Nov 20
nonfiction challenge: Thanks
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Thanks Family

Nov 17
poem challenge: Boredom
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A cure for boredom

A cure for boredom

Would be grand

But you wouldn’t

Be able to stand

The smell of honey


Because it would make

The world into four.

Four little mice

Would snore and snore

But at least,

You wouldn’t

 Be bored anymore.
a cure for boredom

Would be great

But you wouldn’t

Still live in the state.

A couple of days

 would pass you by

Then you would move

To Chicago and cry.

Chicago would be 

Your home tomorrow,

And all your days

 would be filled with sorrow.

Although your life

Would shine no more,

At least 

You wouldn’t be bored


Nov 17
fiction challenge: Winter
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Winter is Coming

Nov 16
fiction challenge: Before Us
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The City in the ocean

                                            The City in the ocean
“A man is looking for the lost city of Atlantis” which blared from the tv“Darn” said Jake, As he vigorously stared at the screen. “My goal was to find that city!”

And this guy looks really close, he thought to himself. He realized if this guy found it before him he wouldn't be able to achieve his dream. So he had to start earlier. So he asked his mom if he could go out to sea to find it. “Absolutely not,” she said. “But...but...but” Jake said. Then that night when he was about to fall asleep he heard a crash. He ran to the kitchen to see what was going on. It was a ghost, Jake could not believe his eyes. He asked the ghost where he was from, “the city of...Atlantis” the ghost said. Jake was overjoyed he could now ask the ghost to take him there. He asked the ghost and he replied with a mumbly “Yes..”
Nov 16
poem challenge: Plane
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Up in The Sky

Up in the Sky
Up in the sky

In the plane of infinite air

We are stuck forever in the air

Many have had had heart attacks once we reached day 31

In the air

Eventually the pilot and co-pilot gave up

It is a fine way to finish life

Up in the sky

My chess tournament finished

My family mourning

Food is scarce

But I just relax

And look

Up in the sky

There is no “help”

SOS is not workable

So I just

Look up

To the infinite

The clouds are finally below us

We are

Up in the sky
Nov 16
poem challenge: Winter
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Big Fluffy Snowflakes.

Big Fluffy snowflakes

BY;Shane Fournier

Winter,  Big fluffy snowflakes falling on your face, dripping down your nose. Look up at the sky.  Lacey and shiny in my eye. Feeling like you're lost in a winter wonderland. 

Snow falling from above, crashing onto the ground.  looking like ashes. Silent, flying through the air. Feeling as though you don’t have any cares.

Sledding, dashing through the snow with your friends laughing until you reach the bottom.  Snowballs swooshing by your face, acting as we are in battle. So cold from playing outside, Wishing it was still autumn...

Fireplace, warm, toasty air that warms up our cold bones and damp skin.  Snap, crackle, pop!  We sit here, happy, with a grin. Staring at the fire as if time has stopped!


Nov 13
nonfiction challenge: Winter
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Fall-ing Into Winter


Fall-ing into winter!

You know that winter is nearing if the wind gets crisp, the cold starts to appear, and the leaves tumble to the ground, in delightful colors, red, green, yellow, orange, brown, and even purple! You set up Halloween decorations with your family, go apple or pumpkin picking and make great Fall memories! I love to make leaf piles with my friends, and jump in them!
You can just sit down on the grass and slowly watch the leaves begin to fall. With your own very eyes, you can see the area around you, very, very slowly turning into winter. You can hear the wind howl just as the trees whisper their magic and the birds choir away calling your name and telling you their secrets. It feels like you have nothing to worry about. Winter is coming, very soon, and you know it.
Nov 12
fiction challenge: Glittering
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Spelling woes

Nov 11
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Favor by the Gods

Chloe DiRosa Essex JCT Age: 11 

Favor by the Gods 


Once upon a time, before this universe existed, there were four great gods. Each of these gods had a special power. The power of Water, Nature, Darkness, and Light. The gods ruled in perfect harmony. But one day these gods got tired of watching humanity and the rest of the world live without being able to join them. So they created a messenger. This messenger was to go to the world and pass on the powers they couldn’t bring to Earth. Little did they know, a darker force was starting to form………
Chapter 1: 

“Dad! Stop -hahahaha- Tickle-hehehehe! Ing me-WHO HEHEHE!!!” A young wolf giggled. Her father was nuzzling his nose into her belly, making her laugh. They rolled round in the tall grass, snapping at every insect that came too close. 

“Not until you get me!” The two wolves chased and frolicked around the meadow, having not a care in the world. 
Nov 11
poem challenge: Winter
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Winter Is

Winter Is...

Winter Is building a snowman with your family.

Winter Is hot chocolate on a cold day.

Winter Is sledding down a hill super fast.

Winter Is wrapping a warm blanket around you.

Winter Is skiing down a mountain super fast.

Winter is seeing your relatives during the holidays.

Winter Is getting buried in the snow.

Winter Is getting hit by a snowball.

Winter Is ice skating with your friends.

Winter Is the Best Season ever.