Jan 24



Nothing justifies

You decided to dehumanize

Millions of people trying to become allies

But this implies

That this operation shall soon capsize

And now realize

Mr. President you are telling real lies

You are just as bad as the ones who tried to colonize

Columbus and his men never had real alibis

They were murders and rapists are those the people you want the legalize?

Now I’m here to advize

That instead of deciding to dehumanize

How about you equalize?

Jan 22

Kavanaugh Controversy

There was a woman brave enough to tell the world that she had been assualted
But she wasn't helped, no
She was told she was lying
And that her perpetrator was getting a place in the government
And definetly not going to jail
She was told that a man evil enough to sexauly assault her was going to be rewarded
That he was going to repersent this country
In the supreme court
He is going to see if laws are against the constitution
After he had done something that was against the very document 
The rules that hold our society together
So don't say how much he had been through
Think about how much she had to go through

Jan 17

What's this?

What’s this?

Only a reminder of what they have done

What’s this?

Only a reason to try harder

What’s this?

Only a boundary between hope

What’s this?

Only a chance

What’s this?

Only a few feet above

What’s this?

Only a race with no winner

What’s this?

Only another wall
Jan 17

The Crayon

A thick line

Bright red

In contrast

To the paper

The wax gliding

Like a dance

Up, down

Back, and forth


It drops

It hits the icy floor

Everything is silent

But now the red

Is not a thick line

Drawn by a Crayon

But a pool

Coming from

The hand

Once grasping

The wax


From the distance



In the wall


Taking others

With it

Dec 07

The March

The sea of pink
Rising slowly
To break the glass ceiling
And let the patriarchy fall with it

We didn't need a weapon
We had our own strength
And the power of our neighbors

"We are the granddaugthers of the witches you could not burn."

"The future is female."

"She the people."

"Women's rights are human rights."

"Make America think again."

"We are all imigrants."

"Build bridges not walls."

"We trump hate and his baby hands."

"Nevertheless she persisted."

"I'm a woman, what's your superpower."

Dec 06

Welcome to America!

Police violence
Infant mortality
Blood shed
Lack of freedom
Decomracys a joke, told by the comedians that repersent us everyday
Or so they say
Women's rights?
Civil rights, like what the heck?
Global warming?
We're melting everyday
White supremecy
Livin' in the patriarchy
Yo' what happened to peace
Peachy keen? I think not!
Canada's looking better everyday,
The helicopter parent generation,
Your average joe cyborg,
Why did we ever leave England?!
What happened to the consittution
Will we ever learn that these people cause world wars?
We need unity,
We need a voice,
That can be heard,
All we got was a peach with a combover
"They can't impeache me! I don't even like peaches!"
We need to stand with Planned Parenthood
Dec 06

The Sphinx

My tired feet are sore

From hundreds of years of waiting

On the sandy floor

Where I live is worth locating

I’ve seen Egyption gore

But it’s not worth hating

You can open up my door

Full of stories worth translating

But hear my mighty roar

To enter is worth dictating

And as I swore

Answering my riddle will be aggravating.

Dec 05


It rumbled in the distance
I shuddered at the volcano's existance
An Icelandic fable
Of a fairy's table
Under the gnomes rock
A tourist's mock
But a believer's truth
A place for adventerous youth
A girl viking
Dec 05

A new world

When the spirits sing to me
It makes me feel free
Like I could let go

The mountains shake at the sound
Like the plates moving under the ground
A hourglass running out of time

Running from it
Leaving the forest lit
A sun ready to burn out

The Rooster on the hill calling
A kingdom falling
As if a we were in a sinkhole 

Leaving for England 
A project to mend
A new world

Dec 05

The Cat

The fire roared
Maybe it was speaking to the cat the sat in front of it
Its hot tounge flicked at him
Like a snake ready to pounce
Its eyes glared
Is nose flared
And the cat left
Like a firey theft