Aug 07

In Morning

When the bright sun over the world rises,
Its fiery glow marks the end to the night:
The longest night, the darkest of the nights
That ever hands of darkness could devise;

When its great face the people see at last,
A new beginning brings its sunlit rays
Like arrows to fire at darkness' hands,
Like arrows of fire to consume the past.

'O when this morn will come the sun will shine,
And ashes of the past destroyed will be;
And those of all the people - how many
Souls could not outlive their darkest time?

For though the sun may rise there will be still
Shards of night remaining - memories -
And threatening the fragile harmony
The innocence of soul does darkness kill.

But let us give in not; we must assail
Our suffering of times past and to come,
And with the divine light of the bright sun,
Though memories do haunt, we must prevail.
Aug 07

Of Gnarled Boughs

Its roots below with death entwined, 
The cypress stands by the old stone; 
Its loyalty lies with the bones:  
The corpse that the grey stone enshrines. 

And of the gnarled, blackened boughs, 
A touch of death—of mourning—lies, 
A sentinel for those who lay 
In their eternal rest below. 

And what of mortal birth and life, 
If death is the eternal place 
Past the momentous precipice 
That slips into the afterlife? 
And soon all will lay in their rest 
And find life was but a sweet dream 
And slumber on, in their dark sleep 
That black boughs and gray stone have blessed.
Aug 07

Black Rain

This week 73 years ago, the American B-29 bomber dropped the first deployed atomic bombs, Little Boy and Fat Man, on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The blast and resulting radiation poisoning took the lives of over 200,000 people. ‘Black rain’ is the term used to describe the appearance of the nuclear fallout that fell from the sky after the bombings. The following poem is my response to this controversial event that shook the course of history.

Black Rain


The rain had come
and it was black.
Children cried,
the fires burned,
and the rain
singed the ashes.
Tyranny rose,
civilization fell,
with the darkened skies.


The rain had come
and it was black.
The black rain passed.
And so did the people.
Thousand by thousand
they departed forever.

Jul 24
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The Silver Queen

Upon a berth of stars she lies - 
The darkness she doth tame;
The Silver Queen of shadowed skies,
Eternal night she claims.

Soft light her regal crescent shines
Cold beauty of the night;
Flowers of the sharp-needled pines
Blooming beneath her light.

The lonely traveler she guides,
Immortal tunes she sings;
By her rule does the night abide,
To her love people cling.

The stars behind her seem to blink
They, her attendants, are;
And all below them seem to think
How lucky be the star.

For when I age and am to die,
And mercy should Death show,
I'd like my dust among the stars - 
Amid her divine glow.
Feb 10
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Wheels of Time

The world moves on with timeless wheels,
A new world, yet a world of old;
For time only in circles reels,
And truth is lost, as truth foretold.
The irony of mankind’s curse,
To seek truth and seek in excess;
We find ourselves in folly’s hearse,
Cloaked graves beneath truth’s cypress.
For in knowing too much, we cease
To truly know the truth at all;
When will mankind be at peace
And answer only mortal calls?
For the mission of the divine
Is answered only after death;
Only immortal knowledge finds
What can’t be found with mortal breath.
Alas, the mortals never learn,
Again find themselves without gain;
In time and folly’s curse they perne,
As gyres of time revolve again.

Nov 21
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This Rose of Friendship

Once had I a rose - yellow, and so bright
Nothing could veil its xanthous glow divine.
Little did I know the evils of time
That would bring my rose to death and blight.

In hindsight I now see I could have done
So many things to save it from its plight
Yet with such, none after can make it right
Other than acceptance that it is gone.

What Joy it brought me, yellow petals pure
The light - in my darkness - with dainty grace
Yet at its death, in me joy had no place
This wound no medicine shall ever cure.

For none can right a tattered, withered soul
Whose ashes many heartless minds have craved
Left in the sky for icy winds to fade
'Til its ashes the soils will console.

And like the silver stardust of lost stars
Will search, then settle in some divine grave;
Forgotten of the infinite above,
Its ashes melt into memory's scars.

Nov 19
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In Time

In time I wish to see a world
Where I can see the stars;
Pollution doesn't block the eye 
From nature's great wonders.

In time I wish to see a world
Where our great human pride
Does not destroy earthly beauty; 
And arrogance subsides.

In time I wish to see a world
Where all can have a voice:
Where none will endure suffering
In darkness and silence.

In time I wish to see a world
Where none must live in fear;
Enjoying loving, human grace
No one should shed a tear.

In time I wish to see a world
With only one divide:
Not what lies outside our hearts,
But what is found inside.

In time I wish to see a world - 
A world that's free from war;
A world where we can live in peace,
As never have before.
Nov 14
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A Darker Shine

This Star above - it used to shine
A light so sweet to me
Yet at the slightest touch of dark
It turned so suddenly - 

Its shine began to cool - to ice - 
And beneath its harsh stare
I tried to find some tone of love - 
Remnants of feeling there

Though I look on it with sadness
Part of me from before
Hopes for some warmth - it begs of me - 
To smile now - once more - 

We are always told to forgive
And yet a slight mistake
Will turn a lovely star away
Its shine - hatred - degrades

And now in darkness - if I dream - 
I see a blinking star
And look above to its warm shine
With amity - once more -
Nov 14
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Memory is now so bitter to me
For in remembrance comes my regret
From guilt, whenever will I be set free?
How onerous memory is to forget!

For foolishness, pride are part of our youth;
Blind to morality, actions are rash
Only by time can these great wounds be soothed;
Imprinted in memory, and in the past.

How eagerly do I await freedom
From my transgressions, embedded in time;
Departing to heaven's immortal kingdom,
Some trace of forgiveness I surely will find

How I do wish I can alter my past
My foolishness - and your pain - would I quell
I ask - how much longer will suff'ring last?
'Til death of regret - when great bells should knell.
Nov 14


So transparent I used to be
And so naïve.
Secrets passed through me.
My lips were locked.
And I trusted everyone.
Little did I realize
How great was mortal treachery.
My words became
Weapons against me

Others were plastic,
But I was glass.
And like shards
These words tore me apart.
Transparency shattered
And like teardrops fell
Joy, innocence, trust
Melted away
In the shards, reflecting,
The girl who I once was.
Now a shattered memory.
Once talkative, full of life
Full of ideas.
Full of color
Now silent and gray
With a tattered heart
A shattered soul.

For it is the human way 
To betray
To blacken a rose
That once bloomed beautiful friendships.
To tear, shatter transparent innocence.

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