Oct 06
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Winter, such a bleak time
but in some way magical.
With all of winter's great, fluffy snow
it's a shame that it's dark
when I get home from school.

What is better 
than after a great day with the skis,
than coming home
to hot food and TV?

Winter, when my hands dry up
and my house works to stay warm.
I roll in the snow like a child and wonder
without the snow, what would life be?

This season is such a meaningful time
for all people like me.
And while it is below zero out there,
I appreciate me,
and this massive warm box I call home.

Winter, when we all curl up
like tiny little kittens.
Some people wish to find warmth down south,
While others must stay in this white heaven.

I go outside and watch my breath
float away in the wind,
I cannot believe this will end,
But also want spring to begin
Oct 11
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My life's turning point

I stared up at the starry sky,
listened to the creek.
My life may be changed forever,
in just one short week.

I appreciated the peace of midnight,
as I dreamed of glory.
Would I be famous next week,
or would my efforts be a dull story?

I fell asleep,
thinking of greats of the past.
Thinking I could be one of them
far from the normal amassed.

Next week it would be over
would I no longer experience critique?
Or, wouldn't it be a shame I thought,
if my future wanted to be bleak.
Oct 11
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I know a guy who does everything right.  He goofs off in class, never studies at home, but will still score A+ on his math test.  No one can explain him.  The teachers are baffled.  He has always been this way, twice as lucky as we dreamed of ourself.  He does have a catch though, every step he takes turns into four leaf clovers.  He used to have to ride a skateboard around the halls at school and he would do professional tricks effortlessly.  He does aggrivate me though, I have landed in detention twice because his luck makes the teacher blame another for his mischief.
Recently, his parents bought him basketball shoes that are thousands of dollars but he does not turn them into clovers.  He joined the basketball team, and the players only have to pass it to him and he will make a shot from anywhere on the court.  He wants to be in the NBA.  He also golfs, and recently became the first person ever to get a round of only eagles even though he is only fourteen.
Oct 10
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It had been a long time, but now he was here.
He had come out of the darkness
I tried to remember the time he left years ago
With his plans unknown, his ambitions artless.

He was here, at last
Looking at me with confusion
Before my blue eyes.
"Is that you?" he asked, as if I were an illusion

I knew he would return.
Because he must not have left.
He must have known, that among my friends
His absence was like a theft

I could speak to him at last.
He was now here
And he said this to me,
"It's been a long time, but now, my friend, I am here."
Oct 07
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Space, to me, is not just a number.
It is the fondness that joins one to another.
Space, to me, is a feeling
that makes a person feel more appealing.
Space, to me, is about emotions.
That when near, may receive promotions
Space, to me, tests a relationship's will.
It decides if love is still or ill.
Oct 06
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the talking round rock

I am a strange creature.

I am round as a bowling ball with three inch arms and legs.  I live in a small log cabin because last week I was denied a proper home that I wanted to purchase.  I eat leaves and bugs; I tried normal food once but the grocery store lady told me to get out or she will call the police.  I see people once a month and half the people I see are cops because the other half called 911 and labeled me as 'dangerous paranormal phenomenon.'

I am, however, a millionaire thanks to a wifi motem and computer I stole from Best Buy.  I didn't really steal them, I left the $820 combined cost on the manager's desk.  This was nearly all the money I had.  I created a free website where I sell clothes I knit and sew.  I also have a youtube channel where I game and upload gaming videos.  I never imagined my round self being so successful online, where people believe me a human like any other.
Oct 01
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Yes sir, I am different
And some may say I am weird.
I will study for fun on weekends.
And to my friends this is significant.

I may be different, yes
But in my soul I love to have fun.
But fun is different to me,
Just as it is for everyone.

All of them may tell me that I should play Fortnite,
But that's not what I want to do,
I would rather wake early morning,
and start trying to write

So yes sir, I am different in the soul
Than what most think a kid should.
But in the end I am still human,
And I am still good.
Oct 01
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the little bigfoot

It is September 22,

It is no different of a day for most of us
But for my brother, it is quite important
He grows hair, everywhere,
And shriks to a foot less.

He will be sasquatch when he grows up, I swear
My own little brother.
And on this day, he becomes
A human magnet, beware

But this magnet, it does not attract,
It will repel you away for nine months,
Until he loses the last hair in June
He might never get a girlfriend.

My brother, though, I believe he is cool.
Because on a snowy day,
He can jump out the window in his shorts,
And roll the day away.

Mom wants him to see a specialist.
But he insists,
He just wants to live his life,
without anyone who resists
Sep 22
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Dreaming of Home

Walking around the city,
a place I had never been.
Feeling lost, in a pity
and nowhere near being found.

Desperate for a trace of home, was I
Wishing to again see myself,
sitting under a tree eating pie.
Happy as could be at home.

Reflecting on how I got here,
wondering how it could be.
Longing for my friends, wishing one was near,
those neighbors I should not have left.

I jumped as I felt a tap on my back,
but from somewhere I knew
this was no attack.
I turned around and said "Hello!"

It was my best friend Jack.