Feb 01
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Tom: Hard Work is Rewarded

(From the Vermont Writes Day Challenge, Jefferson)

This is the story of Tom, a man who has given his life to football.

Tom grew up as a pretty normal boy, with a very strong arm and a hatred for losing. It became apparent that the sport Tom was best at was football. He was given a full scholarship to play quarterback at Michigan.
Apr 15
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Keep Us Children Safe

We see the videos of kids like us on both sides: some are pro-gun control and some don't want any restrictions on guns.  But before we talk about the solution to the problem, we must first fully understand what this is all about.  This issue is about teenagers not being killed at their schools, a place where they are supposed to have problems, but none that kill them.  Adding restrictions may help keep guns out of the wrong people's hands, but there are already too many guns available to dangerous people.  So are we supposed to accept that students can get killed and there is nothing we are supposed to do about it?  Slowing the sale of semi and fully automatic weapons is just one problem.  It also is about finding a way to educate gun owners so that they understand the power of the weapon they own.  Along with background checks, there needs to be some kind of gun safety course for people who want to own a gun.  At the end of it, there must be a test to make sure we do not put
Feb 19
essay 1 comment challenge: MLK
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In our daily lives, we are often afraid of what we do not know.  Martin Luther King Jr., you faced the fear of death every day and still managed to live with it as you changed America's history.  Now it seems the whole country is afraid of one another because of our different looks, color, or religion.  
We must re-teach ourselves that our different looks do not make us enemies, and that hatred is the worst tool in the world.  Being afraid slowly leads to a hatred that cannot be stopped.  Teaching love needs to start in homes, be reflected in what is taught in schools, and reinforced within communities.
Feb 15
essay 0 comments challenge: Prez
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Letter to the President

Dear Mr. Trump,
Please step down from offfice.  You are racist, sexist, and bigoted.  These ideals to not reflect the majority of Americans today, and it is ruining our democracy.  
You are a narcissist who is incapable to think about others.  Of the fifteen symptoms of clinical narcissism, you have all fifteen.  By only looking out for yourself, you cannot represent this country.  
You are a liar as well.  One instance of this is you signed a tax bill that benefits the wealthy while harming our middle and lower taxes.  This came after you said that the tax bill would raise your taxes while lowering those is economic classes below you.
You are also an unhealthy human being who spends more time watching television than you do governing the country.  Aside from this physical standpoint, you are also mentally unfit to run the country.