Oct 23
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A Letter from Mother Earth to the Citizens of this World

Oh dearest citizens
of my beautiful lands,
my sparkling waters,
my fresh, crisp air,
why have you done this to me?
Why, may I ask,
have you destroyed my lands?
Polluted my waters?
Released gases into my air?
Is it because
you weren’t satisfied with my beauty?
Are my mountains in the way?
Are my forests too close to your towns?
Oh, I’m sorry, poor citizens
for my magnificent realm.
I have failed you.
You have made the most
necessary changes to me,
and I applaud your resilience.
Truly, it’s awe inspiring.
I just hope that I’m inspired
by the desolate fields,
the gooey, black lakes,
and the air, from which no one can breathe.
That is truly a world
for which I cannot wait.

Sep 02
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*** I am looking for title suggestions. I have a few, but they don't seem quite right. ***

Sometimes I wonder
what it would be like
to be 
Because we're not, 

We have to go to school and work and it's so 

I want to just 
go away
become another whole person because that's 
Who would I 

if I left this place
and started anew

I'd know how to surf
or make croissants
or ride elephants 
but the thing is

I don't want that
I wish these things
Sometimes I wish I could leave, I really do 
But we all want things that we
can't have
That's not the 

The point is that we make do with
what we have
do I wish I knew how to make croissants? 
Jul 30
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Jul 28
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Away With Me Because of You

Jul 19
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Fifty Words to Freedom

Flickering bulbs
shadows light my prison

The silence is deafening

He's here for me

​I'm out again

In a car
wheels rumble
​going where? 

goes my heart

​Door opens
​forced out 


like nothing happened

​Seeing stars

​Highway traffic


They're here

​I am free

Jul 18
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I Love Who I Am

Jul 18
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Music That Feeds My Soul

The simple lyrics of 
​I Won't Let You Go (Darling) by Hedley
​invoke peace and comfort 
​and warm my heart

​The raw honesty that is 
​Emotionless by Drake
reminds me that I am more
​than what I show everyone else
​and that's okay

Roots by Imagine Dragons
​tells me that I'm going to fall
​that it's inevitable
but that I'll always have a place to go when I do-
​back to my roots

The flow of power
​that Walk on Water by Thirty Seconds to Mars
​makes me feel is 
I can do anything 
​if I just believe I can

​If You Could See Me Now by the Script
​lets me know that the one who is up in heaven
​is still looking down
and that he's proud of me 
​and that I should never forget it

​Kesha's incredible outcry for equality
​through her song Woman 
​enrages me
​for it never should have had to been made
May 17
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Petunias (A Flash Fiction Piece)

“They say that those who look into their family history will find a secret sooner or later” she whispered, her voice tinged with worry. “Will he find it?

“No. We will hide it” he whispered back, placing a hand on her shoulder. “We have to.”

My ear leaves the door as I run down the stairs.

Feb 20
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i whispered as i gazed into the depths
of your forest green and sunshine eyes
rimmed with red

i breathed as my eyes lingered
on your calloused hands
clutched by your side in fists of agony

i murmured into your lips
as you gingerly held me captive in our memories
one last time

i sobbed silently as i slipped 
out of the house that loved us for years
and out of your life forever

Feb 19
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Now What