Dec 13
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Music makes many emotions. 
The lyrics may run through my mind,
for hours.
Causing heartbreak, happiness, and sometimes,

It makes the good times fly by, 
and the hard times move as slow as molasses.
Music is pain, 
Yet, happiness. 
Music brings people together.
It brings back memories,
And it enhances emotions. 

Music helps many, 
In a variety of ways.
It has helped me through all the hard times,
And made the good times even better.

Dec 06
poem 0 comments challenge: Waiting
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As a child,
the days leading up to Christmas morning were…
I couldn't wait to open the presents and see what santa chose for me. 
Christmas Eve was near a sleepless night. 
With so much excitement, my siblings and I couldn't rest. 
Bright in the morning, we made our parents coffee and waited with our stocking. 
As a child, Christmas was about santa, and the presents. 

Now, Christmas has a different meaning to me. 
It isn't exactly the same, as a few of the pieces to our family puzzle are gone. 
However, Christmas now means time with my family that I see daily,
and the ones I don't see as often.
Christmas is about the laughs, hugs, and even little arguments. 
The Christmas spirit overwhelms me now. 
I constantly feel warm and loved. 
Christmas to me, now that I’m wiser,
 is about time with the ones I love most . 
Nov 29
poem 0 comments challenge: Do-Over
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A do-over is tempting, 
I could change a previous relationship,
that ended in heartbreak.
I could have taken risks I avoided in the moment.
I could have voiced what was on my mind,
instead of holding it in.

There are many “I could haves,”
yet, I would not give in to these temptations. 
The heartbreak,
the risks both taken and avoided,
and the words held in, 
are all why I am who I am today.

If I chose to do-over my heartbreak,
Nov 22
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One day can change a life.

He had had many days, that curved his path,

even if the tiniest bit.

Yet he hadn't had one that necessarily altered his future.

Until one day he received a letter. 

Mailed from Cambridge Massachusetts, 

With “Harvard University” written in the top left corner. 

Too afraid to open it, he waited patiently for his parents arrival.

The choice his dream school came to, was in that envelope.

His hands were clammy and heart beating fast. 

His parents encourage him to open it, 

And told him “we are proud of you either way.”

Nervous as ever, he opens the envelope. 

He closes his eyes while he unfolds the paper, 

When he finally opens his eyes, he begins reading and…

HE’S IN!!!

The joy overcomes him when he jumps up to hug his parents.
Nov 15
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       I often find myself with my eyes closed, simply thinking. Sometimes this is a curse, however, it can be relaxing, depending on the situation. Lately, I have been thinking about my future quite often. While I am laying in bed at night, I may start thinking about how my college years may go, or what I want to study in college and where it will lead me. As a junior in high school, at times my academics can be slightly overwhelming. I often find myself thinking about how it is going to pay off in the future, and reminding myself of this. These last few months have been an emotional roller coaster for me. Because of this, I have been focusing on my future and the person I hope to be someday. So when I close my eyes and try to clear my mind, this is often the only thing that continues to linger. I am excited and scared about my future. My future is something that is very important to me in my life right now.
Nov 08
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A high school is often a negative place. A place to judge, and upset others. Although this is not the case all the time, it happens more than it should. Some students attempt to “boost” other’s moods, but not often enough. I personally think the quote from our 29th president “There’s good in everybody. Boost. Don’t knock.” should be posted all over our small high school. I am not quite sure why so many students knock people down rather than boost them up. We are supposed to be a small community, and communities support each other. I think if students tried to start boosting rather than knocking, the environment would be much more positive. Honestly, students would probably learn more too. If they know their peers are supportive of them and know they have good qualities, then they will be less worried about what others are thinking. I think this quote needs to be read by everyone in our school, and I believe some would take this issue more seriously.
Nov 01
essay 0 comments challenge: When?
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    Has anyone stopped to ask you “if not now, then when?” Personally, no one has specifically asked me this question. However, I do feel that I ask myself this question quite often, or questions similar. I also use this question as to motivation. If I don't work hard in school now, then when will I have the chance to? Well, considering that highschool only comes around once in your life, for four short years, I will never have the chance again. Overall high school can be very difficult, and junior year is debatably the hardest academic year in a student’s education. I know that I will not get a second chance this year and it is why I am working so hard. These four years will help me do what I want to do in this world, and without the hard work, I will not be able to get there. Some people may say “You can pick up your game in college.” Well, without my hard work now I will not be able to get into the programs I see myself doing.
Oct 24
fiction 1 comment challenge: Alive
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I feel alive in the morning with a cup of coffee and a full day of opportunities ahead. I feel alive when the hot water hits my face. I feel alive when the birds are singing their morning songs, and the brook is rushing. I feel alive when the autumn leaves are vibrant on the branches, and crumble under my feet. I feel alive when staring at the endless amounts of stars, and admiring the beautiful clouds. I feel alive when the cold wind blows against my face in the morning. I feel alive when surrounded by nature and its pure beauty. I feel alive on a rainy cold day, wrapped in a blanket with my cat beside me.
Oct 18
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Winter in New England

November will soon be here,
the trees nearly bare.
The breeze become cold and strong,
frost begins to form on our cars.

Winter is coming here in New England. 
It is the longest, coldest and yet the loveliest. 
Our winters make New England unique. 

When the snow begins to fall,
the children are ecstatic,
and are eager to put on their snow suits.
The brightness in their eyes warm everyone's hearts.

The mountains become covered with snow, 
the sight is truly breathtaking. 

The warmth and comfort of the wood stove.
The fresh, untouched snow,
shimmering in the morning sunlight is a beautiful way to start a day.

Winter in New England is a peaceful,
and beautiful time of year.

Oct 12
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The Dead Zone

    It was a late night driving home, when the check engine light on my car started flickering. Unfortunately, I was in a dead zone, therefore unable to call for help. I waited for a while to see if someone would pass by. After about an hour of waiting, I lost my patience and started walking towards the closest town, 7 miles East. I brought my backpack, held onto my flashlight and hoped I’d be there soon or would be able to get a ride. Thirty or so minutes into the walk, I started getting freaked out. Nothing in particular has happened, however after a bit of time in the dark night surrounded by simply your thoughts, you tend to overthink things. The temperature started to drop, and the hairs on my neck begin to rise. I had been walking for quite awhile now, and I should have been arriving shortly.