Feb 10
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August 3, 2002. this was the day I discovered "The Hole" or that atleast what me and my friends call it. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was walking home from the beach with my friend, Harry. I had remembered that I had a couple bucks in my pocket and we were walking by a thrift store. As we walk in we hear the bell door jingle and then its echo from the empty store. I was looking for soemthing for about ten minutes until I found a lever in the wall. It was a cleashe lever with a red ball handle. I asked the lady if it was for sale. She replied with a nod and said "I think its connected to something." I pulled and a door slid open. Me and harry walked right in and it closed and some lights turned on. It was like a perfect hangout place. Like The ultimate college dorm room. It had a flat screen a fridge stocked full of food and drinks. There was a note on the fridge  
Oct 19
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Why isn't winter starting in November? It starts in December and the snow is usually gone and the music starts right after thanksgiving. When is thanksgiving? November. The Christmases we have here are nothing like the movies. Or the songs. It is “Have a white Christmas.” Not a green Christmas. Grass grows in the spring not the winter. But Christmas is still Christmas, and the new year will be the new year, even when the grass is starting to sprouting out of the ground in the middle of winter. The winters in Vermont may not be the best but it's still winter
Nov 09
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“Clowns, I hate clowns! Why did it have to be clowns!”said Patrick trapped in a closet with about 7 friends. Patrick was the oldest at 15 and Carl was the youngest at 9. They were thrown into a closet of a bowling alley. Pat (as his friends call him) was buying tickets for them to go bowling. But right at that moment 10 men in clown costumes walked out of the bathroom all with guns in hand. Pat’s fear of clowns started when he was 7. He was at a circus with his parents and a clown climb out of a small car. He did a couple of tricks but for the finally he grabbed some person from the stands and took them to the top of his 20-30 foot tower and dropped them, the man immediately died. Police showed up but before catching him he killed 2 more people with a handgun. He had yelled “For my last trick I will make 3 people disappear.” Everyone applauded because they thought it was the classic magic trick. But none were applauding after that day.