Jun 05

The Centuries Long Fight

The murder of George Floyd has brought the fight against police brutality back to our attention but hidden from our view has been a long list of wrongful deaths at the hand of law enforcement.
Trayvon Martin was walking to his home with an iced tea and skittles. The police officer who shot him, George Zinneman, was found not guilty.
Keith Scott was reading in a car when he was shot. The police officer was found not guilty.
Atatiana Jefferson was looking out her window when she was shot by a police officer. The police officer is currently under indictment for murder.
Jonathan Ferrell was asking for help after a car accident. He was shot twelve times by police, and the case ended in a mistrial.
Jordan Edwards was riding in a car and was shot in the back of the head by a police officer. Officer was found guilty of murder.
May 25

War for Democracy

In our country, on the day we thank those who have passed defending our country, another war is raging. A civil war for democracy in Hong Kong, one that we have to support and one that is important in their country's history. In the U.S, we could not have won without support from other countries. They can't win without us either.
We have to pick the right side.
May 25

The Hidden Legacy of Hate

What do the people and the government have to do with someone's action of hate? What does it have to do with us? 
It has everything to do with us. When we ignore an act of hate we silently allow it to continue on. When we turn a blind eye we send the message that nothing will be done.
Look at the Upstairs Lounge arson in New Orleans, 1973. Someone lit the gar bar on fire, dousing the stairs in lighter fluid and locking the back door. A church was gathered there at the time. There was a total of sixty present at the time, and thirty-seven of them died. The local radio stations made fun of the incident. The governor and higher government ignored it. The police launched a botched investigation and found no one guilty. The only suspect took his own life in 1980.
Churches refused to host funerals for the victims. Parents disowned and refused to identify bodies. The church that did allow the funerals was attacked by other groups and got hate daily.
Mar 13

We Live In

We live in a society where people would rather suffer through life-threatening injuries than go to the emergency room because they would not be able to afford the cost of care.
We live in a country where the rich are more valued than the common people.
We live in a time where nothing is more important than money.
We live in a system where if you don't consume you are worthless.
We live in an economy where small businesses and family-owned establishments are repeatedly squashed under big cooperation's heels.
We live under a government that are puppets for larger chains and more profitable names.
The way we live now is that only the very fortunate get health care that can actually support them and their families. The things that some people believe are from propaganda in order to keep health care out of our reach.
Jan 30


It's been in my family a while, that farm. Old and rickety, falling apart and rotting away. Still in use by my aunt and uncle, however. 
I hate that farm.
It started pretty normally, just some normal paranoia as a side effect from my anxiety medication. Just a coincidence it kicked up at the farm. Well, I thought at least.
Then I started hearing things. Voices, footsteps following my own. Thought I was imagining things. Hoped I was as well.
Then I saw it for the first time.
A shadow at the end of the barn, running away from me. I thought it was a family member. I was playing hide-and-seek after all. So, of course, I ran after it. I got to the opposite end of the barn.
Nothing. No footprints, no disturbed dust, not a sign of a person being there. 
Then I panicked as a twelve-year-old would. Running as fast as my legs can move back to my dad.
Jan 29


The embodiment of a wolf in sheep's clothing, aren't you?
An innocent puppy turns to a sinister fox. 
And back again.
Cat and mouse, you and I.
You could be the nicest person.
Or the cruelest human alive.
You were a cat to me.
A dog to him.
A crow to her.
So many different forms, but only one truly yours.
You hide it from us, but the truth comes back doesn't it?
A fierce snake, your venom poisonous.
But not always deadly. 
You bite often.
But not always deeply.
You seldom lose your prey.
But you lost me.
Jan 29
rant 0 comments challenge: Step


Rules are meant to be broken; lines are meant to be crossed.
Stepping across a line is crossing the rubicon. The die is cast.
I have stepped across a few too many, the die rolling snake eyes.
I stepped across the line into dangerous waters more than I'd like to admit.
Sometimes that line leads to a meadow in full bloom, the trees are fruitful.
Sometimes I'm pushed over the line, tripping and falling.
The line always blocks something, crossing one is like one door opening and another closing.
Nov 08

welcome back.

Nov 08

To The One(s)

To the ones who feel like family, who helped keep me on track. 

To the ones who feel like parents.

To the one who feels like a grandmother.

To the ones who kept me out of trouble.

To the ones who feel like siblings.

To the ones who feel like aunts and uncles.

To the one who helped me through my darkest time.

To the one I can always laugh with.

Nov 08

The Steps

That moment a child sees their parents cry, they realize something. The world isn’t everything they thought it was. 

That is around six or seven. Say twelve, is when it gets real.

Your mom is broken. She can’t stop crying. She can’t be the adult.

There is no adult.

There is an adult.

You step up, you take the role of the adult.

Step one:

Take care of everyone.

Mom’s eating? Check.

Sister’s under control? Check.

Your needs are taken care of?

That can wait.

Step two:


Pretend everything is okay.

Smile, talk, laugh, repeat.

Keep doing that.

Don’t let anybody in.

Have your excuses ready.

You’re just tired.

You just had health class.

One of your favorite characters got hurt.

Don’t let them know.

Step three: