Dec 04
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The Silent Killer

My mind is imprisoned by an infection called society.
Society begins as an idea, but once it finds a host it manifests there, and eventually controls the entire organism.
Society makes people believe that clones are ideal—that all people should the same and originality is frowned upon. That being different is wrong. It trains the body to hate itself for not being perfect. For not being "beautiful". 
Society convinces people that the only definition of success is a measure of money and wealth. It brainwashes people into believing that money is the ultimate happiness—that nothing else matters.
When society reaches this point of infection, it shields the eyes of individuality.
It wraps shackles around the hands, and rope around the mouth. 

Society is the world's deadliest disease—it's the silent killer that never sleeps. 
Sep 27
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September 9, 2019, 2:37pm.

I dangle my feet off the wood dock,
my body warm from the sun.
The sun forms stars on the top of the lake,
flat and untouched by anyone.

The sun feeds the trees,
and invites the birds to sing.
The air is still, perfect, silent,
no phone around to ring.

A dragonfly passes my side,
it says hello and resumes its day.
I smile at its presence,
then watch it fly away.

The sky is bright blue sapphire,
laced with frosted white clouds.
The world is transparent and simple,
unharmed by the crowds.
Jun 05
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White Yarrow

Lacy eyes stare back into mine,
Curious for the answers.
A broken clock freezing time
In a pure and ghost-like manner.

Ivory flowers cover the head,
Exposing beauty to every direction.
The seeds are due to spread
And magnetize more attention.

The fresh scent of sweet nectar
Compliments the citron bird’s song.
With no designed protector,
The fragile blossom stands strong.
Jun 04
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If I Die In A School Shooting

​If I die in a school shooting,
politicize my death.
Fight for our safety,
turn my funeral into a protest.

If I die in a school shooting,
I will never play sports again.
My goals, my hopes, my dreams,
will all come to an end.

If I die in a school shooting,
battle until students and teachers are safe.
Don't let my death become a statistic,
help kids go to school unafraid.

If I die in a school shooting,
I will never become a doctor.
I will never graduate high school,
and my parents will no longer have a daughter.

If I die in a school shooting,
my little brother will become an only child.
Fight for all the lost lives,
and make change be required.

If I die in a school shooting,
turn my ashes into a book.
And write the story
of how my life should have looked.

If I die in a school shooting,
deliver my heart to the NRA
Feb 16
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When you were alive, people adored you.
Now that you're gone, we all mourn you.

Your smile would light up an entire room.
You were taken from this earth far too soon.

You were only fifteen and still growing
You were friendly, smart and very outgoing.

We had so much fun when you were here with us,
We will miss your kindness at school and on the bus.

Today, we covered your locker in thoughtful sticky notes,
the next kid is going to think its just a place to store his coat.

But for the rest of us, it is a reminder
to love each other and be kinder.

I hope you shoot some hoops in heaven,
and someday I'll see you again.

R.I.P 2/16/18
Feb 16
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Welcome to our society.
Where drugs are an escape
and the people beat and rape.
Where teenagers are depressed
and it matters how you look and dress.
Where laws deny people being gay
and girls are soaked in hair spray.
Where you can't trust anyone
and lives end from the bullet of a gun.
Where you can't be more than a size four
and problems like suicide are ignored.
Where jobs are denied because of skin color
and people refuse to eat in attempt to be smaller.
Where people see and recognise these problems,
but everyone's to selfish and careless to solve them.
Dec 13
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What I Haven't Said

There’s something I haven’t said. Something I need to say.
I haven’t said anything because I didn’t know if you feel the same way.
I miss you.
I miss your radiant blonde hair and ocean blue eyes.
I miss the way you laugh at my stupid jokes.
I find your smile playing over and over in my mind like a Boomerang.
The way your eyes happily curl speaks a thousand words.
I miss our memories.
I remember the cold winter days when we would sip hot chocolate and sled.
I remember standing back to back every morning in a competition to see who was the tallest.
I remember when I made you laugh so hard that chocolate milk spilled out of your nose.
I remember planning a future to go to college together.
I remember holding hands as we walk together from class to class.
We were completely oblivious to anyone else when we were together.
My kids were going to call you ‘Auntie’.
Our friendship was supposed to be forever.