Jul 30

The Question

Every day, we all get asked the same question.
By friends, family, strangers and co-workers alike.
"How's it going?"
"How is your day?"
I ask it too, and most likely so do you.

It's a pretty strange thing to say.
Because there's only one way we expect someone to reply.
Why ask at all when we already know what'll be said?

Yet we ask it regardless.
And even with this awareness, every time I hear it, I still hesitate.
What should I say?

Do I tell them the truth, even if it's not great?
If it's sad and tragic?
If it's overly happy and braggy?
If it's none of their business?
If I don't want to talk about it?

What should I tell my family?
My friends, strangers, and co-workers?
Do I tell some people the truth, and others lies?

Mind racing with all this.
I just smile and say:
"I'm okay!"

But when I turn and ask them the same question.
Jul 17


I am an American.
I am not a proud one. I haven't been since I was ten years old.

Being real, it's hard to see how anyone is.
It's not really a secret that the United States is self-destructing right now.

Voting rights being restricted.
For everyone but the wealthy, white man.
Abortions being criminalized again.
Even in cases of rape, incest, or an underage victim.
Unnecessary guns being valued more than the lives of innocent people.
The leading cause of death in children is being shot.
Our government can't get anything done.
They use the lives of people as pawns in their game of chess.

We know we're the laughingstock of the developed nations for so many reasons.
A failed insurrection, a president who had twitter fights, a people known for being stupid.
Jul 14


I have often heard people say;
"When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade!"
And I was thinking about it today,
When I realized it isn't as simple as they say.

To make lemonade, you need more than the fruit.
You need sugar and water to make the juice.
Then you need a knife, a jug, and some cups too.

If you want all that, you must go to your store.
Often you'll have to travel a mile, or more.
So a bike would be nice, or time to kill.
You'll also need money, or to steal.

All that just to make the lemonade!
So it's not all easy-peezy-lemon-squeezey,
As many people believe.

That doesn't mean we shouldn't try
To make the best of a bad day.
I believe it just means we shouldn't expect everyone to be able to take
The lemons life gave one and make lemonade.
Jul 05


Is it child abuse?
For the parents of a girl to support her starting puberty blockers, and later estrogen.
Before when she would never speak, wear layers and layers even during hot summer, and draw her hood so tight it was painful.
After when she began to participate, slowly take off those mountains of clothes, and show her face because she finally started feeling comfortable in her body?
Is it still child abuse?

Is it for attention?
When a boy comes out at the age of six.
Where before he would pray for his sex to change, shower in dark rooms, and long to take his life.
Then he stopped those late nights, accepted the light, and started to look forward to the future because other people and himself began to accept him as a boy.
Is it still for attention?

Is it mental illness?
For someone to be open and proud as trans.
Jul 05
poem challenge: Roe v. Wade


Did she really have a choice?
When she found out that the egg she had fought so hard for embedded in her fallopian tube.
Was it really a choice when the other option was death?

Did he really have a choice?
After he was raped and later learned that he'd been inseminated.
Was it really a choice when the other option was being revictimized?

Did they really have a choice?
Living in poverty and unable to provide for themself, much less a child.
Was it really a choice when the other option was making a bad situation worse?

Did she really have a choice?
Being used by the people who she should've been able to trust, who should've protected her.
Was it really a choice when the other option was losing her childhood and possibly her life?

It was a choice.
For the woman who used protection, but it failed.
She had the choice, and she knew what was right for her.

It was a choice.
Jul 02


A choice.
A intregal part of the American idea of freedom.
The freedom pick what happens.

Does it truly exist?
Is it something that we hold?
Or is it the cheese in a mousetrap.
Luring in more and more people with the false belief that they, too, can have it.

If it is a right Americans hold,
Why is it only a select few?
Why is it only the rich, the men, the white, the straight, and the cisgender who posses it?
Why is it limited for everyone else?

How come our pledge ends in "for all,"
When that "all" is an aristocratic few?
Jun 26
poem challenge: Roe v. Wade


I am pro-life.

I am pro the life of the children lost in schools, the places they should've been safe.
I am for the gun control measures that failed that would've saved their lives.
I am pro the life of the woman who tried so hard to have a baby but when she got the greatest news of her life, she also got the worst.
I am for the action of terminating her pregnancy because it was ectopic and would've taken her life if she didn't.
I am pro the life of the man who knew he was sick, yet still refused to seek medical help.
I am for the universal health care that would've given him the means to reach out.

I am pro-choice.

I am pro the choice the girl makes to go on puberty blockers.
I support her because without it, the dysphoria she feels makes it difficult for her to even speak.
I am pro the choice to educate our children.
I support them because without it, history is doomed to repeat itself.
May 09

Little Bird

Pardon me,
Little Bird;
If you would be so kind.

When the time came for you to fly,
Were you ready to leave the nest?
Did you stand on the edge and jump,
Soaring through the sky with your newfound freedom?
Or did your mother pick you up in her beak,
And drop you from that towering oak into harsh reality?

When you were dropped did you learn quick?
Did you spread your wings and glide gently down?
Or did you fall?
Did you come crashing down into the forest floor far below?

When you crashed, what did your mother do?
Did she come and whisk you away to safety?
To nurse you until you were truly prepared?
Or did she leave you writhing below?
To teach you the world is a cruel, cruel place that waited for no one?

Little Bird,
What was it like to fall?
Was it scary?
Did your mother want the best for you?
What was it like to fly?
Was it fun?
May 04

No More Gentle Good Night

Do not go gentle into that good night.
Do not go peacefully, quietly
carried by the soft wind as you sleep
to the dancing sky of stars.

Go fighting.
Kicking, screaming, fists flying
as you fight fate
under the watchful gaze of Father Moon from his place among the cosmos.

Do not surrender to the tempting new dawn.
Grab hold of the fleeting dusk and refuse to let go.
Make such a ruckus even the dead are woken.
Until you, too, escape from the grasp of eternal slumber.
Apr 27

The Bush

Around and around
and around
the bush
deeper and
The bush grows unsteady and falls
on top of
The truth can't be avoided
by trying to go around it.