Mar 27
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A game of chess
that never rests
until the best are best,
and the rest are put to rest
​and the anger isn't kept in
​That, it seems,
is today's theme
words cutting, clean
into hearts cold and lean,
​as we sit at the table
unable to disable
the feeling of a cable
wrapping around our necks,
our friendship a frame
​shattered now, never tame 
in the eyes of the sane
​they see thunder rein
and it's all pain,
​one or the other
there's no more each other
there's just another, 
and another,
​and another
​and no one wants to be the mother,
​so the actions flow without stutter
the flash is on, the camera pointed
​disappointed, disjointed
​we try to appoint a leader
​to turn off the heater
so out words become sweeter
​and our feelings become neater,
we choose to choose
we hate to lose,
​but we also hate when blues
Mar 25
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I trained
myself to
never love
like this.
Oh, stop 
please, you
are destroying
the solid metal

to be.
Have mercy
for I 
But I see you
​and they
​knocked around
​must follow
my own
No, stop
I say
do not
your mind.
​Slowly my
are turning
less robotic.
My shields
​are down.
You fried 
​my circuts
Mar 25
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Where I Am From

I am from my thoughts
​I am from the worlds that I create
and the world that created me.
​I am from my opinions
I am from the things I believe
​and the people who don't believe in me.
I am from my mother
I am from my father too
​and the life they gave me.
​I am from my brother
I am from his example
​and everyhing he tells me I can do.
​I am from my friends
​I am from the laughter we share
​and the shared things we never laugh about.
I am from my enemies
​I am from the person they knock down
​and the person who rises above them.
I am from the universe
​I am from what I was born to do
​and what I will do to get there.
I am from me
I am from you
I am from all.

Mar 24
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Love: A Diamond

*Read from the bottom up*

seeing seeing seeing
forgiving forgiving forgiving
standing standing standing standing
falling falling falling falling falling falling falling
​pain pain pain pain pain pain pain pain pain pain pain 
distance distance distance distance distance distance distance
breaking breaking breaking breaking breaking breaking breaking breaking
​trusting trusting trusting trusting trusting trusting trusting trusting 
feeling feeling feeling feeling feeling feeling feeling feeling
​knowing knowing knowing knowing knowing knowing
​hoping hoping hoping hoping hoping hoping
wondering wondering wondering 
seeing seeing seeing

Mar 20
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What There Is To Lose

"There was another school shooting today."
​I looked out the window, a silent scream echoing in my head.
​I closed my eyes to keep the panic inside.
This plauge of hurting started far away from my home town
​but now it's creeping silently up the coast
​and taking the lives of children in their own schools
slithering like a sadistic snake
​with a fetish for fear.
It is now that I realize, with a sinking feeling
​like acid dripping out of my pores
​that I have too much to lose
​if the snake bites.
I could lose my best friends
​all the funny moments we share
walking to classes
​laughing so hard we cry
our inside jokes and shared dreams.
One bullet
and they're gone.
​The thought nearly kills me.
​I could lose my family
my brother far away in his highschool
​could fall dead
​in the hallways he once walked, carefree.
Mar 10
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A Never To Be

a hole
a space
a slap in the face

a bridge
a bomb
a broken song

a thorn
a rose
​a path we chose

a heart
a mind
a love left behind

a thought 
​a reaction
a painful action

a promise
a break
​a hurtful mistake

a wish
a why
a tear to cry

and me 
​a never to be

Mar 05
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What I Would Do For a Highschooler

If you have a sibling in highschool,
​you know how it feels 
when they have to go home early
because of a threatening note.

You know that they are in constant fear
​while you are miles away 
in your little middleschool.
It's almost worse
than experiencing it firsthand.

I would trade places with my brother,
​or even another in his school
any day, any time.
So that at least someone is safe.
​So that one less person has to say "I love you"
an extra time in the morning.

​Maybe I'm a silly middleschooler,
and I don't know how it feels 
​to experience such danger every day.
​But I know that I would take whatever it is
​if it meant I could save someone else.
​I'm 13, by the way.

Mar 03
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What She Thinks About Love

What does she think of herself?
Her hurting heavy nevers
her locked don’ts, and do keys.
Does she not think herself to be happy?
She notices not what she feels, but shouldn’t
she sees more than should wants
but says nothing forever.
Everythings she possesses,
but everyones is what wanting needs.
Possession she wants none, but all
if to be possessed as well by another’s heart.
Her heart like a promise sworn
cut with a knife for binding
bleeding into a hundred pinky swears.
She hooked her finger around his
and forgot to let hurt in
until his love let go
and she shrunk back to dance with want
as need looked on, disapproving.
It is now that she sits
With her head drowning in nevers
But soul still finding forevers
As the real world has is
And our minds have isn’ts.
She finds balance between it all
and she thinks herself to be happy
for now, if not evermore
Feb 18
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When I Talk

When I talk, 
I imagine you notice little things
​like how I figit like a hummingbird,
and how I only look in your eyes
for three seconds at a time.
I've counted.

When I talk,
I realize I mess up a lot,
starting and re-starting phrases
in a confusing manner,
​A toddler tap-dancing through speech.

When I talk,
​I sometimes get nervous, but don't show it.
​Only when I talk to my friends and family
​can I relax and open up.

But when I sing,
​you love hearing my voice.

When I play guitar,
​you commend me for my talent.

When I speak in front of large crowds,
​I don't feel any fear at all.

When I write,
​oh, when I write,
​The world stops 
​and everyone turns their head to see.

I have a voice inside me 
that doesn't shake,
that dosen't come out wrong,
​that is stronger that my tounge.
Feb 15
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When You Cry

When you cry
the fire in your eyes
hot and unforgiving
turns to liquid 
and runs down your face
making tracks like rain on a window.
The air from your lungs
is jagged when you exhale
and you want to sink into the earth
like the world is quicksand.
I rarely cry
I have no trouble holding in the elements
but today I almost slipped.
I felt my problems turn to waves
becoming choppy and dangerous
then joining into a tsunami.
I put my head in my locker
and felt a blaze in my forest green eyes
my breath uneven
but I managed to catch myself
before the fire turned to tears.
When you cry, you lose something
what it is, I don't know
but I have lost enough
I will be strong
like the elements inside me.