May 17
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Petunias (A Flash Fiction Piece)

“They say that those who look into their family history will find a secret sooner or later” she whispered, her voice tinged with worry. “Will he find it?

“No. We will hide it” he whispered back, placing a hand on her shoulder. “We have to.”

My ear leaves the door as I run down the stairs.

Feb 20
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i whispered as i gazed into the depths
of your forest green and sunshine eyes
rimmed with red

i breathed as my eyes lingered
on your calloused hands
clutched by your side in fists of agony

i murmured into your lips
as you gingerly held me captive in our memories
one last time

i sobbed silently as i slipped 
out of the house that loved us for years
and out of your life forever

Feb 19
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Now What

Feb 05
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Feb 02
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Over You

once upon a time,
i was okay. 
then i met you. 

your golden gaze welcomed me. 
your hands caressed my skin.
your soft voice soothed my stresses. 

but then you shredded my soul. 
you ripped my heart. 
you boiled my blood. 

you hurt me. 

i'm over being lied to. 
i'm over being decieved. 

i'm over you. 

Jan 26
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Once I Fought

a sharp bang,
a distant pain, 
i fall to the ground again

a slow seep,
an awaiting deep,
the darkness holds me down

a consuming thought, 
once i fought, 
the end is almost here

a fiery rage,
a deathly cage, 
the light has left my eyes

Jan 25
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The Little Shop on the Corner

*Note: I usually don't write about such nonchalant things, but this was for a class. Any feedback you have will be greatly appreciated.*

The busy streets
Bustling with people
Ooze memories
Made authentic
Only by time

You walk into the little shop on the corner
With the large rust colored sign
And golden lettering
To be greeted by display cases
Filled to the brim with flaky pastries
And creamy concoctions

You float to the beat of the music
Over to the cases of gelato
Awed by the bright colors and fancy titles

You order a variety of flavors-
Because why not?

You waltz over to a free table,
Plop down with a book
And your creamy treat
Savoring the moment

You sink the tiny spoon
Into the luscious raspberry gelato
And raise it to your mouth.

Your world explodes
As the freezing dessert melts upon your tongue
Jan 22
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Figuring Out Who the Hell I Am

Every night I go to bed
​and ask myself
a question
​with a plethora of answers: 
Who am I? 

​the short answer: 
I. Don't. Know. 
And that scares me. 

So now, 
​I want to find myself
​so I don't have to be scared. 

​This is an ongoing and forever changing list of who and what I am: 

A poet
​A student
​A friend
A sister
A daughter
A granddaughter
An athlete
​A leader
​A young woman
​A feminist
​A bookworm
An adventurist
A teenager 
A Vermonter
A baker
​A music enthusiast
A dog lover
​A traveler
A possible member of the LGBTQ+ community
​An advocate for what I believe in
A sleeper 
A helper
​A believer
​A dreamer
​A social media addict
A planner
​A food enthusiast
​A trauma survivor

A thinker. 
​I am definitely a thinker. 
Jan 16
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Last Things Last

Last things last,
I miss you. 

I miss your blonde locks that twirled in the moonlight
on the beaches that were forever ours 

I miss your iridescent eyes
glowing with the knowledge that you so eloquently acquired

I miss your stifled giggles 
the ones that no one was supposed to hear because it was midnight and we weren't supposed to be awake

I miss your doe-eyed innocence 
how your eyes expanded into vast pools of midnight when you were shocked

I miss you flaunting yourself as we strolled hand in hand down the street
how your rich laugh coated me like honey when I twirled you on the sidewalk in front of everyone

I miss how you lived 
because now you're gone and a piece of me followed you into the exact abyss you so desperately tried to avoid
Jan 16
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How Much You Mean to Me

the wind whispers through 
the open window and i
shiver despite
the mountain of blankets
suffocating me

i shudder again and you
wrap your arm around me and i
shake even more
encaptivated and
by your
entire being

your breath is
hot on my cheek and i 
nuzzle my face into your
stubble-laced chin
sinking into your 

my soul creeps towards yours
and you
don't even know 
how much you