Feb 19


Last night the moon was full,

Lighting up the side streets so the jeep could take a rest.

I sat in the passenger seat, looking at the moon.

Wondering how it was so far away,

But seemed to engulf this planet with its radiance.

Remembering back to when I sat behind the passenger’s seat,

My head hitting the side window as the jeep rolled over miles of potholes

Looking up at the moon, asking why it was chasing me

When in reality, I was chasing the moon.

Remembering back to when my cousin and I sat in the Price Chopper lot.

She told me why she didn’t believe in a god, but instead believed in the man in the moon.

She said that the moon had powers that no others had.

She swore that the moon guided us, showed us the right way.

Remembering back to when I camped in my friends backyard in Georgia, Vermont,
Nov 09

Outside of the Inside

Outside, unfazed, unchanged by the inside world.
Oblivious to the inner circle you have not joined.
Oblivious to the fact that you are clearly on the outside.
Wouldn't it be nice to be unfazed
Unaware of all of the crisis, drama, and problems
Of people who don't concern you?
It would be nice. 

Sep 04

Choose your Fighter

You can chase your dream and not let it come to you
You can get what you want by trying, well, not so hard
You would be called a dream chaser, although you wouldn't take offense
Because you know you will succeed in life and go further than all of the others
You chase your dream while others wait for the perfect opportunity
You don't have the patience

You could be calm and relaxed
Sit in an imaginary Adirondack chair and watch your dreams fly by
Some would get caught in the pine trees above you
But you wouldn't get up and risk the fact of cold air creeping up your sweater
So you wait for the dreams for fall down from above
You aren't worried if they don't fall down right away
Because you know that they can't stay up forever

You could be a thrill seeker, risk taker
Tell everyone they are crazy for not being as crazy as you
You don't care about dreams in the slightest bit
Sep 01
poem 0 comments challenge: Portrait


your eyes could pierce me from a mile away
a seafoam blue, with a touch of grey
our meeting spot was on the dock by the bay
oh, if only you were real

your hair was as soft as honey and dew
if would part to the side as the wind blew
I didn't love each you back, which you obviously knew
oh, if only you were real

you wore ripped tees and light washed jeans
wire rimmed glasses, cracked phone screens
we only met each other when we were thirteen
oh, if only you were real

your laugh was contagious, so playful and light
you and I were just friends, no dating insight
but you had asked me out that night
oh, I'm so glad that isn't real

you and I, we don't really talk anymore
I try not to think of you knocking on my door
but I still have your note hidden in my drawer
sometimes I wish you were real

Sep 01

a day out of many

twenty-four hours ago you told me you would never let go
two hours later you said you regretted it
that night you stayed up contemplating your answer
and in the morning you lost your appetite 
you complained about being hungry when I saw you
but you said you were in a rush that morning
but really you made sure not to schedule any plans before ours
so you would not be rushed
and so you could take your time meticulously putting together your outfit
the first time I met you; many days ago; many twenty-four hours ago
you said how you didn't care what you thought people thought of you
but now this new friend you've found has changed you
in ways I never thought you could change
six hours ago when I saw you, you looked thinner
you looked like you had gotten hit by a truck and left on the side of the road
and what you said shocked me
oh, how I wish I could go back twenty-four hours from now
Aug 23


Nobody tells you that you are dead
You have to assume that where you are doesn't look like Earth
It looks similar, though
Some figures and shapes could resemble Earth-like entities
But your sensations are blurry, so nothing seems as it actually is
Your stomach turns inside out and upside down
As if you were on a rollercoaster
With no handlebars, seatbelts, or shoulder straps
You want to scream, but the only thing you can do is hope you will be okay
You want to walk, but you've been gone from your body for a long time now
So that sinking feeling in your stomach is nothing other than 
The rapid sensation of throbbing you can't ignore
You adopt an overwhelming sensation of ecstasy and confusion
You know that you aren't being hurt
Yet you don't know who, or what is around you
All you can do is hope that whatever happens to you
Is that you are dead, and whatever is happening isn't happening on Earth
Jun 12

After the Good Old Days

The dinners where you and I sat across from each other
Eating off of our plastic table and brand new plates
Were the best dinners I ever had
The food was leftover, but not the kind of leftovers you crave for
But that's okay because neither of us cared, and we were both too
Lazt to cook another meal that was like the meals we atr before
The conversations we had on the stupidest things
Were the best conversations I had had in a while
All I can remember from these days is the creek that the plastic table made
And the grumbling of our stomachs when craving for more sub-par leftovers
May 25

What is There to Say?

I'm writing this because I'm sad
Because I have feelings that have to go unsaid
So I put them into a rant because it makes more sense
I don't want pitty or "I'm sorrys"
I'm not expecting them from anyone
I want somebody to read this and know how someone feels when they have no more words left in them
I've been robbed of my will to speak and my way to write things that make sense
So I'm sorry if this is confusing or hard to understand what the point is
But the truth is there is no point in a long venting piece about my feelings
All of my writing seems like a jumble of words and sentences put together
Like a jigsaw puzzle that has lost a piece over time that nobody has bothered to look for
And since a picture is worth a thousand words
My feelings can go unsaid and this rant will paint the picture
I guess I'm not writing this because I'm sad
May 06

Love me or Hate me

Love me or hate me

Say yes or say no

Don’t be indecisive 

Or go with the flow

Speak from you mind

And speak from your soul

Love me or hate me

Say yes or say no

Love me or hate me

Ones wrong and ones right

Just say it right now

And don’t put up a fight

Say what you mean

Don’t worry, I don’t bite

Love me or hate me

Ones wrong and ones right

Love me or hate me

One of them’s meant to be

Look into my eyes

And just wait and see

If you look close enough 

You may just see the glee

Love my or hate me

One of them’s meant to be

Love me or hate me

Hate’s such a strong word

Use it once incorrectly

You take a wrong turn 
Feb 26


You ask why you're pretty
You ask why people like you
You ask why you are so popular
Because you don't even try
You say you don't put it effort
You say that you aren't like the others
You say you are boring and basic
And ripped right out of a textbook
You run like the howling wind
You run and leave everyone you have loved
You run like you are being carried
By the ground beneath your feet
You write with elegance and grace
You write faster than everyone before
You write poetry and stories better 
Than anyone else your age
You ask why you're pretty
You ask why people like you
You ask why you are so popular
Because you don't even try
You don't even try
I try so hard