Feb 20
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Those who don't feel belonging

A lacking universe in which I drown, and so I carry out my frown. 
And run far from this town. Choices and feeling going unannounced. 
Laughing in a situation may have seen me actually breaking. I don't know what seems to be true- but I carry myself along through. Through the broken shards of glass, I smile as I bleed out from my past. The people who pick me up, only I must fly on my own amok. 
To stay where I was in my own safety I break my comfort for none to save me. These hands I have to sculpt my own- I hold my tongue from here I zone.
I can't keep running into tiring situations, where when I felt happy was just a violation. We're trying to ease the pain is to be weak. I guess Strong just gained too much meaning.

Jan 07
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In The Pines

Soft ground and small feet helped me navigate. I was running through mud and snow, barefoot.

I chose to be free and wild in this nature. I had no fears. The home that I grew up in was full of sharks and danger -- mother so sweet but I chose crazy. The ants that crawled around the yard and the trail to my own haven. We built the world out of pine trees. We burned our clothes and papers because it felt like we were camping every single day. The excitement and the love -- the bond of the kids in the woods. You would think we howled at the moon. We had a pool, small but deep enough for me to hold my breath, and swim in circles. This was the most I had in my entire life -- I had my body and the earth and it was all I needed.
Jan 07
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I find joy in the simple things, 
the dark cold clouds before the spring, 
wet toes in mud and sing.

Happiness in my heart. 

Joyous lives inside those churches-
before I was to ache and purchase. 

I was young and wild at times, picking berries in my nines, 
recording music in the backyard tree- 
that was my everything. 

Jan 03
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Wild and Free

Just walk with pride, keep your head high and soon the wind for tears to dry

Open eyes, silence lies

You know you'll be alright

Finding peace inside

Watching god in the sky

Wild heart, wanting free like shaking leaves to fall loosely

Wild love cravings, but disappointment can break me  

Quiet shall I stay as others decide- because always alone we are at times

But God sees me watching, and looking back I know he is talking

Oct 30
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Deep inside my heart ( I long for this feeling )

I dreamt of a man dark and mysterious, his eyes glowed deep and ingrained in my brain. It put me in this coma of comfort like the mountains I surrender in. Why are you haunting my thoughts? Who allowed you in my head? I guess the feeling of welcoming you gave, let me keep you instead. I've never had this feeling- like I am missing you, the mystery of my dreams I look into you. I associate you with love and good feeling like you took me away from the bad I had reeling. I don't know you, but I feel like I do. It’s like a connection meant to happen but I was too scared to. When the world gives me good, and I feel so misplaced- the voice in my head shows me you are the way. The love I never had, a chance I may have missed, I want to think that maybe it’s you I kissed. The future will I cast your face? A text that I still sit and wait, and you afar and may not know, I am dreaming of you. It’s like a sick feeling when I toss and turn- and mid-dream you were smooth and calm.
Sep 11
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Lost sometimes

I guess the nights the most romantic when the moon casts its spell.
The time for me to flirt with you-
When my personality isn't hell. 
When I am clear headed and we were so high. Love can be made and you hold me, with dark skies.
The stars glow like our eyes in the light, 
Buried under blankets I feel more alive. 
The day has an aroma of roses and spring, and the pancakes in the morning mean more than one thing.  
But the day isn't as free in time. 
But I carry you always, day or night.
I guess I've been selfish, 
and need more acceptance
in patience, and in life. 
Dec 22
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A Love letter to Myself

A love letter to myself; 

It is all about our very own personal journeys. It is about the color of your hair and eyes and how unique and beautiful we all are.

It’s about learning, discovering who we are, traveling, and the roads we take literally and mentally.

I have learned a lot, in my journey of ups and downs. I’ve had to learn my experiences aren't who I am, they are just things I have encountered.

I have learned that environment- can be everything.

I've had a mix of good and bad environment, but I choose to only see good.

I choose my story to be all of the good, even when there is bad.

The person I stand today is beautiful, so I am very glad to be myself, even when I often still envy those who have a large loving family, I have to remember my own.

I was born with a big heart, probably my best part of myself.
Dec 08
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Pale ground, pale face,

Pale, heart, pale place.

Pale mind, through and through,

death of of a sort, have I met you?

Sickness leaking in my skin, nervous system closing in.

Cells divide, blood searching,

Pale skin, not working.

Pale body, and pale eyes, that lost all of the color when the girl cried-

Pale soul and pale skin

I think i just let death in.
Blue lips and tongue lies,

I touch the pale snow with bright eyes,

Unclear to my mind, the paleness of the world I can't cry.

Body shock in shimmering cold,

Body temp got too low

Pale girl, don't you see,

You went to far, and then met me.
Oct 18
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I'm wearing a blanket that only covers my upper half.
I'm wearing open toed shoes I feel cold, I feel the air touching me.
You're arms around me makes me feel secure You're environment, you're home. I need you to help me stay warm When I am alone,
I do not know how to work the heater, so show me.

Can you light my fireplace and stay?

Can you bring your bed and blankets, and protect me all The way?

I tried to close all the windows but I was hoping you would blow in, And I'd feel some warm air.
Skin is not thick enough to keep in the heat When I am burning,
And the only thing I want Is to raid you only of your love Your touch And the security you give me.
Mar 23
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The piano

The piano

I watched the small body stretch just high enough to grab on the piano.

The melody, surprising-

Little fingers pressing the highest key, and going down the scales, and I knew,

He felt the music.
He kept touching random keys and screeching to the delight of his own creation.The music moved him.
I can’t wait to show my own, the piano.