Apr 03

The Silver Lining

I sit here.
My planner open, pencil in hand, casually scribbling over all the events.
That didn't happen.
That won't happen.
The fact that I have to sit, through ten more weeks, of going nowhere.
Seeing no one, but the same people, every day.
It seems so, unnatural. 
And yet, exactly what we need.
So yes, I wish things weren't canceled.
And I wish we didn't have to stay home.
But I can't control that.
We can't control that.
So use your resources.
Experiment, and have fun.
This may turn out to be exactly what we needed. 

Jun 07

True Companion

"Pen, please," I asked and I lifted the pen between my fingers as if it was moving on its own.
But in my head, my friend named Natalie lifted the pen and passed it to me. 
The sky was a bright blue and the treehouse I was sitting in was bright yellow with sun raining in through the windows.
I sat on a teal beanbag across from Natalie, who was sitting on a green one.
"Natalie, do you remember when you were a journal. I always had to write all of my hardships, problems, and joys between your covers." I say thinking about the days.
"Yes, I do. Very vaguely. But I was so tired and every time you wrote, 'I wish you were alive, I could use another friend.' I felt a longing to be your true companion." says Natalie.
Jun 06

Can We Leave Now?

We were about to leave,
but there was a bit of a problem.

"Come on," I said. "We have to go!"
We were sitting in the car. The engine running.
The trunk packed. 
"Just one second," my mom calls as she jumps out, "I'll be right back.
"Sure," I think. "Of course!"
I pick up my book and start to read. This could take awhile. 
We weren't that far away from New York City. Only like  . . . 5 1/2 hours?
But my watch says 6:30 a.m and we have to be there by 11:30.
That's 5 hours away! Only 5 hours away!
We'll never make it!
By this time my book is in my bag and I am jumping out of the car.
I am running into the house so frustrated.
"What will I say to mom!" I think, "What will I say?"
I turn into the living room. Not there.
I run into the kitchen. Not there.
I check the basement. Not there.
I call, "Mom!" No answer.
I jog up the stairs, more annoyed than ever. 
Jun 05

A Shade of Blue

It was the most
beautiful shade of blue.
The kind you could
fall into and get lost in.
The kind you could
call your favorite color. 
Deep blue.
With a tint of silver. 
Light blue.
With a shade of green.
Blended to create
the most beautiful shade of blue. 

When I looked into her eyes
I thought back to that beautiful
shade of blue.
It was that very shade. 
That very shade of blue.
Simple. But exquisite.

When I looked into the sea,
I saw that beautiful shade
that beautiful shade of blue. 
Light. But deep.

When I looked at the writing
on the whiteboard in my classroom.
I remembered that shade of blue.
The beautiful shade of blue.
Different. But the same.

Looking out to the green mountains
in the morning during sunrise.
I remembered that beautiful shade of

Everywhere I look
I see that shade.
May 08


I see a face in my head of a young girl. Though I am convinced I have no idea who she is, she looks familiar. She is wearing a blue patchwork dress with yellow ribbons in her blond braided hair. She is also wearing white leggings and black mary janes. In her hands is a notebook with a pen. She is running through a field of daisies. Then everything goes black. My dream goes dark.
I feel dizzy so I open my eyes. It takes a second for them to adjust to the brightness of  . . . . of the sun? I look around and all I see is tall grass around me. I look up to a blue sky. It's daytime? But it was night when I went to sleep. Plus, I did not fall asleep here. Did I? I stand up and gain my balance before looking over a field of  . . . . . of daisies! Wait this was where the little girl was. Right? But it can't be. No. I tell myself. No way.  I don't know where to go. How do I get home? What is this place? I look this way and that but all I see is daisies, grass, sky and sun.
Apr 24

Big eye

Big eye,
bright eye,
seeing everything.

Big eye,
bright eye,
little thing in a big city.

Big eye,
bright eye,
night and day on watch.

Such a big world compared
to a little speck of light,
but a little speck can always have a big eye.

The tops of skyscrapers
look like huge blocks to this little speck.
The people down below
look like tiny toys to this speck.

Little speck,
big world,
big city,
big eye,
seeing everything.
Dec 05

A Fairy

"Yes I did see a fairy and it was bright."
"Did it shine like the moon?"
"Well it did shine. I guess."
" What did it wear?"
"Stop saying "It" you, it is a fairy! The fairy was wearing silk and satin."
"One day I'd like to wear silk and satin."
"Oh my stars.
Dec 05

The Lesson

"Guess what! I just got the drawing magazine!"
"Really? Can you teach me how to draw .... good?"
"Oh darling, you know I'm not a good artist!"
"Yes you are! There is a drawing in the magazine from last month with your name underneath...."
"Someone might have the same name as me. I don't draw that..."
"Yes you draw good! Here is the picture."
"Fine. I did draw that, but it was not in the magazine. I have never sent anything."
"Oh yeah. It was not in the magazine. Can you still teach me?"
"No. I'm sorry."
"But I can tell you a story."
"No-ho-ho. I wanna drawing lesson!!!!!!!"
Dec 05

A Seed

"Years ago a seed was planted."
"Whats a seed?"
"Oh rubbish you. Anyway a seed was planted and it grew...."
"A growing seed, how amazing!"
"Now listen, this seed was magical."
"Oh really! My friends don't beleive in magic but I do."
"Good. Cause I do too. Would you please stop interrupting I am trying to..."
"Can I build a fairy house?"
"Can you please listen!?! I am trying to tell you a story-about-a-magical-seed!"
"But what about the garden?"
"I'll get to that part. Now please stop. Never mind. I guess you don't want to hear the story."
"Wait were you going to tell me a story?"
Dec 05

Christmas Time is Here

Lights are in windows and on light posts.
Trees are being cut down or sold.
Radio stations play christmas carols.
The Nutcracker sets into most theatres.
Evergreen wreaths on doorways.
Red berries bring color.
Paper snowflakes with "Let it snow." greetings are hung.
Church christmas pagents take the stage.
Familys plan the finishing touches on their trips.
Store products on sale for the holidays.
Presents are being bought.
Christmas Time has come to Vermont!