, I’m sorry, poor citizens
for my magnificent realm.
I have failed you.
You have made the most
necessary changes to me,
and I applaud your resilience.
Truly, it’s awe inspiring.
I just hope that I’m inspired
by the desolate fields,
the gooey, black lakes,
and the air, from which no one can breathe.
That is truly a world
for which I cannot wait.

Sep 02
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*** I am looking for title suggestions. I have a few, but they don't seem quite right. ***

Sometimes I wonder
what it would be like
to be 
Because we're not, 

We have to go to school and work and it's so 

I want to just 
go away
become another whole person because that's 
Who would I 

if I left this place
and started anew

I'd know how to surf
or make croissants
or ride elephants 
but the thing is

I don't want that
I wish these things
Sometimes I wish I could leave, I really do 
But we all want things that we
can't have
That's not the 

The point is that we make do with
what we have
do I wish I knew how to make croissants? 
Jul 30
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Jul 28
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Away With Me Because of You