Dec 05
humor 4 comments challenge: Food

Tamales Are Better Than My Neighbours

Tamales are the best
You can eat them while wearing a vest
You can eat them on a plane
You can eat them in the plains
You can eat them under water
You can eat them in the potter
Whatever that means
You can add beans
Or you can add sriracha
What rhymes with sriracha?
I like sauce
It rhymes with boss
Cause’ tamales are boss
And you can add sauce
To them
Cause it rhymes
Oh no, I’m out of time
But I don’t care
Because that’s a bear
Tamales taste good on bread
You can eat them in bed
You can throw them at your annoying neighbors
Or throw them, at your annoying neighbors
Or you can add rocks to them, and then feed them to your annoying neighbors
If you can’t tell, I don’t like my neighbors
Tamales can taste like chicken
As can tamales, which taste like chicken
Yes, there is no food quite like tamales
Except chicken 

Dec 04
humor 2 comments challenge: General

Writers Block