May 22

was i the one that got away?

You bet I think that I’m too good for you

I bet you think that I’m too good too

We both know you were a fool

That you were stupid to let me get away

That in the end, you failed at keeping me at bay

I know you tried but it wasn’t enough

And now I cry

Cause maybe we were wrong and it's me

What if you’re the lock and I’m you’re key

That I'm cancer and your my antidote

What if we let each other get away

Cause we're both fools

I found an old photo of us in the rain

We were so in love it gave us pain

U hurt me I hurt u

I healed you u healed me

We loved each other and we felt like fools

Cause in the end

It's you that held my hand

Cause maybe we were wrong and it's me

What if I’m the lock and ur my key

That you’re cancer and I’m the antidote
May 07


My hands shake

My feet pace

And even though I see a rainbow,

All of the colors don’t really show

I wait and wait

Until you decide my fate

Can I stay or should I go

Will I live will it show

May 07

sOmeOnE SaId

Someone said she looked pretty today

But she looked in the mirror and asked if they were okay

Someone said his voice sounded beautiful

But he just laughed and asked if they were hard of hearing

Someone said she was a good person

But she felt like living was a sin and asked if she could be forgiven

Someone said I was unable to accept compliments

But I told them that I didn’t accept lies
Mar 07


sometimes we dream,

and sometimes we lie,

at times it is lost,

and at times it went awry,

sometimes we change,

but sometimes we die,

at times it is fake,

and at times you try,
Mar 01
poem 0 comments challenge: Home


What is home?
Is it a place where you know you're always welcome?
Is it a place where you can be yourself?
Does it have to be a place?
Is a home only one place, or person?
What's my home?
Who is my home?
My home is my birthplace
My home is my friends and family
I don't physically live in my home
I'm only there mentally and emotionally.
My definition of home is a place, person, or thing where you will always belong
Do you belong in a home?
My definition of home is not physical. No, it's not a place where I sleep
Is your home physical?
My definition of home is a place where I can always laugh and make others laugh with me.
What's your definition of home?

Feb 11

Our secret

Hello old friend

Yes, darkness I’m back again

I wish I could say I’ve missed you

But, I always knew I’m still filled with rue

And I guess you knew the secret too

This time I won’t last

But we’ll have such a blast
Jan 24

pretty little things

Pretty little fears

We gather and creep up on your dears

Pretty little fear

Better keep the little ones near

Away from the shadows

Hiding with the weeping widows

Away from here

With your blackened tear

Pretty little fears

We whisper in your ears

Pretty little fear

Don’t lie and cheer

Let us consume you

Don’t cry in your rue

Pretty little fear

We smile while you sneer.

Pretty little fears

The pretty little things you don’t see

Yes, we are full of beauty
Jan 08

WakE uP!

Who are you?

Who am I?

Why is society the way it is?

When will we draw the line

When will we stand up and change

Oh how far we’ve gone in time

Oh how little in change

What will have to happen to make us wake up

What has to happen before we realize the power is in us?

In you and me

When will we realize that it’s the small things that matter

it ‘s those that make up the big thing

When will we realize that we should unite and move on together

Instead of breaking apart and arguing about what has happened

Wake up

Who are we

Who do we want to be

What do we want

How are we gonna get it

Wake up

Realize that in the end, it's us vs us

That, in the end, its friend vs friend

That in the end, we’re just human
Jan 04


Should I laugh and forget,

or share and belittle?

Should I embrace and feel pathetic,

or discard and feed it?

Should I fake my pride,

or should I show lies?

Should I cower behind them,

or should I face them and cry?
Jan 02

ME or US??

Yes, you broke me,

but you fixed us.

Yes, you stole me,

but you took care of us.

Yes, you tore me,

but you melded us.

Yes, you made me hate me,

but, you made me love us.

Yes, these are lies,

but the true answer is us.

Yes, you’re poison,

but our antidote is us.