Jun 02

The piece I read the cacs.

Oct 24


Oct 16

Message to my bff (pt 2: whats his face?)

Sorry ach
I'm writing another one

She was on her last mans
already starting to loose
the hope that seemed so fresh
just in dynamix.
their friends caught them when they fell
but that didn't mean they didn't die
the pain was still there,
though the fresh eyes where still closing
rock still stained the clothes
and no matter how hard she tried
they couldn't wash it off
the memories were there
for good
but this time 
it was different
she wasn't the same ach
desperate for the one thing 
just barely 
out of reach
because grinning was guilt
it was pain
and it was death
Sep 26

perfect girl

Sep 25

message to my BFF

Sep 24

secrets for the mind

Sep 24

Keep coming

keep beating down on me
I'll bite back a retort 
until my blood runs red
keep calling me stupid
I'll hide my tears
until there's an ocean 
keep looking at me like that
I'll say sorry
until my lies fall on deaf ears
I'll keep telling myself,
that I can get up next time
I wont whisper an apology 
I'll let all of my feelings free
But I never do
so tell me 
Why is it that we used to be so happy,
if all I can find now are memories?
Why is it that we could once have a conversation
if all we talk about now are other people?
why is it that only boys would upset me
but now its the friend that I loved?
Because next time 
I will have answers 
for her painful questions
next time
She will regret luaghing at my mistakes
next time
It wont be me thats sorry. 
Jun 10


This is me.
My crooked smile that shows every last one of my jaggad
My shoulder length pink and orange hair
My sharp eyes
This is me. 
My long, pale ears that bring me towering above others hearing abilities.
This is me.

Jun 08

What more?

Jun 06

relatable songs

"Entanged between a dream and a coma." -Lovely, Billie Eilish and Khalid.
"Ill be coming up when the sun comes down." -We don't talk anymore, Charlie Puth feat. Selena Gomez.
"Could probably get a job if I cut my hair. But I got no cares opie taylor." -Ocean eyes, Billie Eilish
"We are the deafashin childs, and we have no hair." -Watch, Billie Eilish.
"Will you marry me? Ruth Bader Ginsburg?." -Out of love, Alessia Cara
"I know Im about to have a good time, cuz I got all my friends with me." -Friends, Meghan Trainor.
"Dont make me go pop the trunk, on you." -Ocean eyes, Billie Eilish