Jun 09
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The Living room Door

They sat at the table, a family of four, and along came a knock on the living room door.

One stood up on the floor, got up from the table to go to the door.

They sat at the table, a family of three, all of them wondering, “Who could that be?”

They sat and they waited, they waited and they sat, all straining their necks to see what they could see.

One more got up to look for the first,

The other two were busy fearing the worst.

One more got up leaving the last all alone, sitting and worrying, and wondering if anyone else was at home. 

Finally he left, and wandered out the door, leaving just me and the table that once sat a family of four.
Apr 03
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A Raining Gold, Puppies Running Around Everywhere, and Bacon-Growing-on-Trees Kind of Day

        I woke up feeling great, not a woke-up-on-the-right-side-of-the-bed great, but an even better great, a raining gold, puppies running around everywhere, and bacon-growing-on-trees great. 
       I jumped out of bed, and my dog, a ten-year-old dog who still acts like a puppy, was there to greet me. I got dressed, and the aroma of bacon wafted around the house. I looked at my clock and my heart missed a beat. It was nearly 10:00 o'clock. I ran down the stairs and asked my mum why my alarm was turned off. She said we had a ‘tornado day.’
       I was confused, but apparently we had had tornado warnings, so on a perfect day, we had a tornado day, and no school.
       I was ecstatic. Everything had gone right. I sat down and listened to the sizzling of the bacon, the chirping of the birds, so blissful, so quiet....
Mar 21
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For Now

Birds chirping,
Grass whispering,
All is well, for now.

Sitting down,
Pulling on the hood,
It's all coming back to me now.

Standing up,
Looking up,
The desire to escape now.

Words fall like a flood,
Memories come back like the rain,
Nothing can stop this now.

Cold hard truth, 
Harsh cruel regrets,
No way to stop this now.

My brain is my own jail,
My wandering mind the jailer,
This is unstoppable now.

My eyes flutter open,
I look at the sky,
The memories are fading now.

The flood of words recedes 
The torrent of memories cease,
All is well, for now.

Jan 30
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And That Changed Everything.


Evergreen trees draped with snow,
the pitter patter of falling snow,
the beauty of the moment.
And that changed everything.
I should of heard,
the rumbling of the snow.
I should've known, 
to run.
And that changed everything.
The rumble grew louder,
and me,
caught up in the beauty of the moment,
dismissed the noise,
as just a normal noise.
And that changed everything.
As the noise grew louder,
I started to think,
but the time for thinking was over,
the time to run was now.
And that changed everything.
I should've made the connection,
I should of ran.
And that changed everything.
My chance to run was over,
and just like that I was done.
And that changed everything.

Jan 04
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Nothing Can Save Me Now

The balloons are dragged down
No time to run to the town
Nothing can save me now

Three white pearly spheres
Emitting nothing but fear
Nothing can save me now

Like the buffalo,
The orbs have stood since long ago
Nothing can save me now

The wind roars and howls
Like a great beast on the prowl
Nothing can save me now

As the balloons hit the lake,
The amends I need to make
Nothing can save me now
Oct 31
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Opposite But Alike

As I looked out the window, into the darkness, I thought about how peaceful it was, and how calming it was to get a chance to get to truly see nothing. With all the loud, bright cars and the blaring neon signs screaming, “ We're Open,” Or, “Buy Me!” It was a rare occurrence to truly see nothing.  It was very peaceful the mere seconds it lasted when all of the sudden the street was filled with a brilliant, divine, indigo light. I flinch back, the bring light shocking me out of my trance-like moment. The light dims, almost as if it was trying to calm me. I open my window ajar, and could practically feel the light, it was warm, but perfectly cold at the same time, it tickled a little bit, not too much to be annoying, but just enough to be enjoyed. It was appealing to the eyes as well, calming them, just as the short-lived darkness had.
Mar 25
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More wrong than possible

I thought I knew the answer, but I was wrong… More wrong than I thought humanly possible. It was the wrongest of the wrong assumptions. A so-insanely-super-very-wrong day. It started out with a normal March day, muddy, cold, rainy, just an awful day, but typical of March. I roll out of bed, and get dressed and stumble down the stairs, still half asleep and decided that it would be a perfect day to got through with my perfect plan. I just don't want to talk about it, it was so embarrassing, more embarrassing than I thought possible. I'm not talking about it any more, but all I have left to say is that it was the worst thing that could happen every.

Jan 06
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I Remember…

Jan 06
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In the Moment

Nov 19
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Hidden Footsteps


               That's all I heard, just the clip-clop noise coming from what seemed like behind me.  It was behind me when I woke up, it was behind me at breakfast.  “Clip-clop,” “Clip-clop.”  I decided a walk in the woods would do me good, a chance to clear my mind.  It was starting to drive me crazy.  Instead of clearing my brain of the strange noise, it adapted to my location, turning into a “Clip-clop, rustle, rustle.”