Oct 24


I cry
I curl up
and time stops
until I'm trapped... 
I want to stop
I want to smile
and hide
but I can't
I want to keep it in
and leave me to be
but I know 
the truth will hurt me
my feelings are too loud
Sep 20

dim star light

i had faith for you like i did the stars,

i rarely see them, but i know they’re always shining,

it hurt to start to turn the light on because yours wasn’t bright enough, 

that was the warning sign that you were giving up.
Sep 19


Rripples in the seas,
Eruptions in the volcanoes,
I feel a little naive,
I feel completely at ease,
A hymn in the Himalaya, 
A whisper in the the wind,
A sin for today and a sin for the, next day,
A win immediately after and a win, the moment it ends tomorrow.
Aug 07

They’re Done

Your third wheel is flat.
They’re done hanging around
They want to roll away into the sun and never ever have to look at your backs

Your therapist friend is healed
They’re done being taken advantage of
They’ve finally attended one of their own sessions and they want to make money with their gift 

Your overachiever is tired
They’re done trying to have everything in control while you just sit back and relax
They want to take a step back and never come back
Aug 07

I’ve changed, but I haven’t moved on

I’ve rebranded and changed my image
Because my kindness was pillaged
So, I’m no longer very timid
But I stand here feeling livid
Cause you’ll never see this pivot 
You’ll always see me as the person who will divot
Who will change and break for you While you never visit
Balance was all that I wanted to elicit 
But it was something I never got which was just terrific
Aug 06


i was like the clouds
cycling between being full and being empty
sometimes i just feel so full
and so i let it go
and i let it out
i water it out until i’m hollowed out 
and i feel light again
and i feel kind of small
but that’s alright cause i keep cycling on 

and he was like the sun
the closer you got to him 
the more your sorrows melted
and they melted
and melted
and now your skin is also melting

it’s not his fault though 
it’s just how he is
how can he dim his shine 
Jul 02
poem challenge: Start

am i unbothered?

it all started when you left me
and i felt nothing 
absolutely unbothered
i wasn’t biased
or hurt
you could never touch me
your words don’t have anything on me
and your actions couldn’t be more meaningless
and as i say this i feel like i dig at myself
like every word i say is a sin
am i lying to myself?
do you mean something to me?
did you actually get under my skin?
do i still care?
did i ever stop?
what does all this mean?
Jul 02

what a shame

i keep spinning in circles, in circles
i don’t know if it’s my fault, my fault
cause every time i get better it never seems to last
i can’t help but blame myself
but it’s not totally heartfelt 
i think it might be time to blast
i know that you can see me, see me
even though you don’t believe it, believe it
that i’m no longer the same
i used to be the lamest
is this really my payment?
wow, this is all a great shame
Jul 02

strong eyes

and i try 
so hard to find your eyes
your eyes that always look so bright
the ones that keep me from falling off
your eyes they give me might 
to try again
but your eyes they don’t seem fine.
i can see how much they put up a fight 
to not let those tears escape
but they escaped
and that’s okay
it’s quite alright to break
Jul 02
poem challenge: Lightning

the sky is breaking

Lightning is often described as frightening.
I guess I can see that.
My cat likes to jump every time it cracks
It flashes and vanishes.
And sometimes I don't quite know Why it seems so scary.
Honestly it looks so pretty! 
When it streaks across the sky in Such a sudden way that, when timed right, it seems like the sky is breaking.
But I guess the sky breaking can be a little frightening.