May 08
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    I moved to the main island of Hawaii about a year ago. After high school, I decided I needed to leave the small town I grew up in, and discover a different area. I felt drawn to the islands, so that is where I ended up. The first few months consisted of settling in and exploring. I met some really amazing people, and honestly felt like I was on heaven on earth. I love the ocean, yet I have always been afraid as to how powerful it truly is. It seems so calm at times, but they say “never turn your back on the ocean…” Being on a small island, far away from the mainland can be very intimidating at times. What am I going to do of a tsunami hits? Swim all the way to California? Pattle my surfboard to Mexico? Or just tread water until someone finds me? Well, the truth is, no amount of preparation could have helped with what was about to hit our island. 
Apr 30
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A place that is so calming, 
Yet so powerful. 
It’s salty air, 
It is of the most refreshing. 
It’s sunrises and sunsets, 
Are of the most beautiful. 
A place filled with mother natures treasures. 
It’s a place to feel loved with others around, 
And a place to find love for yourself…
This place is the ocean. 
The sound of the ocean is meditative. 
Sitting on a surfboard out in its waves, 
It is a feeling like no other. 
Jumping into its water,
It is restoring. 
The oceans energy is powerful, 
To a body, 
and soul.
Apr 10
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    After reading this prompt, one relationship I am blessed to have come to mind. My best friend of the past seventeen years. Although we have known each other for our whole lives, it seems like it has been longer than that. I feel like she knows me better than I know myself. If there is a such thing as past lives, we definitely knew each other then too. We do not spend much time together anyway, because of busy schedules and not living in the same town. However, we always find time for each other and pick right back up where we left off.  

    She is someone I hope to have by my side till the day we die, and I hope we find each other in whatever happens to us after being on this earth. Knowing someone so well it seems like you have known them for a few lifetimes is an amazing feeling and a connection that is irreplaceable. Whether it be your friend, sibling, parent or cousin. I am lucky to say mine is my best friend, and I am so thankful to have her in my life.
Mar 26
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The night was just beginning.
It has been a few long,
Hard weeks. 

A night of stargazing,
Is simply needed. 

I stare at the stars just thinking,
For hours. 
I think about my friends, 
And the beauty of nature. 

I cry as I think about our planet. 
How can something so beautiful,
Be mistreated by so many?

I cry because I don’t know,
How much more our planet can take. 

She is strong, 
And her fight intense…

But will my grandbabies,
Get to see the beauty I see now?

It was at that moment I saw something odd,
Far out in the sky. 

It didn’t look like a normal star,
It was bigger. 
In fact, it seems to be getting bigger. 

NO, I’m going crazy,
I’m just seeing things. 

Or maybe she is losing her fight,
Sooner than we all thought….
Mar 20
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      There are two things I would invent if I could. First, as cheesy as it sounds, a time machine. I would not use this to go back in time and change things. I would use it to go back for shorts amounts of times to get different experiences in particular situations in the past. I think it would be so cool to go back to the ’80s just for the experience. Not only for fun but also for learning. I think it is good for everyone to have experienced different parts of the world and in different situations. I would go back to WWII and the great depression (as terrible as they both were) so I could experience the hard times, even just for a few days, and learn from it. I would have a different perspective on the world after having that experience. 
Mar 06
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It was late on a Friday night,

The air smelling of dewy rain when I slipped into my coma. 

I remember hearing a bang, 

Then suddenly I am  standing outside of my wrecked car, 

By my limp body. 

It is no longer raining, 

The clouds and sky are starting to lighten. 

Then, a variety of colors in the form of a rainbow appears. 

I wait for awhile, to see if anyone will come.

Then decide to walk, and I follow the rainbow. 

I used to do this as a kid for fun, to see if the leprechaun,

And a pot of gold would appear at the end.

Never having any luck before, today was different. 

I walked and walked, then coming upon the end,

I was not sure what to expect. 

It was a stand with a card on it, with my name. 

I open it up, and suddenly see my life in a glimpse. 

Then what my future has instore for me. 
Feb 21
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If Only

If only I could reach a little farther, 
I would reach and feel the clouds. 
I would love the souls that are in despair.
I would go to the places that need my smile, 
And help.

If only I could reach a little further, 
I would visit my loved ones in heaven, 
As they are missed dearly. 

If only I could reach a little further, 
I would reach to the universe to see what else is out there. 
I would overlook the earth, observing it all.
Wishing for peace, love, and happiness for all.

….If only I could reach a little further…

Jan 31
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    Tomorrow I wish that my day is a good day. I hope that I get a restful night of sleep, and have a happy and successful day. I hope that I wake up healthy, as well as my loved ones. In five years I hope that I am about to graduate college, with a successful job lined up afterwards. I hope that I have met new and amazing people, and maybe even fallen in love. I hope that I am happy with where I am in life. I also hope that my family members are happy and healthy, because they mean the world to me. In fifty years from now my main goal is to be happy. I hope that retired with enough money to live comfortably. I hope that my family has grown to be the people they wish to be, as well as myself. I also hope that my family and I are healthy. I hope that I feel my carer was successful and that I helped people. I also hope that I have traveled many places with people I love. 

Jan 24
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Social media is an environment for miscommunication. Although it can be a positive platform, it is also a modern plague. Many of the conversations that happen through Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and many more may cause confusion and misunderstanding. For example, many people my age, that are heavily involved in social media, consider a period at the end of a sentence as a display of anger. Yet, this is simply proper punctuation. Behind a screen, there is simply no tone or body language so it makes it nearly impossible to understand exactly how the person is coming across. The best way to avoid this is to have conversations WITH people. Although there are many downs to social media and miscommunications there can also be a humous side (especially if you are conversating with someone you are close with).
Dec 20
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Tomorrow I hope… 

I will smile, 

And laugh.

Tomorrow I hope my heart swells,

With happiness. 

Tomorrow I hope, 

I am well rested, 

so I can have a day filled with accomplishments. 

Tomorrow I hope I get,

Time to myself, 

As well as with the ones I love.

Tomorrow I hope,

Is a successful and happy day.