May 10
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Piper Goodkind

Age 12

Essex Junction


Words can be a pain or delight

Words can cut you like a knife

Words cannot always speak the truth but yet words can convince us many lies.

Words can be soft and sincere

Words can lift us high and drag us deep below.

One word can change your day

Whether that is good or bad

Your day, week, or even month

Can be fulfilled by just 



May 07
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Free Write

Maddy Williams 

Essex Jct


It is a time for endless play 

It is a well deserved time

 It helps with a less stress 

It is a enjoyable time to have to look forward to 

It is like motivation to get thought the year

Love to swim 

Love to hang out with friends 

Love to play basketball and other sports 

Love to see family and friends




In need of a summer break 

Sometimes being with friends sometimes with family 

Uniquely different every year 

Absolutely exciting  

Long days of endless play 

In the warm summer days 

Ziping to see friends 

Every day is something new!
Timelessly waiting 

In till summer for the 

Marveless fun and to
Apr 18
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A Millisecond of Last thoughts

A Millisecond of Last thoughts

Light streams

Into a death life

A pit of nothingness

Sound non-hearable

Before you become a noodle

Ramen takeout for outer space

You look at your watch

And think

What is time

What will

Is insignificant

A thought leads to more

In that

Last millisecond
Time stands still

For you

As you

Think- the essential

What is the future

What is the past

Why not

Stay in

The present

This mindset purifies you

You leave normal


As you just


You see

The beauty in life

Before passing on

To the nothing

And the everything

You look at your friends

In the space shuttle
Apr 18
poem challenge: Overcome
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Liam Brown

Age 12 Essex Junction

Week #33 Overcome

As the moon and stars swirled around me overhead

I was overcome by a sense of calm

Camping had never been so beautiful 

The trees swaying in the dying light

The campfire’s crackling while my dog was sleeping next to me

I loved being curled up in my warm blanket 

With my pillow under my head

The calm flooded my body

The stars were shining as bright as day

I realized how much I enjoyed the outdoors 

Tomorrow I would do it all over again

And I was not upset about that

With an owl hooting I fell into a deep comforting sleep
Apr 17
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The Aether Island

 Deep within the vast Tropical Ocean, there was a small artificial island by the name of Kakui. (KA-KUU-EE). Kakui was part of an island chain called The Aether Islands. (A-THER). All of the islands were made artificially, from the soil and plants to the rocks lingering among the coral. Kakui was the smallest of the islands, and looked more like something you would find in a small countryside. The largest was Pari’Pari (Pear-EE-Pear-EE) island, and it looked more like New York City or Paris. It was the capital island, full of bustling cities and tangling markets. The oldest island, Kringler, was where all the elderly people lived. They had a choice to stay with their families, but most decided to live their lives in peace on the quiet peaceful beaches of Kringler. And the last, but most certainly not least, was Poni Island, the island of festivities. Poni (Pony) Island is known for its wonderful music, dances, arts, and fun!
Apr 17
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Getting Oreo

This morning I woke up with the thought that I'm getting a puppy today. I have been waiting for this day for 6 months now. It was born a few weeks ago but I couldn’t get it until it was 8 weeks old. He is a French Bulldog and when we looked at the picture he had white fur with black blobs on him like a cow. I got out of bed, put on my dog slippers and headed to the bathroom to brush my teeth. Then, I went to my bedroom and put on my favorite dog sweatshirt and my favorite dog socks. Then I headed downstairs. As I walked down I could smell pancakes and bacon. My mother was cooking. She made the pancakes look like little dogs because today was a special day. When I sat down me and my family talked about how excited we were to be getting the dog today!
Apr 17
fiction, opinion challenge: Time
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We had the time of our lives that day!

We had the time of our lives that day. Nothing could get in the way of it. Well except for one thing……. It was August 21, 1999, a very hot, sunny day. It was 102 degrees out. It was so hot that my friends Jack, Max, Amy and I decided to go the tallest bridge in our town, and jump into the water below it. We were having an endless amount of fun jumping into the water, and feeling all the little bubbles ticking you as you arose to the surface. We were all at the top of the bridge, deciding who would jump next when and old man who looked like he was in his 80’s told us “Be careful… you don’t want to know what happens when even your tongue touches some of that water your jumping into…. I made that mistake once. Consider your self warned.” Huh? We all thought he was crazy, just being funny, and trying to scare us off, so we continued on with our jumping.
Apr 17
fiction, opinion challenge: Mountain
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I sit in silence, the delicate breeze occasionally breaking the thin tranquility. I see no people, only the occasional fleet of squawking birds overhead, or a watchful hare sitting on my high fells. All I see is the everlasting snow peaks in the distance, and the rich green blur of pine. There’s no deAmelia Machanicnying that the quiet is peaceful, yet sometimes, as I sit amongst the mist, I wonder if anything lies beyond my tall summit of nothingness. I ponder that thought for a while, but when the blazing sun rises from her golden slumbers, I can only sit and watch the beauty of the morning. And, though it may not be grand, I find great comfort in the serene hills I belong to, and wouldn’t trade my slopes for anything.
Apr 17
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Spring is here

Spring is here

Blossoms start to bloom 

The weather start to get warmer

 You can hear the kids laughing in the distance 

Trees start to get their leaves back

Everyone starts to go back outside

Volleyball season is about to start

Animals awake from hibernation 

The days start to get longer

Easter is just around the corner

All the kids get spring break

Kids can go out and play sports

The sun starts to shine

School is almost over

Apr 06
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exhausted but alive

Norah Lomedico        Essex Jt. Vt.        Age 12       

Finally we were here after 18 days of walking and we finally made it to the camp. I was exhausted. My mom holding my little sister in a bundle she was severely sick with no food, water, shade for a 3 year old is practically a death sentence. My dad was helping my older brother who twisted his ankle on the way here, and me in the front encouraging them on. 

I was dying of hunger, thirst, and sadness. We had lost my bibi on the way and were forced to leave her there. We buried her in sand and said our goodbyes. Also we had not been able to find my uncle when we had left and could not stay any longer to find him. 

I miss my school, my happy place I loved to learn and now I couldn’t, all my friends were gone. We had started this journey with them but now we had no idea where they could be.