Dec 20
poem 0 comments challenge: Unusual


Sitting right there,
On that picnic bench,
I see,
Two girls
With different faces,
And the same stories
One cried and one smiled,
One got used to it, and one gave up,
The first one was overtaken by anger,
And the second one buried it down with a smile,
And now they meet,
Introduced by a mutual person,
Sitting on a picnic bench,
They stare at each other and hesitate,
The sun and the moon,
Both bright and forever fighting,
They look down at the splintered wood of the picnic bench,
They are hurt, but fight,
They love themselves, but they are lost,
Two lost souls,
Splintered and bruised.
Oct 24
poem 0 comments challenge: Sprout


I cry
I curl up
and time stops
until I'm trapped... 
I want to stop
I want to smile
and hide
but I can't
I want to keep it in
and leave me to be
but I know 
the truth will hurt me
my feelings are too loud
Oct 15

i love feeling emotions

i love being happy

i love the warmth and the light bounce in my step

happiness always comes back; no matter how long you’ve been without it 

i love being sad

i love letting go of everything that’s been making things hard and letting myself deal

sadness isn’t something that you should suppress or bury; it’s normal

i love being mad

it riles me up like nothing else and it feels so good

anger isn’t something to be ashamed about it’s something meant to feel, re-think, and then move on

feeling emotions other than happiness is okay

Feeling emotions shouldn’t be taken for granted.
Jul 30


The sun rays touching my skin remind me I'm alive
But how is this reality? 
That all of these people have been ended by a tragedy 
The wind whispering by reminds me I'm alive
But tell me how is this true?
That a bag of skittles scared you blue
The music pumping through my body reminds me I'm alive
But am I really because the peacful protest have ended with vexation 
started by those who didn't deserve an invitation
The blood pulsing through my body reminds me I'm alive
I'm alive and living a breathing nightmare

Jul 24
poem 0 comments challenge: I am ...

I am

I feel like a little bird,
Trapped in a small cage,
Trapped by society's gaze,
Trapped by my own race,
I am not a bird,

I feel like a tree,
Reaching for the sun,
Reaching for a chance,
Reaching as high as I can,
I am not a tree,

I feel like a flower,
Getting picked on by people who run,
Getting picked on by everything's glare,
Getting picked on by how I look,
I am not a flower,

I feel like everything that I am not,
I am treated as everything other than a human being,
For my race makes it as though I am undeserving of being treated as a human,
Our lives matter,
My life matters,
I am a human,
I am a person of color.
Apr 05



They say that you’re the answer
The savior that we’ve been waiting for
The thing that many have wished for
Will you be granted to me
Or will you leave me again?
I wait and wait for you
The taker and the giver of things
Please be my answer
And do the right thing
Take me away from all of the pain
Let the darkness suffer alone
For the answer was taken again.
Mar 26


Why are we asking for justice
From the cops that don’t even trust us
Believe us!
Why do we think that they can help us fix this
If they are the ones that caused this
Support us!
Why should I have to fight for a chance
When it should have already been given to me
Defend us!
Why do they think that it’s all behind us
When it’s happening right in front of their eyes
See us!
Mar 14
poem 0 comments challenge: Starry

a starry night

I inhale your scent,
Just wondering what you meant,
I gazed into the night,
What a beautiful sight,
The moon and stars,
Like bright dotted scars,
The wind whips me; whisking out to the sea,
Taking bits and pieces of thee,
I hum an old tune,
Walking into the dune, 
The sand; soft, yet brittle,
It digs into my skin little by little,
I walk to the water, dropping your jotter,
I start to tread,
Making my bed,
But, the I realize the truth,
'Twas a great deal of ruth.
Mar 14

My Body is the Limit

It hides and restricts me,
It needs me to be careful,
Who's careful? Me?
Me who is never fearful?
It does not allow me to fly and soar,
It makes me feel small,
It just makes me want to roar!
Then they will know who's small, 
it refuses to cooperate with me,
instead, we clash and betray
the owner of this body is me,
but at the end of the day,
I have to stay in a body, 
that always tries to stop me,
Feb 27


I feel like one of the most moving and dramatic words is: almost,
"I almost gave up many years ago." said the man who fought for his dream since he could remember,
"She almost stayed." said the guy who pushed away his loved one because he didn't know how to handle her love,
"I almost lost." said the person who finally overcame their depression,
Almost is a moving, dramatic word that can leave you so hopeful or hopeless,
It changes so much with, or without its presence.