May 01


He sat in his chair,
He watched raindrops
Chase each other down
The window.
His eyes sat tired,
Staring into emptiness.
He felt it coming,
Too soon.

He remembered a time
When he would run
Out into the rain.
His yellow rain boots
Splashing in the mud.
Mud pies for lunch
Soaked hair and
Runny noses.
A gray sky always
Meant fun.

He remembered a time
When he would chase
His dog outside
In the field.
They’d sneak into
Their neighbor's yard
And steal their flowers
For his mom.

He remembered a time
When he would play with toys
And then with friends.
But he got a job
And a wife,
And his innocence disappeared
When he fought in
The jungle
And killed men
In cold blood.

After all of that,
He dies here.
In his chair.
Alone, thinking.
Apr 03
poem 1 comment challenge: Home

West Coast

If home is where the heart is,
my heart lies in the sand.
Not just any sand, but 
the sand of Santa Monica
where I 
hear children's screams of
waves crashing and a constant
smell of 

If there's no place like home,
then no place will ever,
be able to make me smile
like handprints in cement
and stars trampled by

If you always find your way back home,
then I will always return
to the sunshine coast
where redwoods scrape
the sky, (I mean the 

Movies always teach about the importance
of home. However
I will be watching movies
with the stars
who star in them. 

When you're here your home
is what I will say
as I stand in busy LA
next to the struggling,
the stars,
the people with dreams.
And among them will be
Apr 03

Welcome to My Garden

All it took was one stupid boy
Who didn’t give her a chance
To make her realize
She was worth millions.

Her entire life she’s been
Obsessed. With boys, their
Opinions and will they ever
Like her?

She’d taken herself down
Levels because a guy was already
thereAnd he was willing to give
her a chance. She shouldn’t

Have taken it. However
From this dark place
She only grew. Into the
Most beautiful sunflower

Anyone had ever seen.
She dedicated her life to make
Sure all women join her
Garden of self-worth

And confidence. Everyone
Is allowed as long as they
Are good, kind, and most
Importantly, female.

Mar 27

Last June

Oh, how I hate you so
You make my skin crawl from my
Head to my toes
And yet I can’t outrun you
No matter how hard I try
To escape I can’t because
You’re everywhere I go.

You used me, ruined me
Made me feel like shit.
You touched places on my body
While I did nothing to stop
These unwanted things
Because I felt guilty
From your constant reminders

That you liked me, wanted
To do things with me. I did not want to
But felt bad, your feelings were
Hurt by my lack of interest
And so, of course, it's my job
To give in, to give up
To let you have me as you wanted.

You tell me today, I wanted it.
But you don’t know how I wish
Your lips had never touched mine
I wish your hands hadn’t traced me
Like a picture you’d throw away.
Your obsession may have made you sad
But it killed me through and through.
Dec 07
fiction 0 comments challenge: Power

Time and Space

Posters of stars and planets seemed to orbit around this girl's bedroom as she lay sprawled out on her bed. As she stared at her roughly copied glow in the dark star constellations, she pondered what she wanted most in the world. She knew everyone else in the world was ready to present their superpowers and gain what they thought would make them incredible. This girl didn't want to be incredible though, she wanted to keep her life but perhaps add a little more ease. She had thought about the basics: flying, invisibility, and super speed, but none of them clicked with her. She needed to choose something no one would think of. 
Dec 07

Imaginary Friends

The dark water loomed beneath the fog; the jagged rocks hiding just below the surface. The rusty metal pole Ethan held on to seemed colder than ice. The late fall air filled his lungs as he took in shaky breaths. The drop down to the river only seemed to grow with each fleeting moment. Ethan cleared his mind. He climbed up onto the guardrail that kept him from the river. His grip on the pole grew loose. He looked down, let out a breath, and extended a leg….

   “Hey, mister!” said a little voice. Ethan froze and lost his balance. He quickly hugged the pole with both arms to catch himself. He lowered himself onto the bridge again and looked with wide eyes at the voice.

A little girl in a puffy pink coat with polka dot tights stood at the end of the old railroad bridge. Her blonde hair was in short pigtails, and she wore sparkly purple shoes that matched her backpack. She began to walk out over the widely spaced tracks.
Oct 17


I saw the place where bread is baked
And wanted out of the snowflakes
So I went inside to get some bread
But on the sign I hit my head.
Snow soaked my head and filled my coat
And The heat inside began to gloat.
I rolled my eyes and opened the door
But I missed the wet sign for the floor
And slipped and fell right on my ass
(While many other customers passed).
I stood up slow watching for hazards
And heard the whirr and hum of batter.
I smelt the scent of fresh cupcakes
And ignored my dairy stomach ache.

I went and ordered one (dozen)
And ate them fresh from the oven
But as I went to leave the store
I slipped, my cupcakes hit the floor.
Three wasted, (as I’d eaten nine)
Don’t even ask if I am fine.
I simply wanted fresh warm cake
But I just never catch a break.

Oct 16


It’s been a week since you pulled
Away from me. Since you told me
You didn’t want to talk.
But I still see you every day
Even if there’s silence.
I know things will get better.

It’s been a month since the day you
Said you never wanted to see me again.
And now you are going to get help
And I used to be the one you went to
When you needed help
And now I need you.
Now I need help.

It’s been four months and you’ve
Cut off all contact with me.
I only hear rumors from strangers about
Your new school, new friends, new life.
The one without me.
The one where you’re trying to forget.

It’s been six.
I cry about you every couple of weeks
As I scroll through my hundreds of memories
And think about how much I loved you,
And the times you said it back ,
And how I felt about you and ,
You didn’t even know how much you mattered.
May 23

The Rain's Dance

Today it is raining
The skies are dark, the clouds gray
The brooks are far past babbling.

My mind seems to be cast away,
And while Watching the droplets fall
Down dancing in their own ballet.

I see they are dancers at a ball
Moving in perfect harmony
Without any cares at all.

They hit the ground finally free
And run away together
Until they reach the vast expanse of sea,

Where they once were
Until picked up high
Separating their deep amore.

But raindrops, they can’t die
Instead, they get a new journey
From the ground to the sky

I wish I was a raindrop, beautiful and free
But instead, I’m just trapped inside me.

Apr 30
poem 0 comments challenge: Last


This is your last chance
To see those faces you always see
At a passing glance.
And now you know you need

To know their names.
You walk by the unfamiliar trophy case
filled with wins from games
Of people who were once in the same place

as you are now.
And as you sit down in the desks
You always found uncomfortable, you ask, “how?
How did I miss so much? Through every test

And quiz and homework problem
Did I really miss it all?”
And as your classmates drum
Their fingers on their desk you look at it all

And realize, you didn’t miss anything
You got it all. From friends
Leaving you, and many things
Stressing you until your at wit's end

And so much homework your back
Permanently is bent
From the weight of your backpack.
But yet, nothing meant

That much in the end. This was just a chapter
In an all too short life.