Oct 08
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The brown grass crunches under your feet as you walk into the desolate field. All is silent. It’s that in between time of year, when animals have burrowed into the ground, ready for winter, and frost covers the land. It’s the time of year when it’s too cold for autumn, but the snow is yet to fall. Now, all seems dead. No flowers flourish under the bright sun, and no leaves rustle gently in the warm breeze. Instead the flowers curl over, brown and fragile, and the leaves lay lifeless, their final resting places under the trees they once thrived upon. The mid-afternoon sun is hidden behind a thick veil of clouds that spreads across the sky, trapping everyone under its reach in a cold, gray prison. You blow into your hands in an attempt to warm them, but to no avail. The temperature is dropping. A lone crow lets out a long, solemn caw. An attempt to fill to the void of silence.
Sep 24
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The lush plants surrounding you reach their flourishing branches and stalks into the sky, which, although blocked by the thick knot of tree branches, still shines through the leaves, casting the verdant forest floor with a pleasant green light. A calm breeze wafts through the forest, swaying the great trees gently. While you stand here, among the teeming life,  your troubles seem insignificant, and all you can do is live in the moment. The issues of the world and the sadness that crept over you ever since they left you that gray evening dissipate with the breeze, replacing the cold feeling of regret with a warm sensation you can’t describe. Carelessly, you wander out of the dim shadow of the forest and into an open field, where the tall grass waves sleepily. As you walk among the chirping grasshoppers through the grass, hundreds of thin, fragile arms reach up, all trying to reach the great golden ball that shines down on everything.
Dec 05
humor 4 comments challenge: Food
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Tamales Are Better Than My Neighbours

Tamales are the best
You can eat them while wearing a vest
You can eat them on a plane
You can eat them in the plains
You can eat them under water
You can eat them in the potter
Whatever that means
You can add beans
Or you can add sriracha
What rhymes with sriracha?
I like sauce
It rhymes with boss
Cause’ tamales are boss
And you can add sauce
To them
Cause it rhymes
Oh no, I’m out of time
But I don’t care
Because that’s a bear
Tamales taste good on bread
You can eat them in bed
You can throw them at your annoying neighbors
Or throw them, at your annoying neighbors
Or you can add rocks to them, and then feed them to your annoying neighbors
If you can’t tell, I don’t like my neighbors
Tamales can taste like chicken
As can tamales, which taste like chicken
Yes, there is no food quite like tamales
Except chicken 

Dec 04
humor 2 comments challenge: General
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Writers Block