Nov 22

The Perfect Character

start with a boy—
no, a girl—
any person will do, really,
and shape them into what you want to be.
or what you wish you were
or what you are
or what you don’t wanna be,
and give them grey hair.
make them thirty-five with a mid-life crisis,
or make them sixteen with a bad attitude
on the brink of teenage rebellion.
or maybe they’ll lead a rebellion,
wielding a sword.
their personality will be just like their home life,
quaint and neat or completely shitty.
their dad? a drunk, or a workaholic
their mom? not in the picture, or maybe a housewife.
maybe they can be just like you, your own personal clone.
give them eyes that sparkle in the moonlight
and make them as blue as the sea,
their emotions will follow the tides,
thrashing against jagged rocks and calming down on the shore.
give them freckles,
Nov 22


you throw that word around like a goddamn beach ball.
you know,
it's not easy keeping emotions neatly boxed within myself.
would you rather i bleed?
would you rather i scream?
would you rather i paint myself a mask
a smiley face with rosy cheeks
and sparkles around the eyes,
and wear it
because you want me to be happy so bad?
let me be angry.
let me be sad.
let me be.
you can’t be surprised by a bonfire when you’re
holding a match in one hand
clutching a jug of water in the other
things like that are embedded in me,
everyone around me is angry
when is it my turn?
life isn’t sunshine and unicorns and rainbows
it's rain
and thunderstorms
and dark clouds
and sad days
and no ways
and what ifs.
but hopefully,
you’ll be around when the clouds part
and the rain stops
and the sun shines again.
Nov 22

How To Be Normal

sit up straight, don’t slouch
put your feet on the floor, no matter how dirty it is
don’t comment on how dirty the bus is
don’t comment on how dirty anything is
don’t comment, your voice is annoying
you’re annoying
shut up, no one will listen to you anyway
lighten up, be grateful, life could be worse
put a smile on that damn face, you'll look prettier that way
wear a dress, you’re a girl, aren't you?
no wonder you don’t have a boyfriend—you should wear make-up
straighten your hair, keep it natural
do something with it before I shave it all off
don’t think about pretty girls
don’t think about your friend that way, that's wrong.
be straight
be good,
you're quieter than your sister, you’re better than her!
she’s so loud and ghetto
who’s the oldest?
be obedient, don’t cry when they yell or they’ll yell more
be smart, pay attention
Nov 22

How To Write

get a no.2 pencil, a sheet of paper or a computer
grab some snacks and maybe a drink or two
and stretch. you don’t want any aches or pains while you’re writing, it’s a fairly long process. whether it be a poem or a story, create a character—
give them goals, hopes, and dreams; give them a love interest and a sibling.
do not think about their short auburn hair,
they aren’t supposed to be in your story
and do not write about the way they talk, like they’re always right, like they’re the victim, like they can never do wrong.
erase their name,
delete it.
leave your bitterness at the door,
take a deep breath,
and write about the color of the sky
purple, blue, red, orange, pink—write about how the waves kiss the moon at night,
her mistress.
don’t ever write about their eyes
or their lips
or their laugh
you can’t write about things that aren’t yours
Jul 13

they/them: The Way They Speak

they speak in poetry.
their first word was "revolution";
can you believe it?
each sentence they speak—
passionate sonnets,
each word has to be soaked
in intellectual meaning
(they're also very smart too).
they also speak in couplets
two line of a verse that rhyme;
sarcasm, maybe.
haikus are a whole other language,
every time they open their mouth
they make unintentionally beautiful patterns.
each ballad,
and epitaph they utter,
could make a book,
a novel
of poetry.
Jun 17

You Don't Belong To Anyone

Jun 11

Her: A Three Part Haiku

Jun 11

A Poem For The Girl Who Needs It

This poem is for the girl needs it.
To the girl who cries at night,
whispering her sorrows to the stars;
stitching a new smile for the next day.
Your bravery deserves a medal.

This poem is for the girl who feels numb.
To the girl who hurts to feel,
depression and hopelessness weighing her down;
making her think, "why even bother?"
You are strong, and I believe these moments pass
like each rippling wave.

for each girl who needs this,
you are important,
you are loved
you are not alone.
Jun 11

Our Differences

Jun 11


Some people walk through art galleries with

their eyes closed

and some people,

touch the art when they're not supposed to

and some people take art

to reduce it to its value

instead of seeing how beautiful it is.


my love,

just know that I’m

taking in every inch of your beauty


and know that

you are art.

every curve, dimple, and freckle is a part of a


And if other people can’t see that

then they’re blind.

don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.