Nov 20
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I Never Told You

Last summer
was the breaking point
I guess it was bound to happen
The only thing I want you to know
is that
I never told you
that I want things be the same
I'm just to scared to make it happen
I never told you
that I didn't send those
and that
I wait forever while
someone you think is my friend
rambles on to me
about things I dont get
in the morning
and I never told you
that everything I did wrong
Im so sorry for
I know we
just snap back to
but can we at least
be back to being friends
Jun 07
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Right There

Jun 06
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The Substitute Teacher

Jun 06
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By Your Side

You say there is nothing wrong
but I see something is different
to you
We have time
and you have me
talk until you cry
you'll see
Till the moring light comes
I swear to not leave
until your fine
I'll stay 
by your side
Jun 05
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Everyday things we expect
our needs and wants
but our life is so much more
dig deeper
find the truth about the unexpected
not everything is by plan
put down your worry
and explore the world
the ups and downs
do your best to silence the hatred
cover it up with love
Jun 05
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Around Me

I'm not going to yell
or get angry
I won't laugh
just take a chance
be brave 
because I'm not
going to 
be like that
I think what you think
but you say it
don't be cautious
around me

Jun 05
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When I look at you
I see the past
I see the pain
wishing to start 
we were so close
but now
so far apart
so different
when I used to 
look at you
two years ago
I saw my 
best friend
now I see 
a stranger
May 24
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that person is with you
you love them
but never really
show it
that make the dark a little
but theres no thank you
no apreciation
and once it's gone
it's gone forever
it's just darkness
you never do
realize what you
have until it's
May 24
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"I Love Myself"

One time in your life 
you should say 
3 simple words
"I love myself"
in experiences I learned
those 3 words can make a big 
just like you love 
how someone will say
something nice
like a compliment
it's ten times better when you say
it to yourself
It can turn a whole day around
making the sun seem brighter
and the breeze a little lighter
because we constantly through
mean comments at 
just one 
compliment can 
change who you are
May 23
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Always there for me
no matter what life throws 
at us
my friend theripist 
who solves my problems

who can apomplish anything
and can 
make me laugh
when I'm sad
someone to relate to
during lifes little problems
to look
forward to seeing
when I go to school
someone who won't laugh
or ignore
when I talk endlessly
about my continuing
boy problems
so thank you 
for being there