Jan 21

Dying World

The world is dying,
the people crying,
as if they weren't the ones
who held the guns. 

Put that oil in the water,
atmosphere getting hotter,
millions of trees hit the ground,
a world-wide nervous breakdown.

All we care about is a selfie,
who looks the most like Barbie,
whose teeth are whiter,
whose dress is tighter.

Just say it will be fine. 
Pretend we aren't running out of time.
Watch your TV and drink your expresso,
kill the polar bears but feed your calico.

Don't think about the guy
who went overseas to die,
gave his life so you could be alive
to type your documents on Google Drive.

No you can't come into America.
Why not? You might have zika.
No, it's really because you aren't white.
Trump says that means you must have dynamite.

Grab a woman and build a wall, 
he thinks he has it all.
Jan 15

A "Very Strong Liking" Poem

What if I told you that I would die for you?
What if I said the world was ending,
And I would to stand by you while everything else wilted away?
What if you told me you didn’t feel the same?
What if you did feel that way,
Except for someone else?
What if I revealed what I feel whenever I look at you,
Just by saying three simple words?
Maybe we weren’t meant to be.
Maybe you were always destined to be with that one person,
That wasn’t who you wanted it to be.
Maybe you will dedicate your life to them,
Forfeit everything you have ever thought,
Ever believed,
Ever grasped in your heart,
For the person you know would never give the same to you.
Do you know that you hold my heart in your hands?
Do you know that you have the power to ruin me completely?
I used to think that my life was worthless without you.
That without your recognition,
I was no one.
Jan 14

Wasn't That Bad

I'm sorry that I cried when I saw you.
I know you,
Haven't seen you in awhile.
I know your unkept hair,
Your lopsided smile,
Your squinting eyes.
I've remembered your face from the pictures on my mother's mantle.
I've seen your eyes a thousand times,
Just not alive.
I have not seen them move since a few years ago,
Have not seen them since you left for the war.
I missed you.
I guess it wasn't that bad when the man came into school today.
Wasn't that bad that he had a gun
That went off three times.
I did not come here alone. 
There is the math teacher who I don't remember the name of,
But I do know she had two daughters and a husband.
This is the first time I've seen her smile.
And here is my friend, beside me.
I remember when we first came into school,
Just two five-year-olds singing songs and holding hands.
We were holding hands when the man came into our classroom,
Jan 14

Written at 3 AM

Greed is an unreachable aspiration 
that drives us to the edge of insanity and enervation. 

Like the stars, we gaze into its depth,
Reaching, reaching, reaching.
Trying to catch and hold them between our fingers.

And like the stars, we never grasp them completely
within our insatiable hands.

Inhumane faults and selfish desires,
We tire ourselves until we fall dead in our graves.

Will it ever stop?
The hunger, the gluttony, the avarice?

No, it will not.
Because the human avidity is eternal.

We want happiness.
It's the destination most of us are trying to find.

But our compasses are broken,
And we have no sense of direction.
Dec 31

Come Back

I thought you would come back.
Come back from that hole of despair you dug yourself into. 
Did you see me beckoning you back to the light?
Do you know how it pains me to see you cry?
I have come to the edge of your crater everyday.
I have gotten on my knees and reached down to you, 
arm extended as far as possible. 
But did you notice?
No, you did not even feel my fingers graze your hair.
All you did was tunnel deeper. 
I know you are lonely down there.
Is it so hard to reach up and hold my hand?
Even if it means pulling me down with you so you aren't alone?
Just please come back. 
Dec 07

Forever Young

One of the main parts about being human
is growing up.
If you don’t grow up,
how can you be human?
How can you feel
like you’ve accomplished anything,
if you don’t finish your life?
Without a feeling of completion,
you will always feel lacking.
How will you feel when all of your loved ones die without you?
Will you find a new family?
New friends?
Or will you give up on making relationships?
If you are a child forever,
would you be content to drinking juice boxes,
content with eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
day in and day out?
Life may be hard as an adult,
but being young forever would have its faults.
Be glad that you grow up.
Because being a kid forever just might not be that great.
Dec 05


I have a statement to make.
The one of the most underappreciated,
overlooked creations
to ever grace this planet is,
quite simply,
a pencil.
Where would humans be
without the wondrous uses
of these wood-cased graphite rods?
Would we still not be able to understand each other,
be speaking a whole other language?
There would be no beauty of writing,
or allure of art.
There would be messed up buildings,
without the proper calculations of architecture.
unless you want to have imperfect house tiles
that enrage your OCD,
unless you want to never again
enjoy the imagination of the words on a page,
or of the charm of art,
I advise you to be thankful
for this common,
yet so precious invention.
Dec 02

song of silence

       I notice it only a few moments after it starts.  As the white specks of frozen water flutter down from the sky, I know that the storm is coming, and my house will be surrounded and covered in it. Maybe we won’t have school tomorrow, I think at first.
I don’t want to shovel today, I think next, with a large sigh of laziness.
       Instead, my mind wanders, picturing how it would be to sit in the forest with snowflakes drifting from the sky. The cold bites my palms and face. I must have been too stupid to bring gloves and a scarf, or maybe I am just being rebellious against my mother.
Breathing in deeply, the aroma of pine and frost fill my lungs, the icy nip of the brisk air tickling my nose. Crystals of snow dance down from the tree branches, swirling and fluttering around until landing gracefully on the ground, the trees, the rocks, my face.
Dec 01

Who are you?

Can I ask you a question? You, as in the reader. Do you mind indulging my inner curiosity, sate my desire to retain a single piece of information from you, about you? Would you care if I said that I am merely inquisitive about your well-being? I may even tell you my answer to the question, if you want me to. But if you read my question, I want you to genuinely think about it. Really speculate your answer. I want you to answer as truthfully as you can.

    Who are you?
Nov 30

Invention I wish was never invented

An invention I never wished to be invented is electricity. Believe me, it can be nice. I am thankful we don’t have to light candles at night to read, don’t have to make furniture and clothing by hand. Really, we’ve made a civilization that revolves around the tiny charged particles that make our life so much easier.
    But that is the issue.
    You see, electricity has created problems whilst fixing them. What is one of the many obstacles that plague our country? Obesity. What would it be like if we never found electricity? We would have to move around, find interests in things other than TV’s, video games, iPhones, social media, etc. If you wanted something done, you did it yourself.