Nov 01
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If not now, when?

If not now, when means if you are not going to do something now, then when are you going to do it. Many people say that they will do it later. But when is later? Is it tomorrow? Is it next week? Is it next month? Nobody knows when because if you don’t do it now, then it could be at any time. Most people who procrastinate usually say they will finish it later. It will most likely be something that most people do not enjoy like doing homework or chores around the house. There really is no need to procrastinate because you are eventually going to have to do what you have been procrastinating. It would make more sense to just get it over with now, then to hold on to it and wait until the last second.
Oct 18
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Winter is such a wonderful season. Some people hate winter and regret it every year, but others don’t ever get to experience the winter fun. If you don’t like winter here are some things you should remember. You wouldn’t be able to look out your window every morning and see the beautiful snow covering everything around you. You wouldn’t get to have the privilege of doing winter activities like, sledding, skiing, snowboarding, Ice skating, etc. Some people take winter for granted and don’t realize how lucky they are to get to experience winter. 
Oct 04
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Mom's Shoes

 If I were to be in someone else’s shoes I would want to be in my mom's shoes. My mom also does so much for my siblings and I. No matter if it brings my sister to gymnastics, helping us with our homework, or cooking us dinner, she always does it no matter what. I don’t know how she manages to get everything she needs to get done for herself when my siblings and I also ask so much of her. I’m so greatful for my mom and I don’t know what I’d do without her.
Sep 27
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What I would like to accomplish is being more extroverted. I have always been shy and quiet around people who I don’t know very well or who I don’t know at all. I try my best not to be so soft-spoken, but it never works out that way. I always end up being introverted. I hate talking to large groups of people, talking to people I don’t know, or talking to people who I’m not usually around. I especially don’t like giving oral presentations, it makes me really nervous.
Sep 20
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Blue is the saddness we sometimes feel,

Green is good luck that we like to have,

Yellow is the sunshine that keeps us happy,

Purple is the flowers we sometimes see, 

Red is the love that we have,

Orange is the creativity we show, 

Pink is the friendship that we share,

Black is the darkness that we sometimes fear,

White is the light that keeps us safe.

Sep 13
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I usually don’t talk to people that I don’t know or that aren’t really in my friend group, but I do know that there are several ways to “break the ice” with someone. Even if you don’t know someone that well there is no reason why you can’t strike a conversation with them. The conversation can be simple, it doesn’t have to be deep or meaningful. Sometimes the best conversations are the ones that are short and to the point. It’s the little things that people compliment on can brighten someone’s day. 
May 03
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This is your last chance

This is your last chance,

your last chance to prove to me that you care.

Your last chance to somehow tell me that you still want to be apart of my life.

I can’t handle pretending anymore,

Pretending that everything is okay when we both know that it’s not.

I don’t want to waste anymore time wondering,

the suspense it's killing me.

Please just tell me,

So we can end this silly game.

I’m done with sleepless nights,

and the constant worrying.

I am begging you,

I need to know if you still care.

Apr 13
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Day at the beach

My family and I go to Maine for our annual summer vacation. A few years ago we went to Wells Beach because it was a nice day out and we wanted to swim in the ocean. So my sister and I went to the bathroom to change into our bathing suits. There was a long line, we had to wait for about ten minutes. When it was our turn we each went to get changed, but I was done first so I waited outside the bathroom for my sister. While I was waiting, the girl that used the same stall after I did came out and had my phone in her hand and asked me if it was mine. She was a complete stranger. The girl could have just taken my phone, put in her pocket, and took off with it but she didn’t. She was a nice, honest person and wanted to the right thing which was to return the phone to its owner which happened to be me.

Apr 06
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Ben and Jerry's

I’m sure a lot of people love pizza, but I’m not like everyone else. I hate pizza actually. I don’t know that many people that do not like pizza, everyone looks at me like I’m crazy when I say that I don’t like pizza. The food that I love is Ben and Jerry’s ice cream! I really don’t have any particular favorite flavor of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, any kind with chocolate or coffee in it I eat. I like to eat Ben and Jerry’s when I get home from school in the afternoon and also at night before I go to bed while watching TV. One pint of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream usually lasts me two of three days, I eat it with a spoon right out of the container. Eating Ben and Jerry’s is part of my daily routine just like getting dressed in the morning and eating dinner at night.
Mar 30
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I am on top of tree looking all around, I can see for miles and miles. I always love to sit on top of this tree and watch everything around me. It takes my mind of things when I’m upset or angry.  This treetop is my getaway spot. I love it here. I am a monkey that got away from its owner for a while. I needed a break from him. My owner yelled at me and meand said I was naughty all because I accidentally broke a flower pot. So I ran to my special spot so I could think about things.