Nov 17

Weather for Today

Weather forecast for today:
and more

It's looking like a harsh downpour,
but it's going to be
Frequent, but
s c a t t e r e d.

When it rains, it
and by looking at my radar
it doesn't seem it'll ever

are temporary;
Sometimes there's days between
streaks of

Constantly overcast,
I don't need a weather report
in order to see that,
or the 
u r r c a e
looming just off the
Nov 05

Tidal Pools

Tidal Pools:
They come and go,
They rise and fall,
They flood, then stall.

Crystal water goes forever;
Horizon far beyond my sight.
My legs beckon me forth;
Encouraging me to take a dive.

A brief indulgence; a quick taste.
A short dip, and I'll never be the same.
Float on my back and close my eyes.
Ebb and flow with the tides.
Oct 29


Oh, lake of darkness.
Waters like ink.
Sky of rain.
Winds from beasts.

Winds from dragon's wings ,
Cutting into my core.
Flowing through my veins.
Sending shivers through my corpse.

Sky of dark heaven,
Clouds taken straight from my mind.
Infesting my chest
Strangling my already waterlogged throat.

Water thicker than blood ,
Staining my skin.
Clinging to my limbs.
Weighing me down so I can't even swim.

Sea of sludge ,
Made from my sorrow.
Please, let me drown.
Rather than keep living this torture.

Lone island; safe haven respite from my wrong
A brief breath, not for long.
Soon, it will melt into the bog.

Ocean of sadness
Horizon of nothing
Breeze of remorse
Storm of misery.
Oct 19

The Bunker in the Basement

Long story: word count 2655

Everyone knows there is a bunker beneath the high school. A consequence of being built in the sixties- what once was a safety precaution is now just a relic of the cold war. It was completely abandoned, a tomb left deep beneath the ground, the only access point a flooded stairwell hidden among pipes in the basement now sealed off by a thin concrete wall—no way in, no way out.

Then why were there rumours of noises coming from it?

It was impossible, and you responded as such. You dismiss them as stories started by the senior class to scare the poor freshmen. It wouldn’t even be the first time. That notion, however, is squashed when you hear several seniors from all different cliches talking about it with the utmost sincerity.
Oct 15
poem challenge: America Now

Court of Clowns

A foundation of flaws.
A house of horrors.
A mansion of misplaced morals.
A jury of judges who no longer serve justice.
A legal charade that strangles lives.
A political puppet show put on for the public.
A scam of “unbiased selection.”
A ridiculous reign that must be reformed.
That power rests in the public.
Oct 13
poem challenge: Seasons

Autumn's Embrace

A forest coloured by fiery orange, yellow, and reds.
An avalanche of fog ascending from valleys.
The snowy peaks of grass shying away from the sun.
The chill breeze exhaled from the frost dragon's maw

That undescribable smell of crispness in the air.
The hazy morning urging rise in the early dawn.
The young nights beckoning sleep in the new dusk.
That time of year when brown, beige, and orange sweaters are donned.

The perfect temperature for lazing outside.
The appearance of pumpkin spice and cinnamon on the rise.
The spirit of Halloween present throughout the countryside.
The fondness of Thanksgiving flows gratefulness into bodies like mine.

Look out the window for a surge of joy. 
Inexplicable comfort courses through veins at the view.
Fleeting season I wish would never leave.
You can find me enjoying fall's leaves
Oct 11
poem challenge: America Now


I am a child born in a nation of immigrants
That hates newcomers trying to make it.

I am in the melting pot
That thinks land can't be crossed and shouldn't mix.

I am part of a world where anyone can make it,
That also believes no one deserves it because it must be earned.

I am witness to the country of riches
That can't afford to house the homeless or feed the poor.

I am from the nation of hypocrites
That doesn't see the irony of its current existence.
Oct 10

Sister Spirit

Dear Sister mine,
With that fading light in your eyes;
Don't let that spark you have die.
Keep your burning passion alive.

Though buckets of ice have chilled your core;
And horrible storms have thrown you from shore;
While terrible winds shook your bones;
The fire inside you can keep us both warm.

It's sad other kids just don't understand.
They tore you to shreds every time you looked for a hand.
Your hopeful nature and friendly face
Was lost in humanity's cruel embrace.

Even invisible, I still see your beacon's light.
Never mind the fact you don't know it shines bright.
Your smile, it glows as you talk with much speed,
Ranting and raving and speaking at me.

Despite no response aside my eye roll,
You carry on telling stories to me: the Brick Wall.
Whether you believe I'm annoyed-- you keep going.
Under my mask I'm grinning, just not showing.
Oct 09


Star light, star bright,
The shiniest star I see tonight.
I wish I may,
I wish I might,
Spend my time with you tonight.

Standing there among those stars,
I long to be where you are.

Instead I'm stuck on the world below,
Reaching up to try and hold you close.
Jul 30

The question

Every day, we all get asked the same question.
By friends, family, strangers and co-workers alike.
"How's it going?"
"How is your day?"
I ask it too, and most likely so do you.

It's a pretty strange thing to say.
Because there's only one way we expect someone to reply.
Why ask at all when we already know what'll be said?

Yet we ask it regardless.
And even with this awareness, every time I hear it, I still hesitate.
What should I say?

Do I tell them the truth, even if it's not great?
If it's sad and tragic?
If it's overly happy and braggy?
If it's none of their business?
If I don't want to talk about it?

What should I tell my family?
My friends, strangers, and co-workers?
Do I tell some people the truth, and others lies?

Mind racing with all this.
I just smile and say:
"I'm okay!"

But when I turn and ask them the same question,