Oct 04
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Meet me by the river

Meet me by the river
let go of all that hurts and harms 
know it should be easy to float
the sun will shine through
and it will be calm
meet me by the river
so we can be together

laugh and play as you once did
release your hair and spin
wind and intertwine the daisies
into a crown
because you are a 
and no one can touch you
as you float on a cloud up
into the

be free and meet me by the river.

Oct 04
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Oct 03
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the places where
i feel safest
are the simple ones

i feel safest during
rom-com movie friday nights
with my mom
popcorn, ice cream,
blankets and the best
movie genre of

i feel safest on the soccer
field with my teammates,
my friends.
they are my family on this
we back each other up,
strong and united,
on this field
with my team.

i feel safest with a good book,
in my room
lights twinkleing
candles burning,
music playing
away from the rest
of the world.

i feel safest with my cousins
on the couch in greece
laughing at videos
at movies
spaying water in each
others faces
splashing in the ocean,
all the time in the world.
on the roof at night
we see the  stars and
each other.
goodbyes are the hardest part.

i feel safest at the lunch
Sep 27
poem 1 comment challenge: Portrait
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She stands tall
above almost everyone else
in the crowd.
Her thick brown hair
to above her sholders.
A round face with big brown eyes
that follow you, judging you
but still respecting you.
Olive skin,
touched by the sun.
Her voice is loud and strong,
screaming at the injustices of the world.
Her build is
but muscular,
with broad sholders and
large hands
and feet.
Her heart 
rests broken, bloody,
bruised and sore,
on her sleeve.
waiting with young and
naive hopfulness.

hopeful and young.
Her eyes follow you, judging you
but respecting you.
Sep 20
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yellow leaves sway gently in the wind.
dust is everywhere
scratchy and cold against my heart.
the cool and calm breeze pulls at my hair
and the dark pavement has reflection of my mind.
patchy and dead grass,
with gaps like my brothers teeth,
show the holw where they used to be.
The chasms they used to fill.

Once we promised each other our hearts,
everything that was mine was yours
and then the summer came
we drifted apat like lillies on a pond
 you tore my roots out and left a rugged abyss

my best friend
you said you would never hurt me
but you hept score
in a little book
all of my mistakes
brought back on me in a

i felt my heart break
i thought i could hold on to you
i thought i could mend the torn stitches
but you act as if im not here
so no longer do we promise
to each other
May 24
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May 24
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Lizard Gizzard

May 23
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Through thick and 
thin we prace

you help me
I help you

So funny
the nicest person I know
smart and caring

Great hair and
an amzing sense of style
my go to
for boy issues

a smile that lights up the room
you always have my back

thank you
and may we prosper
your my best friend
I love you
:D <3 xoxoxoxo
May 23
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behind the computer cart

May 22
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