Feb 27

It's Okay

You stood by my side.
I held your hand,
Clutching it like a small child.

A drumming echoed in my
fingertips. The same 
Drumming I felt when 
We stepped on that rollercoaster.
When we walked into the first 
Day of middle school.

And as we stepped onto 
The dock, the old, withered,
worn out dock
Something felt.


We had been there 
A million times. 
Our footprints had left
Traces, on the history
Of that old time dock.


A boat in the distance.
I was ready to get on that
Boat with you.
It neared us, an unfamilar
But welcomed prescence.


I was excited. You were excited.
There was a connection,
A tie, a rope 
That pulled us closer 
And closer to that loan
Sailboat in the distance.

Little did you know, my friend,
That that rope was tied
Jul 21

Tangled Roots

when two trees surface
into the wrenching winds,
the longing currents, and 
the undeniable horrors
that cannot be avoided,
these two trees accept
that they will be next to
each other for as long
as forever. they are, it 
seems, forced to be 
friends. these two trees
grow up. they both grow 
their leaves, lengthen 
their trunks, and watch
the other grow with age.
they have a bond. a 
forced bond, perhaps,
but nevertheless, a
strong one. as close 
trees grow, their roots
grow to. and as the roots
grow underground, 
undetected, they begin to explore,
on their own, with no control or
restraint. sometimes they venture
into the unknown, and become
tangled in the other's roots.
some tangles are difficult to untie. 
and as the knot of roots becomes
tighter and tighter, the trees
want nothing more than for it
Jun 08

YWP Is Shaping My Life

 The Young Writers Project is a place for me to be free in my opinions.
At school, I am a confident person. I'm friends with the popular girls
I came into school at the beginning of the year as a know-it all. 
I had come from a small school, and although I had friends outside,
It was different to be in school witht them. I'm around everyone,
everyday, constantly. I found this difficult, because I had to adjust
to their friendships, and my new friendships. I soon learned that
in order to have a social life where people didn't gossip about me, I 
would have to stop raising my hand as much, act less smart, but still
be confident enough to not be a loner. I would have to dress a certain 
way. I've always been what I like to call an "athletic formality." I noticed,
coming into my school, that "cool" people wore very casual things, but
they still looked like they could be on the Oscars Red Carpet. I started 

Apr 23

Very Far Away

Once Upon a Time, in a land very far away, lived a perfect world. In this world was a single country. There, everyone had a say, and everyone had a choice. In this perfect world, everyone accepted and loved each other. Everyone was family, and everyone agreed. Agreed on what, you might ask. Well, let's just say that there were no disputes on whether or not the country should launch a missile on other living people. For some absurd reason, they always agreed against it. In this country, everyone was fed, everyone was sheltered. Everyone had free healthcare, and education. There was no unfair government, because, again, everyone agreed. And in a small town in this country lived a girl. She had everything she needed. She had food, she had shelter, she had education. She was loved. However, she was intelligent, and saw through the curtains everyone else seemed to live behind. She saw the flaws. She saw the outcasts, the people who were cared for, but not loved.
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Feb 27

Millions of Sighs

I was sitting there. 
         Listening to the airy silence you hear                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
When you know it isn't the time to talk.
Then I heard a sound.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
It was as quiet as the noise you hear
When a feather duster sweeps across a desk.                                                                                                                                                                         
Feb 10

To Make a Wish

To make a wish.
I've wished for a
Lot of things in my life. 
Some of them being
Very unrealistic.
I am blowing out a dandelion, or 
A candle on my birthday.
When the clock says
11:11. Or when I see
A star in the sky,
Looking up at the splay of
Deep velvet.
And then I see a single star,
The earlybird
Who wants to be seen by the
Billions of eyes
That could be looking at it.
But before all of that,
Of course, I have to make a wish.
And for some reason, 
I find making the wish
A struggle.
A wish of pure intent
Or a wish that I know is selfish, or vain.
A wish that I want.
A wish that I need. 
I have to decide.
And every single time
I see that dandelion,
Or the candle,
Or the clock,
Or the star,
I still make the same wish.
Every single time.
Because I would rather want
Jan 27

Moving Backward

I am speaking.
Trying to decide what should be
My next move.
What the best strategy would be.

I step forward
Only to be swept back two spaces
By the neverending current
Holding me back.

Holding everyone back.
That current is made up
Of hatred, political anger,
And power in the wrong hands.

In the wrong hands.
The hands of power that
Is supposed to be restrictive.

Supposed to be restrictive.
We live in a country of 
Racism, despute,
That get's no where.
It only pulls us back.

To be fair,
It frankly disgusts me.

And I know that a massive nation
Of strong, inspiring, and nasty
Human beings
Are enraged by the restriction
Thrown carelessly apon us.

I'm not talking about the kind of anger
That forms a violent rebellion to overtake
Dictators, like in books.
Jan 25

A twenty-first century pterodactyl.

A twenty-first century
Let me tell you about him.
I've never been fond of him.
He has a peculiar shade of skin.
Almost like an old peach.
He also has scales running down his back.
They're hidden by his designer suit.
He's not like other's of his species.
Because he is a singular species.
There are no orange pterodactyls
beside him. He was born,
I don't know, 230 million years ago?
Actually, I'm 98% positive he is
the only dinosaur still living.
He used to host a reality TV show.
But he retired from that job a while ago.
He lives in the white house now.
Jan 24

Easy things can be harder than hard things

I am told: 
Who I should be
Who I shouldn't be
Who I should talk to
Who I shouldn't talk to
What I should do
What I shouldn't do
What I am
What I am not
When I can talk
When I can't talk
When I can
When I can't
Where I should 
Where I shouldn't 
Where I can
Where I can't
How I should act
How I shouldn't act
How I should 
How I shouldn't
Excuse me, I'm sorry, I thought
That I live in free country?
Whoops, my mistake.

I don't get it...
We abolished slavery (kind of)
We earned a couple of rights for women (a couple)
But I still don't qualify as my own person?
Why are easy things harder than hard things? 

Jan 15

50 years

50 years since
A change, a difference,
Was taken.

50 years since 
A time where whites 
Started to view the world as one.

50 years since 
America realized the
Oppression that it had created.

50 years since 
An entire nation realized
What one person can do.

50 years since humanity
Destroyed a thoughtful, equal being
Who only saw potential.




50 years since everyone 
Recognized what those
Words mean.