May 27
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Benjamin the Rabbit

Apr 28
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Spring at Last

Kassandra Abare

Aaaah. That first breath of fresh, cool spring air. The sweet sound of birds singing in nature. The cold snow deciding it is time to melt into the ground. Tracks in the mud from cars driving along the road. The grass slowly changes from a tannish yellow, with only the slightest bit of green, to a bright and beautiful green, that lights up the whole yard. Bees, birds, and butterflies start to come out. The sunlight stays out for a few extra hours, making your days feel longer. Creemee stands open, waiting for hungry kids and adults wanting a tasty, cold treat. Trees finally coming back to life after a freezing, brutal winter. The sun beaming down, providing heat for the buds to grow into beautiful, luscious flowers. This is what spring is like. In my opinion, one of the best seasons to exist. 
Apr 17
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Walking through the woods

Leah Kowalski, Albert D Lawton, Essex Jct. 12, 

She loved to walk through the woods

They were calm

All her stress used to fade away

Lift up and float away through the leaves

She felt as though she could finally let go

That she could breath 

The clean air had a different effect 

Scientifically proven to calm and

Lower blood pressure

“I love the light this time of day,” she would say

Tilting her head back to look through 

The sunlight slanting through 

The branches of the various kinds of trees

In all seasons, the light still shines

In the crisp, fresh air of winter

The green hue cast from leaves in summer and spring

The way it shines through the multicolored leaves of autumn

It’s still there

As are the trees, grass, a multitude of plants, 
Apr 17
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Highs and Lows

Highs and lows
Life has its ups and downs

Its highs and lows 

It's happys and its sads  

You may have a great day

And then just start to cry 

Sometimes you need to cry 

 you may just want to give up

Sometimes you may feel all alone

And forget about the whole world by your side

Fighting with you 

Through the lowest lows

We all have our ups and downs

And we all have highs and lows

But never forget 

You’re never alone

Never forget that it's ok to cry

We are going through this together
Apr 17
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The sun keeps shining through

Every day there is a time

when the sun is shining through.

The trees are green

and the day is new.

I love the light this time of day.

The morning sun rise 

makes we feel a certain way.

My body is relaxed.

My mind is clear.

So there is nothing out there

for me to fear.

My day ahead 

has a schedule that's full.

I am busy

so my day won’t be dull.

Filled with school, homework, and gymnastics too.

A long day ahead will make it for me to get through.

Gymnastics takes time and school takes more

which makes my life in one big chore.

Apr 17
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What could be better- or worse

What could be better

What could be worse 

Roll the dice and risk your turn

Falling back into a wish 

A memory filled with bliss

A day in which you’ll never get back 

A place in which you’ll live in forever 

in another time

The beauty hurts to know what it once was 

Your panicked in love 

Soaking in a place of  above 

Melting in tears of happiness 

Laying in a flower bed of pain 

It hurts to think but not to imagine
What it could’ve been 

But you had to leave 

The portal is closing 

Glazed in joy 

Glistening in pain 

Like long since forgot reign of a beloved king 

Like the princess plans, foiled 

Locked away like the blood under your skin

Loved like a stuffie given away 

And here you stand 

Back again 
Apr 17
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This was a game

A game that 

Is pointless to me now

But when I was younger

It was my favorite

To me now it is a waste of time


When I was a young kid

There was time

But it didnt need to be wasted 

I could just move that gingerbread man 

Around the board for an hour 

Without having to worry about 

Unfinished schoolwork

Texting friends back 

Or responsibilities 

It was just a fun game

But now I am left with 


Happy ones

That have me missing that



Part of my life.

Apr 12
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Happy Memories

Happy Memories

As I look back and think about my younger childhood years, I reflect on a number of happy moments involving the people who mean the world to me.
Within the rainbow of my memories, I gather these special moments that I would like to share with you. Come and walk with me down memory lane, as you recall your own special experiences, as I introduce you to some of mine. 
Do you want to build a snowman?...I must have watched that move “Frozen” at least a dozen times, while singing that tune at the top of my lungs. 
Apr 11
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Black and White

Black & White

I painted my nails last night.

White, although I wanted black.

White feels like a blank canvas

Black feels like,


One that’s filled in.

One that doesn’t feel empty.

When you think nothing,

Do you think black?

I think white.



I don’t want blank.

I want something.

But what?

I don’t know, really.

I just want to grasp onto something

And for me

‘Something’ is something.

Something that I don’t know yet

Someone I don’t know yet.

Odd, how the small things make you ask big questions.

Apr 11
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Normal You dont know me


You think you know me, but it's really just a shield 

You could not hear me scream if I was in a herd of people, 

Because if you did, you would realize what lies within me, 

The things that haunt me the things that feed my depression, 

The things that crawl beneath that said shield, the scariest 

Thoughts you have ever seen, see within your words cut 

Deeper than the scars on my knees, and when you saw 

What was within me you would realize that, you would 

Not think of me the same, you would treat me like I needed 

To be cushioned by everything that comes my way, its not 

That you don’t care it's that you can’t understand, you will

Never truly understand what I feel, so all you can do is try 

To understand, for this You see, 

this is what's within me.