Nov 27

Shame Pt. I

My stomach is churning like the sea in a violent storm.

My head is spinning.

My limbs are cooked spaghetti, weak and not able to hold up my body.

I’m so dizzy.

I sit down in a chair, hoping to rest my throbbing head against something soft.

But it only made the pain worse.

It is a terrible feeling, knowing that you hurt somebody. You begin to hurt as much as you hurt them.
I cannot eat, I cannot sleep.

 I pick up a book and try to avert my thoughts by reading, but the letters jumble in my brain.
  How can I live with this TORTURE?  My eyes fill with tears.

My only hope is to ask for their forgiveness.
But I’m not sure if I can face them again.
 I’m fading,
Nov 21

Wondering Loudly

  I wonder why the sky is blue…
  All this time I never knew,
 Why the sky is blue.


 Clouds dot the sky like puffy white ships sailing to distant lands, commandeered by Capt. Wind.  A crazed skipper, the Wind is, ramming the other ships with impunity. For when the boats collide, they sink in to each other, like ghosts, harming not the crew, nor the vessel. Peacefully, they slip out of each other’s intimate presence and go their separate ways.

Why is the sky so blue?
  All this time I never knew
  Why the sky is blue.

  Could the sky be blue because- “Um, Will,” my mother interjected, “the sky is blue because the atmosphere scatters the most visible blue light. That is why the sky appears blue to us.”


I guess I was wondering loudly.

  By Will KImber


Nov 16

Once In a Lifetime

Do you ever sit and think about something you aspire to do in your remaining existence on Earth? 

Different individuals may have differing ideas. 

Some people may choose to do something whimsical: something that makes their life more interesting. Maybe you would like to relax on the sandy beaches of Tahiti. Maybe you would like to go to your favorite band’s rock concert. Or maybe you would choose to trek in the Amazon rainforest.
Some people would choose to make the world a better place to live in: to prepare it for those who come after us.                                             

Even though all these possibilities are wonderful endeavors definitely worth undertaking, I believe something everyone should do at least once in their life is face a fear.