Jul 04

Dear racists

Dear racists,

you rip the world apart
not that it isn't already in shreds
your just adding to the pile
making each piece smaller and smaller
you throw bleach over our art when we paint Black Lives Matter on the street
you comment under our empowering Instagram posts
you throw cans at my grandparents for being in a biracial relationship
you shout all lives matter but refuse to admit that black lives are the ones under fire
you take out guns whenever 'you people' act too white
you stare at the brown skin girl's curls like she has two heads
you call us libtards for seeing through your double standards and generalization 
you see Charlie Davis, my own flesh and blood, my mothers father, one of my best friends
but you don't really see him
only his skin
you decide to shoot his dog. 
because to you he isn't named Charles
he is named unarmed black man

Jun 27
rant 3 comments challenge: BLM

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter
you say
write it in your bio
post it on your stories
Black Lives Matter
you say 
until you want to touch my mom's hair 
Black Lives Matter
until you compare the only black man you know to every any black person you see
Black Lives Matter
until you want yours to matter too
Black Lives Matter
until being black is an exotic and foreign thing to you
Black Lives Matter
until in history class, you single out the one black person in your head
Black Lives Matter
until the protesters should be a little more peaceful
until all cops aren't bad
Black lives matter
until the ghetto is filled with 'dangerous kinds of people'
Black Lives Matter 
until you defend your racist parents
Black Lives Matter
until you underestimate systemic racism
until you 'didn't choose to be white'
Black Lives Matter
until you 'don't see color' yet color is all you see
Jun 02

The piece I read the the Minneapolis Police Department.

If you are hearing this, and you are a police officer, hear me out. You and I both know very well how twisted the system is. Officers were originally used to hunt down slaves. I don’t think you need further proof than that. Yet still, proof continues to rise up as black lives are struck down. Black lives, like the lives of Tamir Rice, Michael Brown, Breanna Taylor, Amhaud Arbery, Eric Garner, George Floyd and so many more. Those were only off the top of my head. As officers take the mercy of humans lives their own fists and choose to throw it away because of chocolate. And when they are faced with the truth about their racism, throw it back to us as tear gas and batons, beating us down as if that will also beat down the truth. But it doesn’t work. We all know the truth isn't leaving any time soon. The only way to fix this is peace. Lay down your weapons and join the fight.
Oct 25


I notice 
the way
you look at me
and I wish 
I wasn't 
I see
the way
you laugh with me
and I wish
I wasn't 
I watch 
the way
our shoulders brush
and I wish 
I wasn't
I see
the way
you say 
my name
and maybe 
not dreaming

Oct 16

Message to my bff (pt 2: whats his face?)

Sorry girl
it seems like I'm obsessed
but you need help
so I'm writing another one

She was on her third try
already starting to loose
the hope that seemed so fresh
just last year.
her friends caught her when she fell
but that didn't mean she wasn't bruised
her pain was still there,
though the fresh scars where still closing
blood still stained her clothes
and no matter how hard she tried
she couldn't wash it off
the memories were there
for good
but this time 
it was different
she wasn't the same girl
desperate for the one thing 
just barely 
our of her reach
she was changed
she was prepared
she could defeat
anything hurdling towards her
deflect any bullet
dodge any missle
shes ready 
and this time 
she'll get that man
she'll fight
she'll kick ass
and she'll win

Sep 25

message to my BFF

okay Ella
let me start off by saying 
when you see this poem,
you might cry
you might laugh
you might scream
you might rage
but each and every one of us know that 
now keep reading, because this is gonna be long
but we both know you need it.

there was a young woman
with billowing blonde hair
golden like the sun
eyes determined and caring 
deep brown like warm coffee
heart singing with memories of friendship
and opportunities
and love.
but though her smile
and her heart
shone through like a sunset of beauty
for everyone to see
she ignored it
when she was sad
when she was lonely
she closed her eyes
pushed away her tears
faked a smile
and laughed like normal.
But I could tell
because her voice wasn't like the sun anymore
joyful and funny
Sep 24

Keep coming

keep beating down on me
I'll bite back a retort 
until my blood runs red
keep calling me stupid
I'll hide my tears
until there's an ocean 
keep looking at me like that
I'll say sorry
until my lies fall on deaf ears
I'll keep telling myself,
that I can get up next time
I wont whisper an apology 
I'll let all of my feelings free
But I never do
so tell me 
Why is it that we used to be so happy,
if all I can find now are memories?
Why is it that we could once have a conversation
if all we talk about now are other people?
why is it that only boys would upset me
but now its the friend that I loved?
Because next time 
I will have answers 
for her painful questions
next time
She will regret luaghing at my mistakes
next time
It wont be me thats sorry. 
Apr 22

no one but 'Forever young' will understand this

I've been watching you
For some time
Can't stop staring
At those oceans eyes
Burning cities
And napalm skies
Fifteen flares inside those ocean eyes
Your ocean eyes

No fair
You really know how to make me cry
When you gimme those ocean eyes
I'm scared
I've never fallen from quite this high
Falling into your ocean eyes
Those ocean eyes

No fair
You really know how to make me cry
When you gimme those ocean eyes
I'm scared
I've never fallen from quite this high
Falling into your ocean eyes
Those ocean eyes

-ocean eyes, Billie Eilish

Mar 21


Mar 09


bitter words
bitter words
clash without end.
as friends become enemies,
and enemies become friends.
angered voices
scream out what they think to be true.
only one side to pick,
one side will lose.
long quiet enemies,
rise from the dark.
expecting to win
but not making their mark.
determined friends
will fight 'till the end.
with their hearts filled with hope
that the broken will mend.
cast away leaders
whose faith never died.
a ocean of tears
is less then they've cried.
the reason for loss
the root of the pain
is nothing compared 
to the heartless's bane.