Jun 13
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Power Out

That’s the lighting taking over the night,
Giving the dog quite a fright.

On and on the noises go,
That is, until the electricity blows.

Hide n’ seek,
Indoor camp,
And scary stories,
Taking over the lightning’s glory.

What could that be?
That’s the AC,
The dog barks whippee!

On and on the noises go,
After checking the news channel show!

Feb 12
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   It may be nothing, what I saw today, but you never know. Footprints traveled past my yard, through the woods. I couldn’t see where they started or where they ended. I thought they were nothing, that I should walk away. I had to see where they would lead to. It may be a bad idea. It could be a criminal, a zombie, or maybe just the neighbor taking a morning walk. But I had to know. I had to go.
Jan 30
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It was a beautiful morning and nothing was wrong. That is until the old crow started singing its song. Long, long ago, when a maple tree fell down, something strange went around town. The water turned to sap, and the cars turned to sap buckets. The sprinkles turned to maple leaves and bricks turned to wood. It was a disaster. It’s clear to see, it was the town’s mystery. Here’s how it started. It’s a long story to tell. So get your popcorn and settle down.

Long, long ago, in the town of Mapleville, they had one maple tree left. How crazy! A Mapleville with only one maple tree. How could this be? This was the beginning of the mystery. One night it was windy, windy as could be. It blew down the maple tree, which fell in the forest and on top of a house.
Jan 27
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Light in the morning,
Light at night.

The sun lights the house,
As it glistens in the window.

The town shines,
By the stars so bright.

The lightning bugs twinkle,
Like the star of a show.

The birds fly,
In the moon’s night.

The little girl
Shines her flashlight,
To get a midnight snack.

The computer shines,
At the office desk.

The city lights
Light the city,
Above the everlasting traffic.

The glitter shines,
In the art classroom.

But no one notices,
All the the light.

Light in the morning,
Light at night.

Showing its power,
As we glide through the light.

Jan 25
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Birds singing,
Grass growing,
Church bells ringing in the distance.

Sleeping in in the morning,
Snuggling up to my dog,
Happy it’s another day of freedom.

Thinking of all the things I can do,
Play outside,
Hang out with my friends,
Or just sit and watch TV.

What a relief it is,
Another day off.

But I miss Saturday,
Because now I  think of the
Five days ahead of me.

School tomorrow,
Big test in the morning,
Babysitting after school.

Gym on tuesday,
Mile run,
My dog tore up my last pair of shorts.

Mom’s got a meeting,
And dad’s working late,
Wednesday night,
I’ll be staying with my aunt and uncle,
They have three crazy kids.

Wishing for a snow day Thursday,
We are watching that movie that everyone's seen,
My three year old cousin loves it.

Basketball ball game Friday night,
Jan 25
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Remember the home,
Where you once roamed,
Where your life began.

Remember your fifth birthday,
Where you got your first bike,
And got to ride a pony.

Remember starting middle school,
When you worked so hard on your grades,
Getting told that  A+ equals that pool you always wanted.

Remember those sleepovers,
Where you stayed up all night,
Talking and playing all the board games you own.

Remember your 16th birthday,
Where you got your dad’s old car,
But got nervous about that drivers test.

Remember high school graduation,
Where your friends and family held a grand party,
With the biggest cake you saw,
And the biggest crowd you had ever seen.

Remember your wedding,
Walking down the aisle,
Feeling like the happiest person in the world.

Remember dreaming in your new house,
Of what lies ahead of you,
But missing the past,
Jan 24
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Don’t you love the end of the day?
When the sun fades away.

When the sky darkens,
The stars come out,
And the sky shines,
Like glitter in the sun.

When all the stress goes away,
And the moon lights the town.

And the crickets crick,
By the pond down the road,
To keep you from falling asleep.

Don’t you love the grandfather clock?
That dings to tell you it’s midnight.

To let you know,
The moon is up high,
A pretty sight to see.

To wake you up,
When you’re trying to sleep,
And stops,
When you’re no longer tired.

Like a baby crying,
In the middle of the night,
Not willing to fall asleep.

Don’t you love when your eyes close,
And all you have to do is dream.

When you can learn to fly,
With fairy wings,
Pixie dust in your tracks.

When everything goes your way,
Jan 18
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Pop pop pop,
Don’t you know that sound?
That’s the popcorn popping,
You can hear it throughout the house.

Beep beep beep,
Doesn’t it sound familiar?
That’s the microwave stopping,
The popcorn’s done popping.

Creak creak creak,
Guess what that is?
That’s the recliner chair settling back,
Someone wants a snack.

Crackle crackle pop,
What could that be?
Someone heard the beep beep beep,
And now is looking for the treat.

Crunch crunch crunch,
I’m sure you know that sound,
Someone found the tasty treat
And they decided it was good to eat.

Pop pop pop,
Do you know that sound?
That’s another bag of popcorn popping,
You can hear it  throughout the house.