Jan 27
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My horns protrude out of my skull
A constant reminder of who I am. 
No matter how sharp, I file and dull
For those to see and give a damn.

Along the road of waning light
Shadows come in to bite me whole 
They mock my horns in need and spite
Their cries as loud as the bells they toll.

Society laughs when I am faced
With burdens that tower over me.
If only they all could get a taste 
Of how painful my horns can really be.

Will I laugh or will I smile
When my horns are cut to bits?
I can only dream of it for a while
Where my life is forever amiss.
Dec 21
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Platinum clockwork

Tick-tock tick-tock

Time goes on and I can’t keep up
As my mind goes blank with that ticking clock.
God himself likes to wind it up
To make our lives always end with tock. 

Tick-tock tick-tock

The undying rhythm follows free
There’s no time to waste, there’s no time to lose.
The metronome is attached to me
The beat is the same, I cannot choose. 

Tick-tick tick-tock

Time is slipping out of my veins 
Why is it fast? Why am I slow?
The tickety tickety burns like flames
How far will this rhythm go?

Tick-tick tick-tick

Why can't I stop the movement of life
From going around to steal us again?
"Time" stabs us with a platinum knife
For souls that time will forever gain.
Oct 21
poem challenge: Appreciation
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Feeling freedom

The smell of dirt and pine is clear,
The birds and crickets sing evermore.
There’s no dread or sinking fear,
As I walk across the forest floor.

The dappled light dances for me,
With a choir of wind swaying the leaves.
Soon I’ll know what it's like to be free,
To escape and enter the summer’s eve.

A false sense of welcome greets me so,
Instinctive creatures hide from my gaze.
Will they welcome me as I grow
And earn the wooded mountain’s praise?

But for now, I walk back to the unknown,
My back turned against the wind.
I retreat from the woods like a sinking stone,
The light of the sun forever dimmed.
Sep 27
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Coming of Age

Life the fair blue light
To me was quite the sight
Among my world 
There is wonder and laughter and love

Time flowed through my veins 
As I played in the plains
I found myself 
Feeling happy, without any flaw

But then it came to me that I was not enough.
I thought that I would never be strong and tough.
I couldn’t find a way for me to run the rain.
I couldn’t find a way for me to ease the pain.

Like a foreign fable 

Behind those silvery doors
Below those nail bitten floors
I wonder how
We are here, we are now, we were then

My loss of innocence came through
My life which I must pursue 
A coronation 
For my coming of age

Now and then I wonder if I could’ve made a change
My life I desperately wish to rearrange 
I know now that I was born with the perfect flaw
But sometimes I wish I didn’t have it at all.
Sep 15
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Requiem Of The Fallen

My insides tingle and time is slowing
My mind sinking with dread
I fall through the sky knowing
Soon I will be dead.

The cool breeze stings my sinking face
As I flail about
The others have gone without a trace
While I scream and shout.

I see the ground below my feet
Closer and closer it comes.
I see the woods and breathing streets.
My heart like beating drums.

I pray to God that I will live
To tell my family “I love you”
What id do and what Id give
To see my life through.
Sep 01
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Snails and more

The water runs
And the blackbirds fly
The orange flame sun 
In our blue powder sky
But with all these words 
Come many little things
Snails, and more
Snails, and more

The oak wood trees
And white Meadow Rues
Yellow-Black bees
And water drop views
But with all these words
Come many little things
Snails, and more
Snails, and more

When all goes well
And shadows all go
I’ll see the hard shell
Taken as it grows

As water rushes in 
And life slowly clears
I’ll know that under my skin
I’ll still have fears
‘Cause with all these words
Bring many good times
Like snails, and more
Yes… Snails, and more
Aug 01
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I remember the time we spent together
Wishing for you to get better.
My nights with you still haunt me.
Your black, silky fur
And your soft-spoken purr 
Wore down in time you see.

I didn’t think you would die before
Until you laid still on the floor.
Your body and eyes were cold.
I begged for you to wake
Not knowing you would break
Your life you could not hold. 

You were three when you came,
When my sister gave you your name.
A cat of beauty and grace.
You gave us dead mice
And arms full of bites.
You never gave up the chase.
Only when you grew older
And nights became colder
Did you start to slow down.
We didn’t notice at first 
Your mind had submersed 
When you became Earthbound

To me, you were a mother
Not to be replaced by another.
You always showed your love.
You stayed with us for 15 years
Aug 01
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Cry For Me

If I were to somehow leave this place,
Would you cry for me?
Upon my mangled body and shattered heart, 
Would you cry for me?

Would you take this burden into your own hands,
And find a way to make it beautiful?
Would you come to me and stop my hands from working, 
just so that the lives around are safe?

I often imagine laying in bed, 
the ceiling blocking my way to the dotted stars, 
singing the world to sleep.
I often wonder how deep I would have to be in the Earth 
to muffle their wandering screams.
I think so often about it, 
that I forget about the stars that weep. My family.

If I were to one day die, my body ridden with eternal sleep,
Would you cry for me?
Can I finally be at peace, 
knowing my tears can flow to new worlds, 
to be free of my body forcing it down? 

But, what about your tears? What about your voice?
Jul 18
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No Affinity

The souring colors of the watery depths
Sing to me as I sleep.
From the pink corals of the salty sea,
To the sands soft to soothe.

These fins of mine trail behind,
My tail highlighted in the rippled light 
From the surface above.
My dark eyes could see all, and nothing could hide.

I never once thought myself strange.

Those around were food to me,
And no reflection could show me
The face at which I own.

Human hands gripped my body,
Their voices, loud and harsh.
They looked strange, and the splashing of the rocky shore couldn't drown their taunts.
To them, I was the strange one.
They could walk, but I could not.
They called me a fish, and my eyes were any human's worst nightmare. 
I covered them as they tried to pluck them out, my eyes that could see all.
One by one.
Jun 26
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Mom's Birthday Poem

Once again the time has come
The day for you to have your fun
But where is it that you came from
Beyond the world of the shining sun?

The person who played and sang with me
Clouded with smiles from ear to ear
A hero is all that I can see
Making the future bright and clear

Your presents is comforting for all who see
As if you were a purple flower
You cast your throne upon the Sea
Becoming more beautiful by the hour

Mother oh mother you're Like a star
As your daughter I know i can say
The ass grabbing couch hogging son of a gun you are 
I'll love you to death either way