Sep 14


He  still loves you, 
Something like that doesn’t fade away,
It’s tough to let go when all you can do is hold on,
Cause his love for you is the only thing that’s keeping him up,
But he needs to let go even if he falls down
She can’t see you,
Someone blindly in love can’t see the truth,
It’s tough to look behind the beautiful painting she painted of you,
But she needs to peel it down even if the real thing isn’t as perfect
I never loved you,
It wasn’t until I was tested could I see my feign,
It’s tough to know when I couldn’t even love myself,
But I need to know myself before I try to love someone else. 
Sep 14


I finally can tell who’s looking back at me
   I now can see what they were talking about
      I am great
         I am beyond
            I am me 
               My eyes get blurry
                 I feel okay
                   I feel great
                      I feel free
                        One step forward
                          Don’t look back
                             I look happy
                               I look brave
                                 I look great
                                   I leap and flap my wings
                                     I soar through the sky
Aug 29

8 ways

I’m scared

I’m scared of the power you have over me

I’m petrified that if I lose you it will break me

I’m frightened of what I’ll do for u

I’m frantic about how about this will go

I’m agitated that you're not giving me your all

I’m fearful that you don’t have my back

I’m horrified that you might be using me

I’m afraid of what is happening to me.

Aug 29

Beauty and the lengths one may go to

Bright sun rays beam straight onto my skin,
I hum, for you may be beautiful, but you can slowly kill me,
A huge rush of billowing wind makes me twirl in the air,
I laugh, for the joy you give me may give too much of a chill,
The gushing water soaks and glides onto my skin,
I’m cheering, for one single movement could take me to my demise,
I look at the pretty shimmery colors of the box jellyfish,
I smile, for one looping tentacle can have me dead in a few minutes,
The world is full of such beauty, but at what lengths will you go to find it and touch it.
Aug 25

Still With Me

I heard your laugh last week,
the same booming thing that always had me smiling,
I saw your hair yesterday,
the same wispy, locks,
I smelled your body spray today,
the same smell that had me wanting more,
I felt your grave this morning,
nothing will ever feel the same with you in there,
I already said goodbye to you, but I’m glad you’re still with me.
Aug 04

Ride or Die

Ride or die got me waiting for tomorrow 

I love you, gave me a big hug

I am sorry, whistled by like a bullet

I like you, lodged into me like a tranquilizer dart

I hate you, smashed me into the ground 

I missed you, kissed me like a feather

I trust you, leapt me to the stars

I don’t like you, slapped me into tomorrow

I respect you, gave me a rush of hope

I’m always here, got me feeling loved

Ride or die, got me waiting for tomorrow
Jul 28

it’s all my fault right?


I didn’t turn out right and I can’t look at u in the eye because I agree with u

I have myself to blame for that 

I mean it’s my fault that I can’t look at myself, either

Its my fault that I sometimes cry myself to sleep

It’s my fault that I didn’t live up to ur expectations 

It’s my fault that u helped me learn to care about what others think

It’s my fault that I learned to take less then I deserve

It’s my fault that society made us think that I turned out wrong

I’m sorry. It’s all my fault, right?
Jul 28

we aren’t so nice

We look at u in hope 

In hope that u fall 

We listen to u so we can try to make fun and imitate u

We hang around u to laugh at ur stupidity 

We give u bad advice to lead u astray

We are jealousy, revenge, anger, and we aren’t so nice
Jul 28

(Not) okay

I’m not okay 

It’s okay that I’m not who I used to be

It’s not okay that u are trying to get me to fake being okay

I wish I was okay, but I’m not

It’s not okay that u make me feel not okay

It’s okay that I can’t smile all of the time

It’s not okay that u think that everything and everyone’s supposed to be okay

It’s okay that I’m not okay

Jul 28

Blank Canvas


It’s great some people use it genuinely 

While I use it as a cover


some people cry or say their unhappy 

But I hide it


Some people unleash it 

But I keep it on a leash


Some people state it

But I try to make it go away

I hide my emotions behind a blank canvas like nothing is there

Behind that canvas is these swirls of emotions 

And they’re trying to escape