Jun 20
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Secrets to be told that are meant to keep

There are certain 
that you can't keep
you are forced to
Because every lock
does not meet the key
and those secrets
cannot be locked away
and they are told
and spread
like a forest fire
burning feircly
It seems like
it is laughing at you
Your secrets 
are never safe
from me

Feb 01
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Color poem: Shadowed words


And black

Like curling smoke

Off of deceased coals

Like dark shadows

Lurking in the narrow corners

Of your mind

When it strikes

It engulfs that last spark

Of hope

Stranding you

In a field of darkness

Covering the stars

That shimmered

like pearl beads

And the full moon

That silly yellow

Block of cheese

That you thought

Would leave you

So you are alone

So alone

Welcoming your fear

And grief

Because you cannot escape it

Because even the truthful

Golden sun

Conceals a looming midnight shadow

The towering ghost

Of the future

And past

So learn to stay strong

Because even though it is always there
Mocking you
Jan 30
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Some words against you, Mr"President"

Dear Mr."President"
I have some things to say
as a woman
a rebelious one
and I have some words
against your own
So here it goes, 
I hope you understand,
or others
will convince you
because I do not stand alone
we will stay strong
band tougether
us woman
against you
using words that sting 
like a swarm of vicious bees
fighting for what they know is right
even though some say
you are right
for us
you are a monster
I say it now
to you
with many others
"Your little hands off of our planet!"
Jan 29
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One of many

I am like a shining star
lighting up the night
those who dare look
but I am one of many
in this buzzing sky
this city
I am one of many
but I am not
one of those
sparkling pipionts of light
I look up at them
every night
I am a blinking light
one of many
in this city
looking up at the stars
until one by one


Jan 29
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There are always these thoughts
at the back of my mind
pointing out
my mistakes
when I trip 
and fall
filling my head
with doubt
of myself
what I have done
I learn to block it out
stay strong
I know those voices
want me to fail
dragging me
into a deep
holding me down
laughing in my face
so I keep those thoughts 
at the back of my mind
ignoring the snide comments
ignoring the words
that cut like knives
ignoring that self-doubt
at the back of my mind
Jan 10
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Above the clouds

Jan 10
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I am trapped
in this place
I don't know 
what it is
how I got here
I'm just here
I have never seen
feel it touching my skin
with warm,
silky fingers.
I have never seen the sun
or the sky
i havn't even seen grass
sometimes I think
I have been here
for a reason
a reason
I do not know
Jan 10
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Sweet flowers

There were sweet flowers were I used to live

Were I used to fly

High above the big blue sky

I used to dream

I used wonder

I used to try

But I can’t

I’m stuck

Down here

Wandering along a broken path

With torn leaves

And scatter trees.

But the sweet flowers

still grow

Bufy The Shep Slayer
Jan 10
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I thought

Jan 10
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